Partnership Finding

Good partnership is the key to a successful European project.  While National Agencies don’t have the capacity to monitor and directly connect organisations, there are lots of ways to look for and connect with partners that are right for you!

Where to Start

Think about the themes of your project. What kind of partner can best help you achieve your project goals? What experience or expertise do they need? Are there specific countries or regions you should connect with? Put together a short ‘wish list’ to focus your search.


If you work in Adult Education or Vocational Education and Training, you can look for or request partners on EPALE Partner Search.

School Education Gateway

Schools and School Education organisations can look for or request partners on the School Education Gateway ‘Opportunities’ section.  Schools can also register on eTwinning to link with schools interested in the same areas.


Youth organisations can look for or request partners on OTLAS, a partner-finding tool operated by the SALTO-YOUTH network.


eTwinning offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, and others) working in schools to communicate, collaborate, and develop projects.

Search Informal Partner-finding Networks

There are many informal and unofficial networks dedicated to connecting partners, often on Facebook or LinkedIn. Those below have been running for several years. However, neither Léargas nor the European Commission are involved in running these sites, and are not responsible for the content.

EU Partner Search

Finding Partners Database

Erasmus+ Partner Finding (Facebook)

Erasmobility EU

Search Participating Organisations

Organisations that have already taken part in European projects may be interested in partnering with you.

The Erasmus+ Project Results Platform shows all current and completed Erasmus+ projects, and the partners involved. You can browse the platform by country or by keyword, or a combination of both.

You can also search Programme Results for projects led by Irish organisations since 2021.

The Value of Partnership: Vicki's Story


Use Your Networks

Have other organisations in your sector been involved in international projects? Could they put you in touch with their partners, or recommend someone?

Social media is a good place to ask for recommendations. Many project partners have first connected through sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

National Agencies across Europe organise funded international meetings called Transnational Cooperation Activities, or TCAs. They encourage collaboration and sharing of good practice in Erasmus+. Some events, called Contact Seminars, are designed for finding partners and developing project ideas. Visit Training and Events to look for upcoming opportunities.

If you are outside Ireland, contact the National Agency in your country to find out about TCAs you can apply for.

Build the Relationship!

Once you’ve made a connection, take the time to build a solid relationship with your partner. You might ask what projects they have been involved in before, and what they learned from them. What are their aims and objectives for a new project? What are their preferred ways to communicate?

Download our handbook Mythbusting: European Project Management in Transnational Partnership Projects for guidance on building a strong partnership.



Upcoming Events


Be the Spark 2023

Our ‘Be the Spark’ Training is for young people (aged 18-30) who want to take action on issues in their local or wider community.

Deadline: 23 January 2023

ECML Workshop: Young children’s language learning pathways – Making early language learning visible

Interested in learning more about language learning pathways in children? If so, find out more about this ECML workshop taking place in Graz, Austria in March 2023!

Deadline: 22 January 2023

VET Application Clinic

Join us for an Application Clinic for Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training applications under the 23 February 2023 deadline.

Deadline: 26 January 2023

Erasmus+ KA2 Small-Scale Partnerships – Project Development Workshop

This workshop is aimed at organisations wishing to submit a funding application under Erasmus+ KA2 Small-Scale Partnerships.

Deadline: 31 January 2023

Adult Education Key Action 1 Application Support – Drop In

Chat with Léargas staff about your Key Action 1 application and your project idea before you press SUBMIT.

Deadline: 13 February 2023

“Digital Youth Work – State of Play – Moving Forward” Seminar

Interested in joining us in Dun Laoghaire in March for an international conference on Digital Youth Work? Sign up by 25 January!

Deadline: 15 February 2023