How to…

How to…

How to Offer an IAESTE Traineeship

  • Read the IAESTE Employer brochure
  • Contact IAESTE Ireland to discuss your needs
  • Confirm the duration and the skills and requirements needed for the traineeship

  • Register online to offer a traineeship through IAESTE
  • Review the ‘nominations’ for you traineeship sent by the IAESTE Ireland office
  • Notify the IAESTE Ireland office if you accept the nomination
  • If you don’t accept the nomination, advise the IAESTE Ireland office you would like to see another nomination


  • IAESTE Ireland will notify you of the trainee’s arrival details
  • IAESTE Ireland will organise accommodation for the trainee

  • Complete and return the Employer Report (sent by IAESTE Ireland)

  • Contribute to the Léargas blog, Insights
  • Encourage fellow employers to offer an IAESTE traineeship and guarantee an opportunity for other Irish students!

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