Eurodesk is an information network aimed at young people and youth organisations. The network operates in 34 European countries. National and regional coordinators share information to help young people learn about mobility opportunities in Europe including studying, working and volunteering abroad.

The Eurodesk network provides a reliable source for youth organisations to find information and updates from the European Commission, with a guarantee that this information is relevant to the youth field. The coordinators in each country offer a direct link to local knowledge about opportunities, projects, and living standards for young people, as well as offering guidance on European youth rights. Many countries also have national networks where organisations can share best practice, find partners for projects and arrange exchanges.

Eurodesk offers tailored advice for young people, enabling and encouraging them to ask questions about mobility opportunities and access support from the European network.

Eurodesk also supports the structured dialogue process, and works to engage young people in this process to make their voice heard among key decision makers in Europe.

Eurodesk supports and contributes to the European Youth Portal, a European Commission website which publishes articles, news and events for young people.  The site gives information around nine main themes, covers 33 countries and is available in 27 languages.

Visit the Eurodesk Ireland website for more information about the network and how you can get involved.

The call for the European Youth Awards (EYA) 2018 has been launched! Socially committed and creative entrepreneurs, start-up founders, designers, producers, application developers, journalists, writers under 33... facebook.com/eurodesk.irela…

The call for the European Youth Awards (EYA) 2018 has been launched!Socially committed and creative entrepreneurs,...

Posted by Eurodesk Ireland on Friday, May 18, 2018

The call for the European Youth Awards (EYA) 2018 has been launched! Socially committed and creative entrepreneurs, start-up founders, designers, producers, application developers, journalists, writers under 33... facebook.com/eurodesk.irela…

I wish I was 18 this year! :) youdiscover.eu @Leargas @SpunOut @ywirl @YMCAIreland @Crosscare1 @EurodeskIreland @Eurodesk @eurireland twitter.com/EuropeanYouthE…

A great team behind excellent idea that will be guiding European youth on their trips to #DiscoverEU already this summer! 🚝🚂🚌✈️ @matorphanides Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Following yesterday's announcement on the long-term #EUBudget, join the Facebook Chat with Commissioner @GOettingerEU today at 12:30 👨‍💻 Start posting your questions! ➡ bit.ly/1SIAhoG Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Europe may have the wind in its sails, but its unemployed youth are still adrift at sea. Read our latest blog piece eurofound.link/q and contribution to the debate on Europe’s long-term issue: Youth unemployment Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

The successor programme to @EUErasmusPlus is to receive €30 billion #EUBudget for 2021-2027 which is over double the budget of 2014-2020! It means more youth projects, more youth exchanges and, simply, more youth benefiting from the prg: ec.europa.eu/commission/pub…. #FutureOfEurope Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

If you'd like to find out more about the European Solidarity Corps, contact us here in Léargas - we'd be happy to help! bit.ly/esc_leargas twitter.com/EDinBlanch/sta… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#DiscoverEU stakeholder event: embarking in a new youth initiative, connecting people and feeling united as Europeans... 15.000 youngsters will already be available to travel this summer says @sophiabrussels Stay tuned with @Eurodesk! Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Interesting findings about most popular #ErasmusPlus destinations to #studyabroad! Check @EurodeskIreland and @euroguidanceIE booklet bit.ly/2r6ViUX & get inspired! @Leargas @NCGEGuidance twitter.com/EuropeanYouthE…

The European Parliament information office (Ireland) @EPinIreland has organised a youth consultation event in Sligo on Saturday 19th May in relation to 'The Future of Europe'. You can register to attend the event on this link eventbrite.com/e/future-of-eu…@eurireland @SligosBuzzin Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

We agree! Travelling is a great opportunity to discover both differences & similarities :) - thinking about #studying, #working, #volunteering and #travelling in #Europe? Contact @Eurodesk for info & support! @SpunOut @EurodeskIreland @ywirl @YMCAIreland @Crosscare1 @VSI_Ireland twitter.com/aifsabroad/sta…

Take part in the #photo competition and win a trip to the @EP_EYE2018 in #Strasbourg! twitter.com/EP_EYE2018/sta… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

