IAESTE is for students who are currently enrolled, preferably in the third year or above, in technical courses like Engineering, Science or IT in third-level institutions in the Republic of Ireland. Graduates can apply within the first year of their graduation. Traineeships can last from two to 12 months and be hosted in any IAESTE country other than Ireland.


IAESTE Ireland has an application fee and a further placement fee when you accept a traineeship, to contribute to the running costs of the programme. IAESTE trainees pay their own travel costs, including any fees for visa or work permits. All trainees must have valid international health insurance before travelling.


IAESTE places you in a different country and work culture, enhancing your technical, professional and intercultural skills at the same time! Trainees are paid by their employers in line with local norms, and in most cases accommodation is arranged before you arrive. Most IAESTE countries have active local volunteers who will meet you on arrival, show you around, and set up social events. Many trainees have gone on to full-time employment with their host employers or in their host countries as a result of their IAESTE experience.

The personal and professional links you can make with international employers,universities and other trainees is one of the most long lasting benefits of IAESTE. There is an active Alumni network who exchange job and networking opportunities.

International Trainees in Ireland enjoying their weekend learning Surfing in Bundoran. IAESTE Trainees bring an international dimension to work places and truly live to the IAESTE Motto of #Work #Experience #Discover @Leargas @Failte_Ireland @IAESTE

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@IAESTE_Ireland and @Leargas welcoming the first IAESTE Trainee from Greece. Aris, a recent graduate from NTUA, Greece will be interning with Tara Mines, Boliden in Navan for 3 months. Exciting summer ahead!

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IAESTE President's article in Commonwealth Education Report emphasizing the need and benefits of student exchanges in the globalized world, both for students and companies. iaeste.org/news_items/iae…

Our accepted and nominated students for summer traineeships visited us at the IAESTE Pre Departure Briefing. Some opportunities are still available bit.ly/2Eno6QL! Get in touch with us on iaeste@leargas.ie

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Looking for a paid technical internship abroad? Apply today. Reach out to us at iaeste@leargas.ie @TCDCareers @UCDEngArch @UCDSU @NUIGCareers @dit_su @ULCareers @LIT_SU @TUDublin_BN @TUDublinCCGAA @CareersUCC @CIT_ie @waterfordit @WeAreTUDublin @Leargas twitter.com/IAESTE/status/…

Check out the latest edition of our IAESTE Alumni & Opportunities Newsletter - mailchi.mp/6c647b6f8a75/i… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

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Are you a student in an Irish university in the field of science, IT, engineering, or architecture? 👩‍🎓Do you want to do something different this summer? ☀️ Check out openinternships.iaeste.org for all our internship offers across the globe! 🗺 youtu.be/RRXzkKb2RDc

The first student for this summer got accepted in Austria and Ireland is looking forward to welcome a student from Greece with many more to come. Several opportunities are still available onhttps://www.leargas.ie/programmes/iaeste/for-students/offers/ Apply now! @Leargas

IAESTE Ireland welcomes student applications for traineeships in science, engineering, architecture and IT. More details on applications can be found on leargas.ie/programmes/iae…

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Take an IAESTE Traineeship this summer to gain technical work experience, enhance your social and communication skills and meet people from all over the world. More details at leargas.ie/programmes/iae…

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Calling all Civil Engineering students for a paid summer internship with @iaesteghana while having lots of fun exploring a new country, culture and cusinie @cit_civil @tcdengineering @UCDEngArch @EmployersNUIG @EngineeringUCC @TUDublin_BN @Leargas Apply on leargas.ie/programmes/iae…

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Apply for an IAESTE Opportunity. It will give your CV an edge while you have an amazing experience meeting people from all over the earth on a paid summer internship. More details on leargas.ie/programmes/iae… Applications close 21st March @Leargas

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The world is a small place. Leave your travel footprint at the Ohrid Lake, one of Europe's deepest and oldest lake. Visit leargas.ie/programmes/iae… for application details @Leargas

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Hear about Fiona's experience at myucdblog.com/ucd-iaeste/ . Applications open for students of Science, Engineering, Architecture, IT, Agriculture and Food Science, Natural Resources and Conservation. leargas.ie/programmes/iae…. @UCDEngArch @ucdsciencesoc @nuigalway @ucdagfood

@IAESTE_Ireland will have an information stand at @nuigalway on Monday, 4th March from 2pm-3:30pm. If you are a student in engineering, science, architecture, IT, Agriculture, Food Science, Conservation, visit us for summer placements abroad. @NUIGSU @nuigalway @Leargas

IAESTE Ireland is organizing an information talk in UCD this Thursday, 28th February, 1pm-2pm. facebook.com/events/7927572…. Spend your summer doing an IAESTE internship! @Leargas @UCDSocieties @UCDEngArch @ucdstudentdesk @UCDstudents @UCD_Research Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

IAESTE Ireland is organizing an information talk in UCD this Thursday, 28th February, 1pm-2pm. facebook.com/events/7927572…. Spend your summer doing an IAESTE internship! @Leargas @UCDSocieties @UCDEngArch @ucdstudentdesk @UCDstudents @UCD_Research

Kerrie spent her summer in Tunisia with IAESTE 🇹🇳🙌🏻 😍 #iaeste #internship #WorkExperienceDiscover Léargas. Please head over to leargas.ie/programmes/iae… for more information. You could be headed to Tunisia this summer to travel while being on a paid course related internship.

