🤝Promoting Together

We are all one big team and our goal of highlighting the positive impacts of Léargas programmes is shared across the organisation.

Promoting Together is a resource designed to help teams promote their work and initiatives and sets out how we can all work together effectively.

This is a living resource and we welcome contributions from everyone. If there is something you would like us to include here, please let us know! This is here to make your life easier so that everything you need to know about communications is in one place.

👋Contact the communications team


Find your contact in the communications team ⬇️⬇️

Emma Grainger – Head of  Strategic Engagement & Communications

  • HR
  • Organisational (Executive Director/Board)

Terri Cole – Senior Strategic Engagement and Communications Officer

  • Erasmus+ VET
  • Eurodesk
  • European Solidarity Corps
  • DiscoverEU
  • Erasmus+ Sport

Ciara Gibbons – Communications Officer

  • Erasmus+ School Education
  • eTwinning
  • CASE
  • TCAs
  • Languages

Noemi Chimisso  – Communications Officer

  • Erasmus+ Adult Education
  • Erasmus+ Youth
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Youth Wiki

👋Contact Us

The easiest way to contact the team is to send us a quick message through the Content Collaboration Teams channel. This is ideal  for small tasks like updates to the website, promotion of an event or queries on logos/branding etc.

You can remind us about upcoming events through the content collaboration events calendar and let us know if you want this to be promoted.



📝 Fill out the Job Proposal

For larger scale projects with a lot of different tasks, we may ask you to fill out a Communications Work Brief to share the work that needs to be completed. This is ideal for larger projects like a large scale event which has a lot of moving parts. We’ll also have a quick chat with the team to make sure we know how we can help.

🤙 Keep in touch

Keep us in the loop. We are all a team at Léargas and our goals are the same, to give visibility to the programmes that we all work so hard on. We understand that the nature of our work means sometimes things can happen unexpectedly and we need to be flexible so don’t be afraid to reach out and we will be here to support you.

📰Newsletter Deadlines 2023

Find all deadlines for Newsletters in 2023 ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Setting up an Eventbrite Page

Eventbrite is an easy way for your participants to register for your events. Teams can set up their own events through the comms Eventbrite account. If you need access to this, please let us know and we can share the password with you. We are working on templates to assist teams with setting up events. We will share these when available. Please make sure to use the privacy notice on Eventbrite including events that are accessible by link only.


Use the Léargas visual identity for your Eventbrite event

Final Conference of the ECML’s 6th Medium-Term Programme

Final Conference of the ECML’s 6th Medium-Term Programme

The conference represents the culmination of the four years of work of the ECML’s “Inspiring innovation in language education: changing contexts, evolving competences” programme. The conference will bring people together to recognise their achievements and present the results achieved to a wider audience.

Deadline: 28 September 2023
Adult Education Key Action 1 Application Support – Drop In

Adult Education Key Action 1 Application Support – Drop In

Are you working on your application form for the Key Action 1 deadline? This is an informal session for last minute questions before the Key Action 1 deadline in Adult Education.

Deadline: 29 September 2023
Adult Education Key Action 2 Application Support – Drop In

Adult Education Key Action 2 Application Support – Drop In

Are you working on your application form for the Key Action 2 deadline? This is an informal session for last minute questions before the Key Action 2 deadline in Adult Education.

Deadline: 29 September 2023
Erasmus+ KA2 Small-Scale Partnerships – Project Development Workshop

Erasmus+ KA2 Small-Scale Partnerships – Project Development Workshop

This session is aimed at organisations operating in the fields of Vocational Training, Schools, Adult Education and Youth who are interested in finding out more information about the funding Action Small-Scale Partnerships.

Deadline: 24 October 2023
Promoting Together

🤝Here’s the type of content and services we provide for teams:

  • Online: website – news, blog posts, ‘How to…’ guides, resources; social media campaigns; email campaigns
  • Editorial: Copy writing, proof reading, editing
  • Design: imagery for campaigns, events, TCAs etc.
  • Presenting: Powerpoint, Infographics
  • Video: Biteable, Berrycast explainer vids, testimonial videos
  • Photography: events, stock imagery
  • Print: leaflets, guides, posters, booklets

*Some of these services could be outsourced depending on budgets available. We can give you advice on the vendors to choose.

