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Do you work in the field of languages? Are you energised by innovative approaches to language learning? Keen to help others immerse themselves in the exciting world of multilingualism and plurilingualism? We in Léargas share your enthusiasm!

We manage three language programmes on behalf of the European Commission and Council of Europe, so take a look and find out which programme best suits your needs and goals!

Why Should I Get Involved with the European Language Label?

Firstly, it’s important to note that the European Language Label is not limited to European languages: teaching or learning of any language can be considered!

If you’re involved in or know of a creative, innovative and inspirational initiative that is focused on language learning or language promotion, and you want to see it recognised on a larger scale, then apply for a European Language Label Award!

What Exactly is the European Language Label?

The European Language Label (ELL) Award is coordinated by the European Commission, but again, it’s important to remember that the European Language Label is not limited to European languages; teaching or learning of any language can be considered.

The ELL, which has been managed by Léargas in Ireland since 1999, highlights and rewards innovative initiatives in language teaching, learning and promotion, and brings these initiatives to the attention of the public along with professionals in the languages field.

The ELL is open to all fields of education and training. We encourage both accredited and non-accredited initiatives to apply. Whether it’s in a football team, university, community group, school, youth group, company, or choir – we want to hear how your stories of language learning being brought to life!

How Will the European Language Label Benefit Me?

If you’re passionate about language learning and want to celebrate the diverse pathways to language acquisition, then the ELL is for you. Receiving the award showcases your own innovative initiative and is a great reward for all those involved in it. You will also be exposed to a world of inspirational projects which will inspire you on your own linguistic journey.

More than one hundred fifty educational, training and community groups and language teachers, learners and ambassadors have received the ELL award already. Previous winners have said that “receiving external validation from such a respected organisation was a huge boost for the organisation and our team”.

I’m Interested! What Now?

If you think the European Language Label is for you, but you want to be certain before you proceed, check that your initiative aligns with the three Award Principles:

  • The 2023-24 Award’s thematic priorities
  • Comprehensive and creative approach
  • Impact and dissemination.


The Irish 2023-2024 Call for the ELL has 4 thematic priorities:

  1. Supporting newly arrived migrants and displaced children and young people in their language learning needs.
  2. Professional development of teachers to address inclusion and intercultural dialogue, in particular the increased linguistic diversity in the classroom.
  3. Support to projects addressing minorities and regional languages as a means to promote equity, social cohesion and active citizenship.
  4. Language learning which supports the personal growth of adult learners.



In Ireland Erasmus+, as well as Non-Erasmus+ projects focused on teaching or promoting any languages are eligible for the 2024 European Language Label Award.

Category I – Erasmus+ projects: that end dates fall between 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2023.

Category II – Non-Erasmus+ projects: that are still ongoing, or their end date is no older than 2 years prior to the date of the deadline for the award application.



What can you win – other than pride and bragging rights? Each winner will receive a certificate, signed by the Minister of Education of Ireland and the European Commissioner in charge of multilingualism and a plaque which you can showcase.


The Irish 2022 European Language Label Winners were:

  • Trinity College Dublin with the project  ABAIR – An Scéalaí
  • Milford GAA with the project Ag Treabhadh an Ghoirt ar son na Gaeilge
  • Meánscoil San Nioclás with the two projects Ar dTuras Inbhuanaithe and Eágóir Shóisialta ar fud an domhain
  • Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST) with the project Gaeilge Bheo
  • Technological University Dublin with the project Languages Pathways
  • Junior Cycle for Teachers with the project Let’s reflect and C
  • The Trailblazery with the project Scoil Scairte.


How to Apply for the Language Label

Step 1

Check out the T&Cs!

Please read the Competition Guidelines, including Terms and Conditions, before applying. Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you need any guidance!



Apply Online

Apply online before the deadline: 28 February 2024.

You can use the English application form or Irish application form.


Spread The Word

Share the word with your friends and colleagues!


What Next?

Entrants will be notified of the results by 5th of April 2024. All winners will be awarded with a plaque and certificate at ‘The Léargas Gathering’ on 9th of May 2024 – so save the date!

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