Quality Label

What is a European Solidarity Corp Quality Label?

It’s certification that an organisation is able and willing to carry out high quality solidarity activities in accordance with the principles, objectives and quality standards of the European Solidarity Corps. See more about these in the European Solidarity Corps Programme Guide. And remember, some of the terms used can seem overwhelming at first, so check out our Jargonbuster page for a handy glossary!

Does Our Organisation Need a Quality Label?

Yes. Any organisation that wants to host or send volunteers through the European Solidarity Corps needs to apply for and receive a Quality Label.  The Quality Label will be valid for the whole programme cycle 2021-2027.

Important note: A group of young people who set up a Solidarity Project do NOT need to apply for a Quality Label.

Which Organisations Already Hold Quality Labels?

Download the list of organisations that hold Quality Labels.

Are There Different Types of Quality Labels?

Yes. There are three types. You should apply for the one that corresponds with the role your organisation wants to have in the project.

  • Host role: This covers the full range of activities related to hosting a European Solidarity Corps volunteer, including developing the programme of activities and providing guidance and support during all the phases.
  • Support role: This covers supporting, preparing and/or training participants before their departure, acting as mediator between them and their host organisations, and/or providing support to participants when they return.
  • Quality Label for Lead Organisation: This covers organisations that wish to apply for grants, manage and coordinate volunteering activities under Volunteering Projects. Organisations that do not hold a Quality Label for Lead Organisation may take part only as partners.

How Does Having a Quality Label Benefit My Organisation?

The Quality Label gives an organisation access to the European Solidarity Corps funding opportunities and a pool of potential participants.
Important note: Obtaining the Quality Label is necessary to apply for funding, but it does not guarantee funding.

What Types of Organisations Can Apply?

  • For a Quality Label – Any public or private entity, whether non-profit or profit making, local, regional, national or international, legally established in a programme country or a neighbouring partner country.
  • For a Quality Label for Lead Organisations – Any public or private entity, whether non-profit or profit making, local, regional, national or international that has been legally established in a programme country for at least one year.

Important note: Lead organisations will be required to fill in an additional module in the application form; answer supplementary questions; and outline their longer-term objectives, activity plan, approach to project management, and expected benefits.

How Does My Organisation Apply?

You can apply for a Quality Label online. The application has three stages: submission, assessment, and decision.

If your organisation is established in Ireland, you can apply through Léargas. International organisations that are not established in a programme country may apply at any National Agency.

How Will Our Application Be Assessed?

All applications are assessed on:

  • Relevance
  • Quality of Measures
  • Organisational Capacity.

Lead Organisations are also assessed on:

  • Strategic Approach
  • Project Management and Coordination.

Next Steps

Select Quality Label Type

Host role, support role or lead organisation?

Discuss and decide how your organisation wants to take part in the European Solidarity Corps – as a host, as a sending organisation, or as a lead organisation.

Prepare your Application

Come to a Quality Label Hub

We hold regular half-day Quality Label hubs to help you apply. An expert will guide you through the application form, answer questions and explain how your application is assessed.

Register Now
Apply Online
Receive a Decision

We will assess your application and let you know the decision. If you have not been successful, you will receive detailed feedback so that you can apply again.

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European Solidarty Corps Quality Label Deadline

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