How to …

How to …

How To Apply for a Traineeship

  • Read the IAESTE student brochure
  • Read our Frequently Asked Questions
  • Check the calendar for an information session near you
  • Read about international IAESTE activities
  • Prepare your cover letter, explaining your motivation for applying, how your personal/professional/academic activities, interests, skills and experience equip you for an international traineeship, why the traineeship will benefit both you and your potential employer and your adaptability, intercultural awareness and independence.
  • Prepare a CV with details on relevant work experience and academic projects undertaken.
  • Request a  transcript of your exam results to date from your university admissions office along with an explanation of the grading system.
  • If you are an Architecture student, a portfolio will be required.

  • All IAESTE processes are conducted on the IAESTE Exchange Platform at, including student registration, selection, and submission of documents to the employer. See the step by step application guide here.
  • Visit and click ‘Register With Us’. Select ‘Are you a student?’ and you’ll get to the Registration Page. Select ‘Ireland’ as the country you study in. Submit your information and your username and temporary password will be emailed to you.
  • Log in to again and set up your password.
  • Click on your name to access your profile. Complete the required fields and upload your supporting documentation as prompted.
  • Pay the €30 application fee on the Registration & Payment page.
  • Once you have saved your profile and paid the fee, we’ll review your details and verify your registration. We may contact you if we need any more information.
  • Once verified, your account on will be active until you are no longer eligible for IAESTE traineeships. It’s your responsibility to keep your profile up to date. At any stage, you can contact the IAESTE office at to deactivate your account if you no longer wish to receive notifications from the platform.

  • Once your profile is verified, you will be able to see all available traineeship opportunities on the exchange platform.
  • We will send you a catalogue of offers in February which we have exchanged at the Annual Conference. These offers are reserved solely for Irish students. You will be asked to submit three preferences and we will conduct interviews to match you to the right offer.
  • You will also see COBE offers on the exchange platform. These offers are open to students from several countries and are handled on a one to one basis. For more information, read our Frequently Asked Questions section.
  • If you are interested in any of the COBE offers, contact us at, at least four working days before the deadline. We will check your suitability for the offer and check with the country if it is still available.
  • Once you are selected by the IAESTE Programme Officer for a traineeship, you will be asked to submit a nomination for the employer through the Exchange Platform. A nomination is a package of documents submitted to the employer. At this stage, you will be asked for additional documents like an Enrolment Certificate at your university, passport copy and recommendation letters. You will also have an opportunity here to tailor your Cover Letter to the traineeship you apply for.
  • Once accepted by the employer for the traineeship, the €170 placement fee will apply and you will be given your Acceptance Documents.

  • The final decision on your application is always made by the employer.
  • We will notify you of the employer decision and send you any documents you may need for visas/work permits.
  • We will also send you an Outgoing Student Guide and you will be guided by the host country for any questions you may have regarding your traineeship
  • Make arrangements for flights/visas etc. and health insurance for your journey.
  • Inform IAESTE Ireland and IAESTE in the receiving country of travel arrangements.
  • Enjoy your traineeship!

  • Complete and return the Trainee Report supplied by IAESTE Ireland.
  • Your employer will also be sent an Employer Report form to give feedback on their experience.
  • Share your traineeship experience in a post for the Léargas blog
  • Share your experience with your friends who might be interested in taking up a traineeship with IAESTE.
  • Get involved with the IAESTE Ireland Local Committee
  • Encourage Irish employers and professors in your college to offer an IAESTE traineeship and guarantee an opportunity for other Irish students!

To protect the health and well-being of participants, but with deep regret, we have suspended @IAESTE_Ireland activities up to 01 September 2020.… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

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Following Government of Ireland advice on containing COVID-19, we in Léargas are taking these important steps to protect the health and safety of all in our community:…… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Happy International Women's Day! As a provider of global STEM internships, IAESTE is committed to being a gender-balanced programme. In 2019 47% of our trainees were female and our goal is to reach at least 50%. #internationalwomensday #womeninstem #workexperiencediscover Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Are you the perfect person for this opportunity? Apply now at Just enter AT-2020-2031GR into the search bar. #internships #iaeste #workexperiencediscover #communications #mediastudies… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

11 February is the UN International Day of women and girls in science. At IAESTE we are proud that very nearly half our STEM trainees are women. To find out more about this special day, visit…… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

@IAESTE_Ireland, @Leargas are on their way to the @IAESTE Annual Conference in Slovakia. Get in touch with us if you want to host 3rd level international STEM students in your university or company. We can help you bridge the skills gap and help you tap into global networks.

