Eurodesk is a free information service on EU funding and opportunities to work, study, volunteer and travel in Europe. It is intended for young people and those who work with them.

Eurodesk supports and contributes to the European Youth Portal, a European Commission website which publishes articles, news and events for young people.  The site gives information around nine main themes, covers 33 countries and is available in 27 languages.

Visit the Eurodesk Ireland website for more information about how you can get involved.

#Volunteer in #Finland! Vanhamäki Wellness Center organizes camps and recreational days for different groups with horses, exercise and organic farming and products Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

.@eu_echo has launched a #VirtualReality roadshow on how #EUSavesLives and responds to emergency and disasters in Europe and worldwide. It will travel across several European countries from #Vilnius to #Rome between April and July 2018. Learn more →!GW67Tn Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

In few days, new EU rules will come into application, granting new rights to EU citizens. What does it mean for you? Learn more about!kV47nc… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Studying in another #European country can widen your horizons as well as open many doors to jobs in the future! Find out more about your #opportunities! @EurodeskIreland @euroguidanceIE @Eurodesk…

Proud to announce launch of #EuropeanYouth Together - a new project supported by #ErasmusPlus that will connect young people from different parts of the continent, enabling them to learn about each other & what it feels like to be European #EUYCSofia Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

@spacedoutpup @ywitipp @Leargas We would be delighted if you could send us a little article about your EVS experience! We will publish it on the #EuropeanYouth Portal :). Enjoy your #EVS!

To help #schools make the most of new technologies, @EU_ScienceHub developed #SELFIE_EU. We want to reach 1 million #teachers, students & school leaders with this tool by end of 2019. More information here: #EducateToCreate Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

It is a critical time to influence our decision-makers for a framework that fosters and ensures quality learning mobility. Thank you for the opportunity to share our ideas for how to boost #youth #mobility #Eurodyssey @europeanregions @ActirisBrussels #YouthInfo Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Congratulations to all winners! We are also very proud that @EurodeskIreland multiplier @ywitipp received a Honorable Mention for their #TTM2017 event! Well done to @PaulineTRYS & @ywitipp team! @Leargas @ywirl @NCGEGuidance @SpunOut @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @nycinews @DCYAPress…

What’s next? The next #euyc will take place in Vienna 2-4 September to define how to implement the 11 #youthgoals defined in #EUYCSofia ! @eurodesk looks forward to take on board the outcomes and continue the process! Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Have you had a languages lightbulb moment? Innovative, creative language initiatives from Ireland - whether big or small, formal or informal - can gain international recognition with the European Language Label award. Apply online by 30 April Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Well done, @audrey_frith @Eurodesk! @Leargas @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @SpunOut @EDICSligo @EDinBlanch @edicdonegal @ballinasloeEDIC @nycinews…

The #youthgoals are out! #EUYCSofia worked on 11 topics with concrete targets!! Several concern #youthinformation and the need to provide youth-friendly & impartial info about #EU and its #opportunities #media #education Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

It’s competition time! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️For your chance to attend #EYE2018 , as well as winning some incredible prizes, enter #MySocialRights competition! Simply show us in a photo what #SocialRights mean to you 👉 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#YouthConf has begun! #EUYCSofia will lay down the foundations of the next European Youth Strategy over the coming two days. #EU2018BG Follow live:… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

European Youth Information Day 17th April 2018. Our commitment - Young people will have the ability, skills and knowledge to use and apply information to become active citizens and to better participate in society. @ERYICAYI @ywirl @KZapponeTD @nycinews @Eurodesk @DCYAPress Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#YouthConf has just started! Young people, public figures and representatives of institutions engaged in the field of youth issues are gathering at #EUYCSofia to identify ways to strengthen their partnership and co-operation. Follow it live 👉 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Today is European Youth Information Day 2018 #EYID. Big shout out to our @EurodeskIreland network and all the great work they do! Want a 'brief history'? Check out this blog:… … … @ERYICAYI @Eurodesk Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