World penguin 🐧 day! Volunteer in Ecuador! This animal shelter hosts wild animals: ocelots🐆, penguins🐧, blue-footed boobies, tapir, buffalo, deer, ostrich, yamalas, cuchucho, birds🦉🕊️, alligators🐊, ostrich, peacocks, turtles 🐢 @VolOps @Comhlamh ow.ly/aq5O30jFp5u Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Equal opportunities, social inclusion, employment, gender equality… Pick one of your #SociaRights and get snapping! 📸 For your chance to attend #EYE2018 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ as well as winning amazing prizes 🚆🛤️, enter #MySocialRights competition! 👉 woobox.com/ugd2pa Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#EVS in #Portugal! The #University of #Madeira #Students#Union in #Portugal, is looking for an #Irish #volunteer starting ASAP for a period of 7 months. ow.ly/BOus30jCNwX Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Congratulations to the winners from @EurodeskIreland! It's great to see that @EDICNI cooperates with @eurodeskUK as we cooperate with @edicdonegal @EDICSligo @EDinBlanch @ballinasloeEDIC on the other side of the border! :) twitter.com/EDICNI/status/…

📣 Are you 18 years old? Would you like to explore Europe this summer 😎 ? A new #EU initiative will be launched in June enabling young people to #travel up to 30 days and visit up to 4 countries! 🌞🎊 Stay tuned ➡ @EuropeanYouthEU Read more: bit.ly/2HmGcFK #youthinfo Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Best wishes from @EurodeskIreland! Have a great #youthworkirelandweek!! twitter.com/ywirl/status/9…

@spacedoutpup @ywitipp @Leargas Great! Here is our email address: eurodesk@leargas.ie :) - enjoy your #EVS!

#Volunteer in #Finland! Vanhamäki Wellness Center organizes camps and recreational days for different groups with horses, exercise and organic farming and products ow.ly/wPgQ30jAJZY ow.ly/6SpU30jAK0l Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

.@eu_echo has launched a #VirtualReality roadshow on how #EUSavesLives and responds to emergency and disasters in Europe and worldwide. It will travel across several European countries from #Vilnius to #Rome between April and July 2018. Learn more → europa.eu/!GW67Tn Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

In few days, new EU rules will come into application, granting new rights to EU citizens. What does it mean for you? Learn more about #GDPReuropa.eu/!kV47nc twitter.com/EU_Commission/… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Studying in another #European country can widen your horizons as well as open many doors to jobs in the future! Find out more about your #opportunities! @EurodeskIreland @euroguidanceIE @Eurodesk twitter.com/EUErasmusPlus/…

Proud to announce launch of #EuropeanYouth Together - a new project supported by #ErasmusPlus that will connect young people from different parts of the continent, enabling them to learn about each other & what it feels like to be European #EUYCSofia bit.ly/2vlnfNO Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

@spacedoutpup @ywitipp @Leargas We would be delighted if you could send us a little article about your EVS experience! We will publish it on the #EuropeanYouth Portal :). Enjoy your #EVS!

To help #schools make the most of new technologies, @EU_ScienceHub developed #SELFIE_EU. We want to reach 1 million #teachers, students & school leaders with this tool by end of 2019. More information here: bit.ly/2yjsSNs #EducateToCreate Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

It is a critical time to influence our decision-makers for a framework that fosters and ensures quality learning mobility. Thank you for the opportunity to share our ideas for how to boost #youth #mobility #Eurodyssey @europeanregions @ActirisBrussels #YouthInfo Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Congratulations to all winners! We are also very proud that @EurodeskIreland multiplier @ywitipp received a Honorable Mention for their #TTM2017 event! Well done to @PaulineTRYS & @ywitipp team! @Leargas @ywirl @NCGEGuidance @SpunOut @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @nycinews @DCYAPress twitter.com/Eurodesk/statu…

What’s next? The next #euyc will take place in Vienna 2-4 September to define how to implement the 11 #youthgoals defined in #EUYCSofia ! @eurodesk looks forward to take on board the outcomes and continue the process! Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Have you had a languages lightbulb moment? Innovative, creative language initiatives from Ireland - whether big or small, formal or informal - can gain international recognition with the European Language Label award. Apply online by 30 April bit.ly/2k8LAgr Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Well done, @audrey_frith @Eurodesk! @Leargas @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @SpunOut @EDICSligo @EDinBlanch @edicdonegal @ballinasloeEDIC @nycinews twitter.com/audrey_frith/s…

