Case Studies

Case Studies

IAESTE Trainees can become valuable future employees

VmWare in Cork have been working with IAESTE to recruit engineers for their Support Team and Development Team. IAESTE connects them with students with excellent language skills and a technical background. In 2018, VmWare accepted an IAESTE trainee who now is a full time employee with them and has been offered the opportunity to move to their Spanish/German businesses.

“IAESTE has provided us with a great opportunity to participate in their global student exchange programme. We received trainees from some of the best universities across Europe and have facilitated traineeships for top students in our Technical Support team on our Cork campus.

The IAESTE team are extremely organised and their commitment to creating a top experience for both the companies and students involved ensures a win-win for everyone. We are looking forward to being involved again in future!”

Marie O’Sullivan, University Relations Staffing Partner EMEA
VMware, Cork


IAESTE Trainees adding value to the workforce

Boliden Tara Mines have been associated with IAESTE Ireland for many years now and IAESTE Ireland have helped them recruit international trainees who add value to their workforce.

 “Our IAESTE students have generally been in the later years of their studies and have been of considerable help in many ways.  Unlike normal second year summer students who carry out more routine duties of helping out during staff holidays etc, our IAESTE students have been working with implementing and designing procedures and routines for working with new computer programmes such as Deswik (mining graphics design and integrated scheduling software), iSURE (Sandvik tunnel drilling and blasting design software), and many others.  Also some of these students have prior experience of A3 sheet project processes and have helped in working with task groups to improve efficiencies in mining activities.

In our experience an IAESTE mining student has been capable of taking on any complicated mining and computer projects that were assigned to them.”

Paddy McConnell, Senior planning Engineer
Boliden Tara Mines, Navan, Co. Meath