On my way to #EUYCSofia! Looking forward to contribute to #youthgoals and disseminate results via @Eurodesk Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland are calling on young people to make sure they are registered to vote before the May 8 referendum deadline. Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Stay tuned to be the first to hear about free #TravelPass #DiscoverEU initiative launch @EU_Commission! Meanwhile idea's authors @martin_speer @Vincent_I_Herr @HerrUndSpeer enlarge supporters' base with around 100 prominent personalities from all over Europe. @PoliticoEurope Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

One platform, thousands of projects! Discover them at @EUErasmusPlus Project Results Platform according to your interests and needs:…. #EuropeanYouth Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Finding out about #youthmoney, free skating activities, #ErasmusPlus projects, lunch seminars and much more for #youngpeople at #youthcentre in #Ockero @EurodeskIreland @Leargas @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland

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Visiting a youth centre of #Ockero municipality to find out about local youth activities when enjoying tea and lovely cake made by a young person :) @Eurodesk @Leargas

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It was a great pleasure to have @matorphanides DGEAC at @Eurodesk meeting Gothenburg - thank you Mathieu for useful & helpful conversations & for listening to our concerns & proposals! Looking forward to supporting further #eusolidaritycorps #DiscoverEU & #erasmusplus @Leargas…

Want an exciting career in a new country? Join our free #EuropeanGradJobs ONLINE job fair! This event will give you the chance to apply for vacancies across Europe and speak to advisers about your CV. Register today! #EURESJobs Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Eurodesk adopted a “Competence Framework of Eurodesk Mobility Advisors” that provides a common framework about key competences involved in Eurodesk's 'core business’ that is giving #information about #mobilityopportunities to young people in Europe Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Discovering good practices in Swedish international youth work in Gothenburg at @Eurodesk network meeting - day 2! @Leargas @EUErasmusPlus…

Based in the Munster area? Working with young people? Want to open them up to unforgettable international exchanges and projects? We are coming to Limerick to support you! Come along to our Discovery Day on 18/04 to find out all about #ErasmusPlus: Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Missed our #euFilmContest ? Here's another opportunity to go to #Cannes2018, open to 18-28-year-old #film lovers! 😀📽️… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Learning from @eurodesk Swedish multiplier #Keks international #youth work to engage young people and encourage their active #participation - stressing the importance of non formal learning 💫 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

We're excited to announce the launch of European Heritage Makers Week! As one of the highlights of the #EYCH2018, it aims to bring heritage closer to young people. What's it all about? Find out more here:… #EuropeforCulture 🎉 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Have you ever traveled on your own? Share your experience with us! Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Thanks @eurodesk for being such an essential partner #ErasmusPlus #eusolidaritycorps #DiscoverEU. Great Eurodesk Network Meeting Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Are you environmental change-makers having creative solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges? Submit your ideas by 16 April and become #YoungChamps of the Earth! Apply here: @UNEP_EU Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Less than a week until European Youth Information Day 2018! We're ready for it, are you? Join the campaign! #EYID2018 #17April #youthinfo #youthinformation #6daystogo… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

EU working groups of @Eurodesk network - in the last 6 months - on top of our many national activities :).

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@Eurodesk multipliers are boosting @EUErasmusPlus projects in the region, says Gunnila Bokmark at our network meeting in Gothenburg! @Leargas @EuropeanYouthEU @EuropeanCommiss

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Starting the @Eurodesk Network meeting in the beautiful city of #Gothenburg and discovering its international connections with Gunnila Bokmark from International Relations Office in #Gothenburg.

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Are you 18-30 & interested in #volunteering abroad (almost at no cost) within #EuropeanVoluntaryService and don't know where to start? Attend @VSI_Ireland info event on 12 April in Dublin for more information & inspiration!

We need YOUR ideas, thoughts and feedback! Let's hear from you! Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

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Don't let nationality get in the way. With freedom of movement, you can choose to live together anywhere in the EU. Find out more about your and your partner's rights in the EU:!Gm84Ur Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Have you returned to Ireland from EVS #Volunteering? Join us on 04/05 May for this special event for returning volunteers:… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Language Teachers & Learners! @Leargas is looking 4 creative & innovative language projects 4 European #LanguageLabelAwards2018. Apply by 30 April @SpunOut @NCGEGuidance @ywirl @Crosscare1 @EDinBlanch @EDICSligo @edicdonegal @ballinasloeEDIC @YMCAIreland

Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 1:14am
European Youth Together: the call for proposals is launched!
European Youth Together’ will support activities from at least five youth organisations from different regions spread across the EU's and Programme Countries to share their ideas about the EU values, encourage wider civic participation, explore their commonalities and help foster a sense of European citizenship.

