Eurodesk is a free information service on EU funding and opportunities to work, study, volunteer and travel in Europe. It is intended for young people and those who work with them.

Eurodesk supports and contributes to the European Youth Portal, a European Commission website which publishes articles, news and events for young people.  The site gives information around nine main themes, covers 33 countries and is available in 27 languages.

Visit the Eurodesk Ireland website for more information about how you can get involved.

To learn more about the Eurodesk network in Ireland, watch this inspiring video with Pauline Strappe from Youth Work Ireland Tipperary:

Join #YouthWork Ireland & #Eurodesk Ireland at the International Symposium on Youth Information in Europe and Ireland on 07 November! Hear from @KZapponeTD @nycinews @SpunOut @MUAppSocSc @Eurodesk @ERYICAYI and more on the day! To register visit: Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Want to improve #youthrights? Participate our survey to help improve #youth #mobility. Have you been #volunteering, #studying 📚#training 👨‍⚕️or #working 👩‍💻abroad or not? 📢Share your experiences & get a chance to #win some great prizes 👉 👉#EDSurvey Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Well done @DonegalYouthSvc doing great #youthwork & providing fantastic #youthinformation services & support to #youngpeople - delighted to have you on board of @EurodeskIreland! @Leargas @ywirl @DCYAPress @YMCAIreland @Crosscare1 @eurodesk @SpunOut @edicdonegal @NCGEGuidance…

Looking at the stats of how many Irish 18yrs olds got #DiscoverEU tickets in the first batch. 2524 applicants, 140 passes given to them. That's better than one in 20. Good odds for a free inter rail pass. #Travel #broadenyourmind Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Calling all teachers interested in #eTwinning! The Future Classroom Lab is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels. We've extended the deadline so that you can be a part of it! Find out more and register your interest by 29 October:… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Breaking news: the next round of #DiscoverEU is 29 November! Get ready 🚊🇪🇺⭐️ Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

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Get ready for the 2nd round of #DiscoverEU - if you a born between 1 January & 31 December 2000, this might be you great chance! @EurodeskIreland @NCGEGuidance @SpunOut @EDICSligo @edicdonegal @ballinasloeEDIC @EDMountmellick @EDinBlanch @ywirl @YMCAIreland @Crosscare1 @Leargas…

#DiscoverEU is about discovering the rich cultural diversity of #europe and your own self! @sabineverheyen highlights the benefits of the programme on #young people. We did it! The programme was successful, 17M 🏦 invested for next years! @🎉 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

We are delighted that attendees at our #timetomove2018 will get the chance to read some pieces from our Museum of broken hearts’ exhibition from @ywigalway @GalwayCoCo @HealthyGalwayCo @Ainemara @LibrariesGalway #LGBTQ Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

If you are a secondary school #student between 13-18 years old, you can become a SID Ambassador! Lead an #onlinesafety campaign in your school, meet like-minded students and make a difference with your peers. Sign up now! Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Enter the Europe Direct Soapbox Competition and be in with a chance of winning an iPad. Email to register. 2 categories: 18 and under / 19 and over. To win, make a 3 minute presentation on the topic: “European Elections: Every Vote Counts” @eurireland Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

We are just kicking off our #Timetomove2018 event. Special thanks to @MarianHarkin for taking time out to open this networking event @EurodeskIreland @Leargas @eurireland @NCGEGuidance @GalwayCoCo @ywigalway Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#timetomoe2018 in Ballinasloe today!…

Youth Information in Europe & Ireland: Youth sector symposium to promote & evidence the value of youth info services, takes place Nove 7. Open to all in the youth sector & youth policy makers. Booking @ @DCYAPress @SpunOut @EurodeskIreland @Leargas Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Mary from @NCGEGuidance talks of the value of mobility and the positive personal and professional outcomes @EurodeskIreland @Leargas @EURESIreland @eurireland @eurireland Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

ERYICA, Eurodesk and EYCA have had a fruitful cooperation since the signature of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2016🤗Follow the link below to read the joint newsletter and learn about their last activities and projects👇… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#DiscoverEU Facebook Group is receiving lots of cool & creative posts from our travellers. 👏 Have a look at the pictures & testimonials from September and get inspired to explore more! 🚆 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Enter the Europe Direct Soapbox Competition and be in with a chance of winning an iPad. Email to register. 2 categories: 18 and under / 19 and over. To win, make a 3 minute presentation on the topic: “European Elections: Every Vote Counts” @eurireland Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

3, 2, 1...go! Today begins our Social Media Campaign to spread the principles of the European Youth Information Charter🤩We start with "Independent", whose first principle emphasizes the importance of having several verified sources🤓 #youthinfo #YICharter Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Wednesday 31 October: Free workshop for the European Commission Student Media Award, Europe House, Dublin 2… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Is online #information sufficient to support #youngpeople? What is the value of on-to-one communication? Register for @EurodeskIreland and @ywirl event 7 Nov Dublin to discuss! @Leargas @ERYICAYI @NCGEGuidance @SpunOut @DCYAPress @eurireland @Crosscare1

Experienced a moment of feeling European, or feeling the impact of the EU?🤔🇪🇺🇪🇺 Be the editor of the @Europarl_EN Facebook for a day!👨‍💻👩‍💻 🔼📹 Upload a video (max 1 min) on your experience by Oct.31st to win a trip to Strasbourg!🇫🇷 ➡️ Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Have you had an experience with #mobility information?🙋🙋 Share them with us, it could win you some prizes😍🎁 Participate in the Eurodesk survey today to enter📋🖊️ #EDSurvey Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

