This page has tips and resources to help you promote your project, and share the results and impact as it happens!

1. Credit the European Union for funding

Your project funding comes from the European Union, and any communication about your project must acknowledge this. Use the ‘Funded by the European Union’ logo to clearly show how your project is funded. This increases awareness of European programmes, and the possibilities they bring for people and organisations.

Use the logo on your website, social media, brochures, or any materials you produce that the public will see.

Download the logos from the Léargas Brandox page or the European Union download centre.

2. Use Other Logos for Branding

Along with the mandatory ‘Funded by the European Union’ logo, you may like to include other logos for branding. You can use the Léargas, Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps logos to acknowledge support. Visit the Léargas Brandox page to download these logos.

3. Use Video

Video is a great way to promote your project, or share results and impact.  Watch our quick tips for making a video about your project.

These video tools can also help:

5. Create images

These tools will help you create images about your project:

6. Connect With the Media

These campaign-specific PR kits will help you share your story with the media.

PR kit for European Youth Week
PR Kit for Erasmus+ Schools Week
PR Kit for European Vocational Skills Week

7. See and Share

These guides will help you to recognise and share the results of your project:

How to Communicate Your Project, a 24-page guide from the European Commission, has five sections: ‘Plan your Comms journey’;  ‘Visualise your project’; ‘Write your project stories’; ‘Share your project results’; and ‘Evaluate your experience’.

Our video overview of impact and dissemination for Erasmus+ mobility and European Solidarity Corps projects.

8. Find Out How Others Share Their Erasmus Stories

Want a little inspiration? Pick your sector and take a look at the stories!

School Education
Adult Education
Vocational Education and Training
European Solidarity Corps

Sharing Your Story: Step by Step

Tips and tricks to inspire dissemination!
Tell Your Story!

Read our blog post guidelines and shape your story for the Léargas blog

Download our Blog Guidelines

Events to Support You

Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges – information session

Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges – information session

Do you work with young people? Find out more about what youth exchanges are, how they could benefit your work and how to apply.

Deadline: 24.06.24
Embedding Sustainability in Erasmus+ Projects in FET

Embedding Sustainability in Erasmus+ Projects in FET

This online webinar will be an exploration of Environmental Sustainability in the context of FET Erasmus + beneficiaries.

Deadline: 30.05.24
Erasmus+ Sports Information Session

Erasmus+ Sports Information Session

Find out how to apply for the Erasmus+ Key Action aimed at staff in the field of Sport ahead of the October 2024 deadline.

Deadline: 06.08.24
Erasmus+ KA220 Youth – Application Webinar for Cooperation Partnerships

Erasmus+ KA220 Youth – Application Webinar for Cooperation Partnerships

Application Webinar for funding for Cooperation Partnerships in the fields of Youth under the October Deadline

Deadline: 04.09.24
Erasmus+ KA2 Application Clinic – Webinar for Small-Scale Partnerships

Erasmus+ KA2 Application Clinic – Webinar for Small-Scale Partnerships

Application Clinic webinar for those wishing to apply for funding for Small-Scale projects in the fields of VET, Adult Ed, Schools and Youth

Deadline: 03.09.24
Erasmus+ KA2 Small-Scale Partnerships Information Session

Erasmus+ KA2 Small-Scale Partnerships Information Session

Learn about KA210! Webinar to Introduce Small-Scale Partnerships funding to the Adult, Vocational, Schools and Youth Sectors.

Deadline: 24.06.24

Tips From The Team

Decorative Image for Launch of Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps

Principles of Writing an Erasmus+ Plan

In this blog Elva Duggan shares on how the principles of writing an Erasmus+ Plan


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