Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Testimonials from Outgoing Students

From Ireland to Brazil

“I had just completed the third year of my chemistry degree in UCD and wanted to get a bit of experience in a research environment before doing my final year research project. This was a fantastic opportunity to do so – and it was even paid! During my stay, I worked in the geochemical department at UNESP, one of the leading universities in Brazil. I helped to analyse various chemical components in soil and water samples from around Brazil. I got the chance to use new equipment and practise lab techniques that I had not used before. I feel that the work I did will definitely stand to me for my final year research project, as well as in the future when I graduate. International work experience is also a great asset to have on your CV!”

From Ireland to China

“Completing my traineeship in China during the summer of 2017 was one of the most challenging, rewarding and exciting experiences of my life. Leaving China I had grown immensely as a person with a greater awareness of what I wanted in life as well as life-long friendships. Having now graduated and entered the working world (I’m currently a process engineer with PM Group in Dublin) the benefits of completing an IAESTE traineeship, as well as being an active member in Ireland, have become very clear. Besides the obvious outcome of gaining relevant work experience, I feel that the main benefit in my personal experience was being put out of my comfort zone, working on a truly international team, and experiencing cultures other than my own. I experienced this during my traineeship of course, but I am continuing this in my role within IAESTE Ireland. I believe that in this ever more global world this is invaluable experience and I hope to use it to further my career.”

From Ireland to Czech Republic

“Overall, I was delighted to get the chance to experience a new country and culture while also gaining valuable experience working in a scientific institute. It gave me an insight into what it would be like to work in research after my degree and now I think it is something I would happily consider doing. I would encourage anyone to take a traineeship if the opportunity presents itself because it’s such an eye-opening experience.”

From Ireland to Tunisia

“Because of my IAESTE experience, I have been noticed by employers as being adaptable and open-minded, and ready to take on any challenge that is thrown at me. I have also developed a thirst for travel and for understanding other cultures and traditions.”

Testimonials from Incoming Students, and Summer Reception

From Poland to Ireland 

“I had just finished my third semester of Computer Engineering when I first saw the IAESTE offer from SmartSimple for a recent graduate. One little confidence boost made me apply for the position as I clearly didn’t fit all the criteria. To be quite honest I was terrified when I first arrived in Ireland! But IAESTE Ireland made a great impression on me with how caring and organised they were. The Local Committee members were there to answer all our questions, deal with bureaucracy and make sure we were enjoying our stay to the fullest. As a trainee I got to design a system for various clients, I was able to sit in on all the on- and off-site meetings which helped me build up confidence as well as soft skills like communication and teamwork. Those are skills that are extremely valued nowadays, even more than technical knowledge. After five years here I still see the same passion in IAESTE Ireland members and I’m proud to say I’ve made some great friends over here.” – Gosia Grzyb, trainee in SmartSimple

From Austria to Ireland

“I worked extensively with specialized software in a mining environment, editing mine plans. Small ad hoc projects using this software. Opportunity to start and present thesis work, this was negotiated in advance. Gain experience in a reputable mining company in an international context, which is difficult to achieve without the support of an organization like IAESTE. Learned to apply a software that is rapidly establishing itself as an industry standard.” – Frédéric Klose, trainee at Boliden Tara Mines

 From Germany to Ireland

“I studied Life Sciences and did a traineeship at the School of Microbiology at UCC in summer 2017. My traineeship lasted for six weeks, but I learned a lot in those few weeks and gained experience in microbiological work. I felt instantly welcomed in my working group and had my own workspace in the lab.

Being in Ireland was my first time alone in a foreign country, but I couldn’t have picked a better one! I met so many kind, courteous and polite people, who were incredibly helpful towards foreigners. I met Kerrie, a member of IAESTE Ireland, on my fourth day in Ireland for brunch. It was reassuring to know before leaving Germany, that I would meet up with someone. She showed me around Cork and we also did a trip to Cobh together on another weekend.

It took me a few days to get used to the Irish accent, but the locals were always patient with me and curious about my home country.
On almost every weekend I did excursions to sights around Cork e.g. Blarney Castle or Kinsale. During the summer bank holiday weekend, I went to visit Dublin and met all the other IAESTE trainees.

I had a great time in Ireland and I’m positive that I will return to this lovely country in the future. ” – Katharina, trainee at University College Cork

Summer Reception and Welcome in Ireland

Our Local Committee in Ireland is made up of Irish students who have been on IAESTE traineeships or plan to go in the future. They are a bunch of people who love meeting new people and showing their country to trainees from all around the world. Our Programme Officer loves to welcome trainees at the airport where possible and tell them about the roller coaster ride they are about to begin!

As part of the Summer Reception Programme in Ireland, several weekend are organised including trips to Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and a Surf Weekend to Bundoran! Ireland is a small country and you can travel from one end to the other in less than 5 hours! With a plethora of places to visit and see, you will never be short of things to do during your time off.  Visit our Facebook page to view past summer reception events hosted by IAESTE Ireland.