@IAESTE_Ireland are preparing to attend the @IAESTE Annual Conference next week in Poprad, Slovakia. We look forward to exchanging internships and participating in discussions. Student registrations are open and do get in touch with us if you wish to offer an internship.

Happy New Year! Why not start 2020 by applying for an IAESTE internship? There are currently 123 available at Make this year count!… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

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Wow! Brazil? Italy? Sweden? What a choice! Work for a year gaining invaluable experience, and brush up on your dancing, music and food at the same time. All the details and how to apply can be found at…… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

@SOTI_inc have partnered with @IAESTE to provide 12 month internships to computer science students! If you want to go on a life changing internship, register on @TCDCareers @UCDCareers @UCDCompSci @DCUEngineering @tudublincompsci @NUIGCareers @GMITCareers

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Is your company looking for help in bridging the skills gap in engineering or STEM related fields? This new programme can get you access to high-calibre STEM undergraduates & graduates from 80+ countries for short-long term internships. #ConnectingDublin Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Calling all UCD STEAM to join @IAESTE_Ireland for an Applications Clinic tomorrow! Come along and learn about how to go on paid technical internships abroad as well as gather a few tips for your CV! @UCDCareers @UCDEngArch @ucdscience @UCDSU @UCDSocieties @Leargas

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@IAESTE_Ireland will be there for an information talk with @NUIGCareers at Hardiman Building, 1pm-2pm tomorrow. Come down to learn about paid technical internships abroad in over 80 countries around the world! @NUIGSU @nuigalway @NUIGCareers

@IAESTE_Ireland will be at TUDublin-Careers Fair tomorrow. Drop by to learn about paid technical internships worldwide with IAESTE. Calling Level 8 Science, Engineering, Architecture and IT students @WeAreTUDublin @TU4Dub @CareersTallaght @TUDublin_BN @TU4Dublin

@IAESTE will be on campus with @UCDCareers for an Information Talk on Thursday, 1pm-2pm at the Global Lounge. Come along to learn about going on paid technical internships abroad! @UCDEngArch @UCDCompSci @ucdscience @UCDSocieties @UCDstudents

Find us at the Science and Engineering Fair, Trinity College tomorrow and learn more about paid technical internships worldwide!Registrations and details on @tcddublin @TCDCareers @TCDBiosoc @TCD_physics @TCD_Chemistry @tcdsu @TrinityCsc @tcdTBSI @Leargas

Find us at Trinity Science and Engineering Fair on 15th October to find out more about paid technical internships abroad! Talk to Trinity students who have been on IAESTE internships before! @TCDCareers @tcddublin @tcdglobal @tcdsu @Leargas

Find us at the LIT Careers Fair to learn more about going on paid technical internships abroad! Work, Experience and Discover the World with IAESTE! More on @LITCareers @Leargas

@IAESTE_Ireland are at Kingfisher's Hall, Stand 19 at the @NUIGCareers fair! Come find out more about how to go on a paid technical internship abroad! Say hello to students from @nuigalway who have been on internships before! #jobsfairNUIG @Leargas @NUIGCareers @nuigalway @NUIGSU

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@IAESTE_Ireland will be at @nuigalway Careers Fair tomorrow! If you are a STEM student and looking to go on a paid technical traineeship abroad next summer, come by at our stand to learn more. @NUIGCareers @NUIGSU @Leargas

We are at stall 5 at the UCD Science and Engineering Fair! Come by and learn about Paid Technical Traineeships abroad! All STEM students eligible for traineeships in over 8 countries around the world @Leargas #UCDCareersFair @UCDCareers

@IAESTE_Ireland and @EngineerIreland are hosting an 'Engineering Abroad' evening for 3rd level student members of Engineers Ireland who want to go on paid technical traineeships abroad. All STEM students welcome! More on @Leargas

@IAESTE_Ireland Ireland, @Leargas will be present at the CIT Careers Fair on Thursday 26th September. Come along to know more about Paid Technical Traineeships Abroad! Registrations open at @CIT_Careers @CITSU @CIT_ie

Capturing the IAESTE experiences of returned Irish trainees through a debriefing session using reflection and drawings! Trainees added a Wow Factor to their CV, experienced new cultures and ways of living and discovered skills and friends! @Leargas #Work #Experience #Discover

