Why Should I Get Involved with CASE?

The CASE IV programme has ended and we are awaiting confirmation of details for the next programme to be made available.

If you’re invested in creating and cultivating positive relations among school children and young people in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland, CASE can provide an overview on collaborative work under Shared Education.


What Teachers Say About CASE:

A brilliant programme with benefits and advantages for our school community and the schools we are partnered with. We are constantly learning everyday and are very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of such a programme. Thank you!
Teacher, Cavan

I have really enjoyed my time spent in the programme. Shared Education has given me the opportunities to engage in professional dialogue and network with school leaders which has positively impacted my career to date.
Teacher, Donegal

What a fantastic initiative. Children and staff alike love it. It gives children the opportunity to meet those who they might not otherwise meet. It builds friendships. Children have access to lessons they wouldn’t otherwise get. Great for staff to visit other schools and share ideas with others from different communities. All look forward to CASE Peace IV days.
Teacher, Monaghan

An initiative that has been hugely beneficial to both schools – allowed our staff and pupils to try things we would never ever have got the opportunity to try/experience otherwise. Breaking down barriers between schools.
Principal, Donegal

What is CASE?

CASE is a programme that recognises the importance of collaboration and cooperation in a society damaged by a cycle of sectarianism and intolerance. It seeks to create and cultivate positive relations among primary and post-primary pupils in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties. CASE has a specific focus on schools that have limited or no previous experience of providing shared education opportunities to their children and young people.

The CASE IV programme has come to an end, confirmation on details for the next programme is ongoing. All updates will be made here once details have been given on the next programme.

Pupils involved in CASE Peace IV

How Can CASE Benefit Us?

If you’re eager to see the development and preservation of positive ties among students and young people in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties, CASE can show you one way to do so.

CASE’s approach is simple and straightforward. It allows for direct, sustained, curriculum-based contact between children and teachers from all backgrounds, through collaboration between schools from different sectors and diverse backgrounds. This collaboration helps to promote good relations, and enhance children’s skills and attitudes to contribute to a cohesive society.  It really is as simple as that.

CASE is fully subscribed to for 2021-22 school year. CASE was open to all schools in the six Border Counties of Ireland and schools in Northern Ireland that are not currently involved in the DSC Signature Project for Shared Education. These involved:

  • shared partnerships between schools within Northern Ireland
  • shared partnerships between schools in Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland
  • shared partnerships between schools within the Border Counties of Ireland.

If you would like to know more about CASE, contact Marie Heraughty for more information.

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