Could you—or a teacher you know—win a European Language Label award in 2017?


The European Language Label is coordinated by the European Commission and in Ireland is managed by Léargas. The label recognises outstanding achievement in the teaching or learning of languages. European Language Label awards are prestigious and presented at a public ceremony in September each year. Previous winners have said that “receiving external validation from such a respected organisation was a huge boost for the organisation and our team”. The European Language Label is not limited to European languages; teaching or learning of any language can be considered. In 2017 we will have European Language Label winners in two categories, projects and ‘Language Teacher of the Year’.

2017 European Language Label: Project Category 

This category recognises creative initiatives that improve teaching provision and learning achievement. Projects can be based in traditional or innovative learning environments, and must bring added value to participants in terms of competence and motivation. Evidence of institution-wide support for the project and its overall impact also strengthens applications. Projects have to take place during the year in which they apply for the award, and most of all they must be innovative, effective and replicable. The deadline for applications was 28 February 2017.

2017 European Language Label: Individual Category, Language Teacher of the Year

This category recognises outstanding language teachers: individuals who are passionate, enthusiastic and who inspire their pupils. Teachers should show commitment to imaginative and high quality language teaching, and have excellent knowledge of their subject.  Contenders for this award must be nominated by others, rather than apply themselves. The deadline for applications was 28 February 2017.

Programme Priorities

  • Multilingual Schools and Classrooms – Embracing Diversity in Schools
  • Language-friendly Society – Informal Language Learning
  • Languages for Personal Fulfillment.

Winners are selected by a National Jury of language experts, and the selection process may include a visit to the projects or interviews with the nominated learners.  A complete list of previous winners across Europe is available on the ELL European Database.