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@IAESTE_Ireland will be at @UCDCareers Science and Engineering Fair Tuesday, 24th September. Visit our stand to learn about paid technical traineeships abroad! Registrations open at @ucdscience @UCDEngArch @Leargas

@Lucieern16 spent 9 weeks in @drmgmonaghan's lab in @tcdTCBE @tcdTBSI through an @IAESTE_Ireland exchange. Working closely with @DinorathOlvera on an @Entirl project with @spraybase on cardiac biomaterials, she made this video of her @tcddublin and Dublin experience. Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

IAESTE Ireland registrations are now open! If you want to go on a paid technical traineeship abroad, register on and find more details on @TCDCareers @UCDCareers @NUIGCareers @Leargas @CIT_Careers @CareersUCC @LITCareers

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Pleasure to host Lucie Černá as an intern this summer in @tcdTCBE @tcddublin @tcdTBSI through an @IAESTE @IAESTE_Ireland exchange. Working closely with @DinorathOlvera on our @Entirl project with @spraybase, an extremely talented scientist- she made this video of her experience: Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

🐦 All the latest news from the world of IAESTE 🐦 -… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

That’s right, if you’re going on, are on, or have recently finished an internship related to automotive engineering, you can apply through FISITA for a bursary to cover your travel costs for up to €2000. Read more on… @Leargas

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That’s right, if you’re going on, are on, or have recently finished an internship related to automotive engineering, you can apply through FISITA for a bursary to cover your travel costs for up to €2000. Your…… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Delighted to see Lucíí Černá leave her footprints in Ireland and take home a positive experience!… If you have been on an @IAESTE traineeship, please share your story with us at… . @Leargas @tcddublin @iaesteczech @tcdglobal

Our IAESTE Trainee from @iaesteczech at work at @tcddublin doing some amazing research on conductive polymers. IAESTE connects qualified trainees in STEAM fields with forward thinking Irish employers and researchers. @Leargas @IAESTE #Work #Experience #Discover @tcdglobal

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IAESTE matches forward thinking employers with international technical trainees. The HR from Boliden, Tara Mines were grateful to @IAESTE for having a network where it is possible to find students in niche fields such as Mining Engineering.

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IAESTE President, Bernard Baeyens was invited to contribute an article on international exchange in a globalised world to the prestigious publication Commonwealth Education Report 2019. You can read it on page 18 using the link below.…

International Trainees in Ireland enjoying their weekend learning Surfing in Bundoran. IAESTE Trainees bring an international dimension to work places and truly live to the IAESTE Motto of #Work #Experience #Discover @Leargas @Failte_Ireland @IAESTE

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@IAESTE_Ireland and @Leargas welcoming the first IAESTE Trainee from Greece. Aris, a recent graduate from NTUA, Greece will be interning with Tara Mines, Boliden in Navan for 3 months. Exciting summer ahead!

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IAESTE President's article in Commonwealth Education Report emphasizing the need and benefits of student exchanges in the globalized world, both for students and companies.…

Our accepted and nominated students for summer traineeships visited us at the IAESTE Pre Departure Briefing. Some opportunities are still available! Get in touch with us on

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Looking for a paid technical internship abroad? Apply today. Reach out to us at @TCDCareers @UCDEngArch @UCDSU @NUIGCareers @dit_su @ULCareers @LIT_SU @TUDublin_BN @TUDublinCCGAA @CareersUCC @CIT_ie @waterfordit @WeAreTUDublin @Leargas…

Check out the latest edition of our IAESTE Alumni & Opportunities Newsletter -… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

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Are you a student in an Irish university in the field of science, IT, engineering, or architecture? 👩‍🎓Do you want to do something different this summer? ☀️ Check out for all our internship offers across the globe! 🗺

The first student for this summer got accepted in Austria and Ireland is looking forward to welcome a student from Greece with many more to come. Several opportunities are still available on Apply now! @Leargas

Neha @IAESTE_Ireland @Leargas presenting international training opportunities for students @EurodeskIreland network meeting! @Eurodesk @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @DCYAPress @eurireland Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

IAESTE Ireland welcomes student applications for traineeships in science, engineering, architecture and IT. More details on applications can be found on…

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Take an IAESTE Traineeship this summer to gain technical work experience, enhance your social and communication skills and meet people from all over the world. More details at…

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