European Day of Languages

Do you work in the field of languages? Are you energised by innovative approaches to language learning? Keen to help others immerse themselves in the exciting world of multilingualism and plurilingualism? We in Léargas share your enthusiasm!

We manage three language programmes on behalf of the European Commission and Council of Europe, so take a look and find out which programme best suits your needs and goals!

Why Should I Get Involved in the European Day of Languages?

Put simply, the European Day of Languages is an ideal way for teachers or learners of any language to celebrate language learning and language diversity! You already know that familiarity with foreign languages fosters an appreciation of intercultural relations, and that language learning benefits people of all ages. The European Day of Languages is a fantastic opportunity to promote this!

Request Materials for the European Day of Languages 

No matter your students’ age and background, languages are there to be spoken and we are here to help you celebrate them! 

Each year we supply resources to help you celebrate the day. This year’s materials include paper pens, pencils, stickers and European Day of Languages branded fabric wristbands. The closing date for requesting materials was 19 September

Register to Participate in the European Day of Languages Challenge! 

This year Léargas is organising a new initiative: the European Day of Languages Challenge. You can register your classroom or youth group as a team in the EDL Challenge today!  

The EDL Challenge is addressed to students in primary and post-primary schools, as well as youth groups. Register your classroom or youth group teams by 22 September. 

What Exactly is the European Day of Languages?

Since 2001, September 26 has occupied a special place in the languages community – it is the European Day of Languages, or EDL. It is a day to celebrate the diversity of languages used across Europe and it’s a chance for schools and all organisations to:

  • remind the public of the importance of language learning
  • increase awareness and appreciation of all the languages used in Europe
  • encourage and champion lifelong language learning.

EDL is an initiative of the Council of Europe. You can find information, resources and interactive games on the European Day of Languages website.


European Day of Languages


How Will the European Day of Languages Benefit Me?

Anyone can take part in the European Day of Languages, and we’d love to hear about your events and ideas on our social media. We have specific materials and resources to help teachers mark the day, so if you

  • teach in a primary or post-primary school,
  • have students who have a different mother tongue,
  • want to help students celebrate their linguistic heritage;
  • want to show your students the beauty of a multilingual society

get in touch with us, and we will help you celebrate!

I’m Interested! What Now?

The EDL website has a range of interactive games and resources available for language teachers and learners.


But that’s not all! Every year we hold an annual competition to promote language learning. Stay tuned for news and details about this year’s competition, to be unveiled on 26 September!

How to Enter

Step 1

Request materials

Fill in the request form by 19 September. 


Register your team in the EDL Challenge

Register your team on the EDL Challenge 2022 page by 22 September (11:30pm Irish time).


Check back for updates about this year’s EDL Competition!


2019: #EDLComp19

During the academic year 2019-2020, Léargas brought you another European Day of Languages Competition and exciting prizes! Once again we organised the year’s competition in conjunction with eTwinning, the online community for schools in Europe. This partnership celebrated collaboration and exchange between schools in different EU countries, and promoted creativity and innovation in language teaching and learning.

The winners were:

  • Balbriggan ETNS, Dublin; eTwinning project LANGUAGE POWER
  • Andrew’s College, Dublin; eTwinning project Desde la Perla Esmeralda a la Perla del Mediterráneo
  • Mount Carmel Secondary School, Dublin; eTwinning project Should borders be abolished? / Faut-il supprimer les frontières?
  • The King’s Hospital School, Dublin; eTwinning project Auf gut Deutsch gesagt


2018: #EDLComp18

In 2018, we invited primary and post-primary teachers to create a language project with eTwinning! #EDLComp18 engaged with language teaching and learning from a new perspective, encouraging collaboration and exchange between schools in different EU countries, and promoting creativity and innovation in language learning.

The winners were:

  • Kilglass NS, primary school, Ahascragh, Galway; eTwinning project Our Health is our Wealth
  • St. Vincent’s Secondary School and Midleton College, Cork; eTwinning project Multimedia Quiz on German Language and Culture
  • Salesian College, post-primary school, Limerick; eTwinning project The Power of Reading/El poder de la lectura
  • Manor House School, post primary-school, Dublin; eTwinning project Il y a 100 ans… L’après la Grande Guerre/100 years ago: Life in Ireland and France in the aftermath of WW1

The next European Day of Languages will be celebrated on 26 September 2021. You can apply for resources from late spring.

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