The #youthgoals are out! #EUYCSofia worked on 11 topics with concrete targets!! Several concern #youthinformation and the need to provide youth-friendly & impartial info about #EU and its #opportunities #media #education bit.ly/2EYMXHF Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

It’s competition time! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️For your chance to attend #EYE2018 , as well as winning some incredible prizes, enter #MySocialRights competition! Simply show us in a photo what #SocialRights mean to you 👉woobox.com/ugd2pa Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#YouthConf has begun! #EUYCSofia will lay down the foundations of the next European Youth Strategy over the coming two days. #EU2018BG Follow live: youtube.com/embed/NZnqdfqn… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

European Youth Information Day 17th April 2018. Our commitment - Young people will have the ability, skills and knowledge to use and apply information to become active citizens and to better participate in society. @ERYICAYI @ywirl @KZapponeTD @nycinews @Eurodesk @DCYAPress Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#YouthConf has just started! Young people, public figures and representatives of institutions engaged in the field of youth issues are gathering at #EUYCSofia to identify ways to strengthen their partnership and co-operation. Follow it live 👉bit.ly/2qye343 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Today is European Youth Information Day 2018 #EYID. Big shout out to our @EurodeskIreland network and all the great work they do! Want a 'brief history'? Check out this blog: leargas.ie/blog/a-history… … … @ERYICAYI @Eurodesk Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

On my way to #EUYCSofia! Looking forward to contribute to #youthgoals and disseminate results via @Eurodesk Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

SpunOut.ie are calling on young people to make sure they are registered to vote before the May 8 referendum deadline. spunout.info/2JOqRLD Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Stay tuned to be the first to hear about free #TravelPass #DiscoverEU initiative launch @EU_Commission! Meanwhile idea's authors @martin_speer @Vincent_I_Herr @HerrUndSpeer enlarge supporters' base with around 100 prominent personalities from all over Europe. @PoliticoEurope Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

One platform, thousands of projects! Discover them at @EUErasmusPlus Project Results Platform according to your interests and needs: ec.europa.eu/programmes/era…. #EuropeanYouth Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Finding out about #youthmoney, free skating activities, #ErasmusPlus projects, lunch seminars and much more for #youngpeople at #youthcentre in #Ockero @EurodeskIreland @Leargas @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland

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Visiting a youth centre of #Ockero municipality to find out about local youth activities when enjoying tea and lovely cake made by a young person :) @Eurodesk @Leargas

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It was a great pleasure to have @matorphanides DGEAC at @Eurodesk meeting Gothenburg - thank you Mathieu for useful & helpful conversations & for listening to our concerns & proposals! Looking forward to supporting further #eusolidaritycorps #DiscoverEU & #erasmusplus @Leargas twitter.com/matorphanides/…

Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandSunday, May 20th, 2018 at 10:05pm
The partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth has launched a Call for good practice examples of quality projects in learning mobility in the youth field!
By learning mobility it is meant transnational mobility undertaken for a period of time, consciously organised for educational purposes or to acquire new competences or knowledge. It covers a wide variety of projects and activities and can be implemented in formal or non-formal settings.
The most interesting examples of good practice, to share, enrich and inspire will be included in the Handbook on Quality in Learning Mobility to be developed in the framework of the European Platform on Learning Mobility (EPLM).

Deadline for submissions: 4 June 2018, 09:30 CET

Find out more: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LMGoodPractice
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandThursday, May 17th, 2018 at 10:15pm
The call for the European Youth Awards (EYA) 2018 has been launched!

