IAESTE Ireland Offers

IAESTE Ireland Offers

IAESTE Ireland welcomes student applications for traineeships in science, engineering, architecture and IT.

See the current opportunities available for trainees from Ireland here.

Conditions for applying

  1. You must be enrolled in an Irish University.
  2. You must be studying one of the fields of study mentioned in the Offer Form.
  3. You must be available for the minimum duration of the traineeship within the time period mentioned in the Offer Form.
  4. You must meet the requirements or special conditions in the Offer Form.
  5. You can only apply for one offer at a time.

Types of offers and opportunities

  • AC: Offers reserved especially for Irish students; these offers are less competitive overall. The application deadline is 28 March.
  • COBE: Offers open to students from several countries; these offers may be more competitive. However, Irish students have a good track record of getting these kind of traineeships as well. The application deadline is four working days before the date mentioned on the Offer Form. This is because if IAESTE Ireland selects you for an offer, you will need to prepare an application for the employer.

How to apply

  1. Email iaeste@leargas.ie with the reference number of the Offer you are interested in, a Cover Letter explaining your suitability for the particular traineeship, your CV and Transcripts. Please include your Contact Number in the email.
  2. We will immediately arrange interviews with suitable students, so apply as soon as possible! A non-refundable application fee of €30 will be charged at this stage if you are selected for the traineeship.
  3. Once the student is selected, their application will be sent to the employer. IAESTE Ireland will help the student to put this together. The employer makes the final acceptance decision.
  4. If the student is accepted by the employer, a processing fee of €170 will be charged.
  5. The fun then begins! IAESTE in the host country will help you with your accommodation arrangements, and you will travel abroad for a paid technical traineeship during the summer.

If you have a query please contact iaeste@leargas.ie.  Note that you must not contact IAESTE in the host country or the employer at this stage.

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