Léargas Online

Here's where Léargas currently has a presence online. Follow us, mention us and join the conversation through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We are keeping up to date with trends in social media use to see if there are other platforms that we can join.



@Leargas   5,290+ follows

  • Strength: Great way to connect with influencers in your sector, be recognised as a thought leader in your field and share interesting projects.
  • Weakness: Lots of noise so requires a commitment to post regularly. The takeover by Elon Musk means it is in uncertain territory.

  • The Opportunity: Highlight how Léargas is funding innovation (and is itself an innovator) in our sectors nationally and internationally.



Leargas.Ireland  4,200+ follows

  • Strength: Great way to build a community of advocates and engage in an informal, friendly way with our target audiences. Paid advertising traverses Facebook and Instagram and is sophisticated in reaching audiences.
  • Weakness: Facebook’s focus is more and more on paid content so ‘organic’ (free) posts are not reaching as many people as they once did.
  • The Opportunity: Highlight how Léargas is a supportive organisation for the projects we fund.



Léargas  1,100+ follows

  •  Strength: Very focused on career-driven users who usually work at management level. LinkedIn also advise that it is a great place for non-profits to find volunteers.
  • Weakness: Most perceive it as a social network for finding jobs.
  • The Opportunity: It is much more than a job-finding network.  LinkedIn is the perfect space for those at management level and in strategic positions to make meaningful connections with key influencers in your field.


Léargas  1,660+ follows

  • Strength: 64% of Users Are Between 18 and 34. Under 25’s spend on average 30 minutes on Instagram per day.
  • Weakness: The algorithm!
    Instagram like Facebook has an algorithm that sends the user content that it knows they are interested in, this means feeds are no longer chronological, users see what they consistently like first.
  • The Opportunity: Connect with a very specific age group. This will help us develop messaging and imagery to connect with this audience.



Léargas Video  80,000+views

  • Strength: YouTube is second only to Google as the world’s most popular search engine.  Gives us a space to promote video content to huge audiences.  With it’s YouTube Shorts it provides opportunities to leverage short videos now too.
  • Weakness: Very strict on copyrighted material, it is really important that we and our projects have content that does not violate copyright.
  • The Opportunity: Influence with powerful video content. Great opportunities to grow subscribers on YouTube. It is also a strong place to position video ads.



Léargas Communications  1,592 plays

  • Strength: Allows us to upload high quality audio to the internet and embed it on our webpage.  It can be used as a space for Podcast content.
  • Weakness: Not a lot of our audience engage as Soundcloud users.
  • The Opportunity: Influence with Podcasts and powerful audio content (interviews that maintain more anonymity).

Think in terms of Campaigns

We use HubSpot Campaigns to collate everything we work on around a particular promotional push or campaign. This allows us to track engagement across all our digital channels and identify what is working well with our audiences.

📷Quality content

61% of audiences feel better about an organisation that make customised content (source: Content Council). Content includes social media updates, blog posts, website pages, video, live streams, newsletters, printed resources, ads, webinars, photos, slides, gifs and press releases etc.

🖼️ Keep to the Léargas branding guidelines

We have a consistent Léargas brand and identity across all sectors throughout our online content, printed resources and all of our merchandise. All of the sectors within Erasmus+ are colour coded and have their own icons and strap lines (mottos) for audiences to easily identify each sector.

👏 User Generated Content 

There is nothing more powerful than a personal story. If you are working on a project, encourage individuals and groups  to share their images and always tag Léargas on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram. If you feel there is someone  that could be considered an influencer, let us know and we can talk to them about sharing their story through a blog post or a video. Or, simply ask them to spread the word within their own online community through social media or just by sharing some materials in their canteen or staff room.


Get in touch with the Team

Emma Grainger

Head of Strategic Engagement and Communications (01) 8871232

Terri Cole 

Senior Strategic Engagement and Communications Officer (01)8871214

Ciara Gibbons

Communications Officer (01) 8871206

Noemi Chimisso