Socially committed and creative entrepreneurs, start-up founders, designers, producers, application developers, journalists, writers under 33 (born after 1st January 1985), living in one of the member states of the Council of Europe or the Union for the Mediterranean, Belarus, Kosovo or Syria can enter their projects on seven categories:
1. Fostering Health: healthcare, sports, food, well-being;
2. Smart Learning: education, infotainment, e-skills, science and R&D;
3. Connecting Cultures: diversity, heritage, integration, gender equality;
4. Planet Friendly: sustainable energy, biodiversity, climate change, intelligent infrastructures;
5. Active Citizenship: digital journalism, democratic participation, social cohesion, human rights;
6. Sustainable Economics: financial literacy, responsible consumption, fair commerce, fundraising;
7. Managing life: personal development, relationships, activity planning, decent work;
8. Open Innovation: music and arts, crazy stuff, digital magic, improving the world;
9. Special Category 2018: mYouth.
Submitted digital project, product or application must be completed after 1st January 2017. The European Youth Award will honor up to 3 winners (persons or teams) per category. One producer or representative of the winning project will be invited to the EYA Festival (Winners Event) to present the project, product or application and receive the award personally. Travel costs will be covered with a lump sum. Accommodation will be provided. The EYA Festival will take place in Graz (Austria), from 28th November to 1st December 2018.

Deadline: 15 July 2018.
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandThursday, May 17th, 2018 at 2:15am
The call for the Young Audiences Music Awards 2018 has been launched.

The Young Audiences Music Awards honours creativity and innovation in the field of musical productions for young audiences, from all corners of the world, created by community groups, schools, NGOs, companies, bands and ensembles of all forms, from solo artist to orchestra.
Entries are unique musical performances created to awaken imaginations, stir emotions, address current issues and motivate the further musical explorations of children and youth (aged 0-18).

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
Best Small Ensemble for young audiences
Best Large Ensemble for young audiences
Best Opera for young audiences

On top of these awards, cash prizes will be presented to the Production of the Year and the winner of the Public Choice Award (selected from the top 4 nominees in each category).

The winners will be announced at YAMsession 2018, which will be held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain on the 17th of September 2018.

The deadline for submissions: 1 June 2018, 17:00 CET.

Find out more: http://yamawards.org
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandWednesday, May 16th, 2018 at 10:05pm
The European Commission has launched the #SaferInternet4EU Awards!
The aim is to reward and celebrate excellence and best practice in the European safer/better Internet field from organisations, teachers and youth.

Awards are open in three categories:
- A best practice competition for organisations, rewarding a high-quality and innovative online safety education programme, resource or awareness-raising campaign targeting youth, teachers or parents. This category is open to public and private organisations (including Insafe network organisations), specialists, or academia which are operating within one of the country beneficiaries of the Better Internet programme under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), i.e. EU28, Iceland and Norway.

- A best practice competition for teachers, rewarding a remarkable and inspiring initiative/resource/tool/solution from a single teacher or a group of teachers.

- A best practice competition for youth, rewarding a remarkable and inspiring initiative/resource/tool/solution from a single young person or a group of youth.

All best practices should focus on issues related to the sphere of Better Internet for Kids (BIK), tackling topics such as fake news, cyberbullying, connected toys & privacy concerns, grooming, exposure to harmful or disturbing content, or cyber hygiene aspects (i.e. password security, cyber security and so on).

Practices, resources, programmes or campaigns should have been created/launched in the
last two years (after 1st March 2016) and can be submitted in any of the EU languages.

Applicants must be operating (in the case of organisations) or citizens or residents (in the case of individuals) in at least one of the countries beneficiaries of the Better Internet Programme, under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), i.e. EU28, Iceland and Norway.
For the youth category, applicants must be between 13 and 19 years old.

Deadline: 25 May 2018.

Find out ore: http://bit.ly/2oRlSQD
Eurodesk Ireland
Eurodesk IrelandWednesday, May 16th, 2018 at 10:00pm
CEDEFOP, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, is offering one nine-month period of in-service training stage for young university graduates but also to PhD students, without excluding those who, in the framework of lifelong learning, have recently obtained a university diploma and are at the beginning of a new professional career.
The training period involves work experience in one of the departments of CEDEFOP and runs from 1 October to end June each year.
Trainees are awarded a monthly maintenance grant:
- EUR 940.29 per month for trainees from abroad (member states of the EU or candidate countries), as well as trainees residing in Greece who need to move to Thessaloniki for the duration of the traineeship.
- EUR 705.22 per month for trainees residing in Thessaloniki prior to the start of their in-service training.
Travel expenses (within certain limits) are also reimbursed.
In order to facilitate equal participation, disabled trainees may receive a supplement of the basic grant.

Deadline: 25 May 2018, 14.00 Greek time (CET+1).