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Are you a student or recent graduate of a technical subject such as Engineering, Science or IT? @IAESTE_Ireland have offers of paid, international technical traineeships that may be of interest! Visit: leargas.ie/programmes/iae… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

See why Fiona went on her internship and what she took away from her experience in Czech Republic ! @Leargas @iaesteczech #Work #Experience #Discover @tcddublin @UCDEngArch @nuigalway @uccsocieties @UCCSU Head over to leargas.ie/programmes/iae… to see our offers and how to apply!!

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This summer, go on a paid technical internship abroad with IAESTE Ireland, Léargas. Head to leargas.ie/programmes/iae… for offers and details. Create your summer story! @Leargas

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The LC have an amazing summer social program for this coming summer, if you would like to join any of the weekends let the Dublin LC know on their facebook page! iaestelc.ie/plan-for-iaest…

We are just about finished finalizing the remainder of our 2018 traineeships! We are delighted to have sent students to over 10+ countries this year #exchange #iaesteireland #workabroad #travel

To celebrate #iwd2018, here are just some of the women who work in Léargas. Happy International Women's Day to all. Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Want to work abroad in Computer Science or Engineering this year? Short & longterm #IAESTE traineeships are still available! Apply online by 12 March & read Fiona's experience at leargas.ie/blog/iaeste-pr… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Seven weeks in Tunisia inspired @ucddublin student Kerrie Drum to develop the #IAESTE Local Committee in Dublin, starting with the 'Boost' training weekend in Tampere, Finland (check out that #sneachta!) leargas.ie/blog/iaeste-bo… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Loved working on this blog by @IAESTE_Ireland trainee Kerrie Drum: "I lived with over 40 people from 30 countries...there was no such thing as a border or block between us" #IAESTESpirit twitter.com/Leargas/status… Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Why not join the Dublin Local committee? It is a great chance to meet new people from all over the world! Get a chance to travel all over Ireland showing the international trainees how beautiful our country is! leargas.ie/blog/iaeste-bo…

Do you like to travel and get paid while doing it? Apply for the @IAESTE_Ireland internship program, we have a number of graduate positions in Computer Science and Computer Engineering! @UCDCompSci @UCDSU @tcdsu @NUIGSU @UL @UCCSU @litsu @DITEngineering @ditcomputing

@IAESTE_Ireland has a number of paid Computer Science and Engineering opportunities in Denmark, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Czech Rep and India! Contact IAESTE at iaeste@leargas.ie or apply online at leargas.ie/programmes/iae…

@IAESTE_Ireland has a number of graduate positions in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, please email me iaeste@leargas.ie and/or apply online leargas.ie/programmes/iae… @UCDCompSci @TCDCareers @UCC @NUIGCareers @GMITOfficial

Applications have reopened for the @IAESTE_Ireland until March 12th, please get all applications in before then!leargas.ie/programmes/iae… @UCDCareers @UCDCompSci @TCDCareers @NUIGCareers

Applications closed for the 2018 IAESTE Exchange programme!

The deadline for the 2018 IAESTE Exchange has been extended until Monday December 11th. Get all applications in before Monday to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us at iaeste@leargas.ie! #iaesteireland #workabroad #employment #Travel

A chance to work abroad, using the subject you study...what's not to love about @IAESTE_Ireland? Students from Ireland can apply online until 11 December youtu.be/2_CRaZilZ5o Retweeted by IAESTE Ireland

Check out the new IAESTE video. Application Deadline is December 9th! youtube.com/watch?time_con…

Applications for the 2018 IAESTE exchange close December 9th. Get your applications in before Saturday to avoid disappointment. #iaesteireland #workabroad #exchange leargas.ie/programmes/iae…

@UCDCareers @UCDEngArch @UCDMathStat @UCDphysics Deadline for applications is December 9th! Thank you for sharing @UCDCareers

'Working abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a college student. It’s a chance to experience new cultures, build new skills and meet people from all over the world! Here are the top reasons to work abroad with IAESTE Ireland!' leargas.ie/blog/five_bene…

Niamh Fahy studies Engineering in DIT. Niamh spent the summer of 2016 on an IAESTE traineeship with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in the University of Split, Croatia. leargas.ie/blog/engineeri… #exchange #iaesteireland #Travel

The main thing that I learned from my IAESTE internship is that different cultures do things differently and there is no correct way of doing things in terms of life or work' - Edwin Henry, China 2017 #EXCHANGE #workabroad #travelphotography

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'The biggest thing that I learned from my IAESTE internship was how valuable different kinds of people are, and that showing respect towards people from different backgrounds and culture can make the world a more harmonious and exciting place' - Kerrie Drum, Tunisia 2016.

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One month until applications close for the 2018 IAESTE program! Register before its too late! #exchange #iaeste leargas.ie/programmes/iae…