📋Registration for the World Bank Youth Summit is open until Oct.15th!📅 18-35 year olds can get involved through the live webcast🎥, learning all about this year's theme: 'Unleashing the Power of Human Capital'👏👏 For more info: Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

We love any excuse to share our Erasmus experiences #leargas… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Enter the Europe Direct Soapbox Competition and be in with a chance of winning an iPad. Email to register. 2 categories: 18 and under / 19 and over. To win, make a 3 minute presentation on the topic: “European Elections: Every Vote Counts” @eurireland Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Great day planned for #LéargasForum 2018! The theme this year is Looking Forward: The Future of Europe. Register 🇪🇺👉🏻🇮🇪 🙂 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

"International Symposium", wow, fancy! :)...we'll be there to chat and give our perspective on how information and guidance can enable young people to become active citizens and participate in society @KZapponeTD @ERYICAYI @ywirl @rtenews @SpunOut @nycinews @Eurodesk… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#youthinformation is crucial to #empower #youngpeople! Register 4 @EurodeskIreland & @ywirl @ERYICAYI event Dublin 7.11! @DCYAPress @Eurodesk @eurireland @EURESIreland @NCGEGuidance @EDinBlanch @EDICSligo @ballinasloeEDIC @edicdonegal @NenaghEDIC @YMCAIreland @Crosscare1 @Leargas…

Today's the day! #ErasmusDays has kicked off with over 1200 events around the world, over 1000 of which are taking place in Europe! Want to get involved? Find out what's happening in your country over the next two days!👇 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Could #TimetoMove2018 bring you your next career move?🤔🤔 🛫Try working abroad to find out!👨‍💻👩‍💻 📅Today's story shows it's potential, so get searching today: 🔎 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Next #timetoMove2018 @EurodeskIreland event to take place in #Ballinasloe on 16th! Do not miss it & register now! @ywigalway @ETBIreland @ballinasloeEDIC @intreo @AthloneIT @YWI_Midlands @NenaghEDIC @EDMountmellick @YRLongford @EURESIreland @eurireland @nuigalway @GRETBOfficial…

Today is the #DayoftheGirl. Every woman and girl can unleash the power of a hurricane, if she is only allowed to stretch her wings – this is the 'butterfly effect'. #EUgirlsweek Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

These #ErasmusPlus women were once girls. Harnessing their education and skills, they utilise the programme to lead the way in social inclusion, disability rights, sports, rights for refugees, women and girl's rights in education & so much more. #DayofTheGirl #EUGirlsWeek Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Join us on 01 November for #LeargasForum in Dublin Castle! Looking forward to the key note by @ruairimckiernan, moderated discussions by @UnaMullally, performances, workshops, and meeting all the great projects funded by #Leargas #ErasmusPlus #EPALE #eTwinning #eurodesk #IAESTE… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

“This #youthexchange has given our children new life skills, made them better communicators, more socially and culturally aware and community leaders” shares a parent @YWICork showcase! Congratulations everyone involved 🎊 #YouthWorkChangesLives #youthpass #ErasmusPlus @Leargas Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

The October NCGE 'Bulletin' can be accessed by clicking below - this is the second issue of the new monthly communication from NCGE that we hope will provide useful, relevant and up to date information for you and all members of the Guidance community.… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Lauren Moore postgraduate student in @ucddublin speaking at today’s #TimetoMove2018 event speaking on her amazing #erasmusplus opportunity in Sweden @Leargas @EUErasmusPlus @EurodeskIreland Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Europe needs your voice this May🗣️🔊 The @Europarl_EN has launched #ThisTimeImVoting to protect💪, promote🤝, and participate🗳️ in European democracy🇪🇺🇪🇺 Get involved and show our Unity in Diversity🙌🙌 ➡️ Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

🔊‼️Over 500 events‼️ #TimetoMove2018 continues to grow each day, giving you more and more opportunities to see the world!🌍🇪🇺🎉🎉 👀Looking for a life-changing experience? Look no further 😁😁 ➡️ Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

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Eurodesk IrelandMonday, October 15th, 2018 at 12:12am
Last chance to register for this fantastic #timetomove2018 Eurodesk Ireland event in Ballinasloe tomorrow!
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Eurodesk IrelandSunday, October 14th, 2018 at 11:00pm
Register now for @Leargas Annual Forum on 1 November in Dublin to discuss and reflect about #futureofEurope!
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Eurodesk IrelandFriday, October 12th, 2018 at 4:14am
#YouthInformation empowers #youngpeople and helps them make right choices. Attend the Eurodesk Ireland and Youth Work Ireland/ Eryica - European Youth Information and Counselling Agency Symposium on 7 November in Dublin to discuss and reflect about the value and the future of #youthinformation in Ireland and in Europe. Great speakers and interesting presentations! Register now!
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Eurodesk IrelandThursday, October 11th, 2018 at 4:30am
Next Eurodesk Ireland #TimetoMove2018 event is taking place in Ballinasloe on 16th - if you work with/for young people in the region register now to get informed about great EU opportunities for young people and to network with local organisations!
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Eurodesk IrelandMonday, October 8th, 2018 at 4:40am
Check #Spunout article for information on #TimetoMove2018 activities including the very special t-shirt design #competition for young people! Deadline 31 October!