Through this initiative, we aim to create networks promoting regional partnerships, which will run in close cooperation with young people from across Europe. The networks would organise exchanges, promote training and allow young people themselves to set up joint projects.

Deadline to submit proposals is 25 May.
More info:
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandThursday, April 19th, 2018 at 10:15pm
Each year, the European Ombudsman offers the opportunity to a web developer trainee to assist in the development of the Ombudsman's Internet and Extranet sites ( and of internal web based applications.
Eligible candidate should have:
- Good knowledge of Java, and HTML5/CSS3
- Knowledge of Hibernate, Spring, Javascript, Angular/AngularJS, Oracle SQL, dotNET, C-sharp would be an advantage
- Other potential knowledges: MS Sharepoint, MS CRM Dynamics
- Development environment: IntelliJ / MS Visual Studio
- Knowledge of English and/or French

During the traineeship, the trainee will be using the following tools:
- Analysis: Magic Draw (UML)
- Design: IntelliJ / MS Visual Studio
- Testing: JUnit, Selenium
Project Management: Jira
Quality: Sonar
Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Maven
Manager Version: Git

The traineeship will take place in Strasbourg.

The traineeship should ideally start on June or July 2018. The start date will be defined with the selected trainee.

The traineeship has a minimum duration of four to six months. It can be extended for a period up to a maximum of 12 months.

The traineeship will be paid according to the conditions defined by the decision of the European Ombudsman concerning traineeships. The allowance paid by the Ombudsman in Strasbourg is about €1400 per month.

Deadline: 14 May 2018 at 12:00.
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandThursday, April 19th, 2018 at 4:07am
Congratulations to Pauline Strappe and her @ywitipp team for receiving Honorable Mention at #EurodeskAwards 2018! :)
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandWednesday, April 18th, 2018 at 10:15pm
The European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion is inviting young people across Europe to participate in the #MySocialRights photo competition.
Under the topic "How I perceive social rights in Europe", young people between 18 and 30 years old, living in the EU, can submit up to three photos describing what #SocialRights mean to them and and reflect on pressing social issues.
Participants can get inspired by picking one or more principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights.
Entries must be entrants' original work. Up to 3 submissions per person are allowed.
All entries must be submitted via Woobox.

The three main winners will be invited to attend the European Youth Event in Strasbourg on the 1-2 June 2018 where they will have the possibility to meet young people from all over Europe.
The main prize for the winners is an Interrail ticket for two people to discover Europe:
The 15 best photos will be exposed at the Commission's exhibition at the European Youth Event 2018.
There will also be 30 small prizes and 12 medium prizes.

Deadline: 1 May 2018, midnight CET.
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandWednesday, April 18th, 2018 at 4:30am
The A Sea of Words - International Short Stories Contest 2018 has been launched!
The Anna Lindh Foundation and the European Institute of the Mediterranean are inviting young people, from 18 to 30 years old, from the 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area, to join the contest.
Under the motto "Memory and Identity: Rethinking Cultural Heritage", in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage”, the contest gives Euro-Mediterranean youths the opportunity to tell about their own experiences and emotions in relation to cultural heritage.
Cultural heritage contributes to creating more united societies and to fostering growth and employment in cities and regions.
The short stories must be original, of maximum 2,500 words, and can be written in any of the official languages of the participant countries.
The authors of the 15 best short stories will be invited to attend the awards presentation ceremony in Barcelona, Spain, on 19 September 2018 and to participate in the different cultural activities to be held from 19 to 21 September 2018.
Only one story per author will be accepted.

The stories selected will be published in a book in digital format with the texts in the original language and their corresponding English translation.

Deadlines: 20 April 2018 (for national selection); 1 June 2018 (for international selection).

Find out more: