University Testimonials


Prof C Williams, Dean of Faculty, Engineering, Mathematics and Science, University of Dublin, Trinity College:

“We offered three traineeships to incoming IAESTE students, providing them with an opportunity for 10 weeks’ study with the best research groups on campus. The feedback from the supervisors was uniformly positive, praising not only the educational standard of the trainees but also their enthusiasm and work ethic. This demonstration of the high calibre of the IAESTE student prompted the Dean to repeat his support the next year, with the intention that this marks the beginning of a long and fruitful working exchange with IAESTE.

In addition to sourcing outstanding trainees, facilitating them was straightforward, produced minimal paperwork, and was managed throughout by an efficient and helpful coordinator: all the hallmarks of a well-run programme, with little or no disruption to the daily business of the Faculty.

TCD is proud to support the IAESTE programme, and would have no hesitation in encouraging other universities, research groups and businesses to partake.”