Eurodesk is an information network aimed at young people and youth organisations. The network operates in 34 European countries. National and regional coordinators share information to help young people learn about mobility opportunities in Europe including studying, working and volunteering abroad.

The Eurodesk network provides a reliable source for youth organisations to find information and updates from the European Commission, with a guarantee that this information is relevant to the youth field. The coordinators in each country offer a direct link to local knowledge about opportunities, projects, and living standards for young people, as well as offering guidance on European youth rights. Many countries also have national networks where organisations can share best practice, find partners for projects and arrange exchanges.

Eurodesk offers tailored advice for young people, enabling and encouraging them to ask questions about mobility opportunities and access support from the European network.


Eurodesk also supports the structured dialogue process, and works to engage young people in this process to make their voice heard among key decision makers in Europe.

Eurodesk supports and contributes to the European Youth Portal, a European Commission website which publishes articles, news and events for young people.  The site gives information around nine main themes, covers 33 countries and is available in 27 languages.

Visit the Eurodesk Ireland website for more information about the network and how you can get involved.

Today is #FrancoGermanFriendship day! We celebrate the 57th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty, and the 1st of the Aachen Treaty. Watch 🇫🇷 & 🇩🇪 Ambassadors @stephanecrouzat and Deike Potzel talking about this special day! And if you’re a soccer fan, watch until the end..👀 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

🤩Aged 18-30? 🗣️Fluent in English? 🔗Member of NGO? ✌️Passionate about #YouthParticipation? 🤟Interested in becoming a part of @CoE_NGO? We're looking for 2️⃣ young persons to take part at international conf of INGOs in Starsbourg🇫🇷 in April & October. ➡️ europa.eu/youth/eu/news/… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Great to see a happy #ESC #volunteer! @Eurodesk @ywirl @Crosscare1 @vsi @YMCAIreland @SpunOut @eurireland @EDICSligo @ballinasloeEDIC @edicdonegal @EDinBlanch @ClonesEdic @NenaghEDIC @matorphanides @voluntireland @EuropeanYouthEU twitter.com/yicletterkenny…

We're the ones to contact here in Ireland! If you're with an organisation that would like to get involved, sign up for one of our upcoming workshops: bit.ly/3a8JIhD twitter.com/EuropeanYouthE… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

If you applied for #DiscoverEU tomorrow is the day of the results!! @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @SpunOut @eurireland @EDICSligo @ballinasloeEDIC @edicdonegal @EDinBlanch @VSI_Ireland @Leargas @NenaghEDIC @DCYAPress @ClonesEdic @EDPortlaoise @eudirect twitter.com/EuropeanYouthE…

🚨 The online application for the @collegeofeurope academic year 2020-2021 is still open! Please submit your complete application before the deadline of Wednesday 15 January 2020 at 23:59. ℹ️ bit.ly/EMICollegeofEu… youtube.com/watch?time_con… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

The European Capitals of Culture are Rijeka🇭🇷 & Galway🇮🇪. Rijeka, the first-ever 🇭🇷city to hold the title, with the motto ‘Port of Diversity' focusing on water, work & migration. Galway will explore its language & landscape & "let the magic in". eu.smh.re/768 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Check upcoming deadlines & more opportunities on @Eurodesk Opportunity Finder bit.ly/39QAPZS @leargas @ywitipp @ywigalway @YWI_Midlands @KildareYouth @yicletterkenny @YICwaterford @EDinBlanch @EDICSligo @ballinasloeEDIC @edicdonegal @ClonesEdic @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland twitter.com/Eurodesk/statu…

"A democratic society needs the voices & active participation of young people." You agree? Us too! ♥️ "Europe goes local", born to raise the quality of youth work at local level, works exactly for that. Check it out👉 europegoeslocal.eu/charter/ #YouthStrategy #YouthDialogue Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Great to see & listen to Dermot @EurodeskIreland multiplier @limerickyouth in this lovely video on #youthexchanges in Europe! @EUErasmusPlus @eurireland @Eurodesk @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @SpunOut @EDICSligo @edicdonegal @ballinasloeEDIC @EDinBlanch @ClonesEdic @eudirect twitter.com/limerickyouth/…

Breaking news! 🥳 🥳🥳 #EUtrainees application is open! Become an 🇪🇺trainee in 2020, an epic year when #EUtraineeship hits 60th anniversary! 🙋🙋‍♂️ Learn more and apply until 31 January 12:00 (midday, Brussels time)➡️ ec.europa.eu/stages/home_en. #BlueBook Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Let's start the year with the @EUErasmusPlus photo competition! 📸 👍 Like the @EuropeanCommiss FB page. 💌Submit a photo that represents your Erasmus experience. ✏️ Explain why the picture is special. Participate👉 bit.ly/34C2udn ⏰DDL: 13/01/2020 @EuropeanYouthEU Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Welcome to the new #EUCouncilPresidency by #Croatia! @Leargas @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @SpunOut @DCYAPress @eurireland @VSI_Ireland @EDinBlanch @ballinasloeEDIC @EDICSligo @edicdonegal @ClonesEdic @eudirect @euroguidanceIE @nycinews @Foroige twitter.com/Europarl_EN/st…

A great prize that will reward secondary schools that help their pupils learn about the European Union @priscillamcke13 @DpDonal twitter.com/eTwinningEurop… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

@EurodeskIreland looking forward to further & fruitful #cooperation with @europassIE @EURESIreland @euroguidanceIE @eurireland @EPinIreland @nycinews @ywirl @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @VSI_Ireland @SpunOut @EDinBlanch @ballinasloeEDIC @EDICSligo @edicdonegal @ClonesEdic @eudirect twitter.com/EuropassEurope…

Best of luck to #Galway who will hold the title of European Capital of Culture for 2020! Check out their exciting programme of events at: galway2020.ie/en/about/ @galway2020 #Galway2020 #Gaillimh2020 #ECoC #EuropeForCulture Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

If you are planning your #EUSolidarityCorps project application, don't miss our upcoming Application Workshops on 07 & 08 January in Dublin and Athlone. Our team will be on hand to explain what's involved and support you in your application. Sign up at: bit.ly/LeargasApplica… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Coming back from Eurodesk Executive Committee meeting. Few weeks ago we were celebrating 15 years anniversary of Eurodesk Lithuania. Now it is time to step into 2020 to celebrate Eurodesk 30th Anniversary with all 36 countries.🎉🎉🎉 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Did you create a project that promotes the European and international understanding? Apply in the European Charlemagne Youth Prize! 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️ 👉 bit.ly/2RTkTj3 🌟 The prize for the best project is 7,500 €. ⏰ DDL: 31/01/2020 @EuropeanYouthEU Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

#EUSolidarityCorps REGs: 🇹🇷 24989 🇪🇸 22097 🇮🇹 20111 🇫🇷 16660 🇩🇪 11931 🇵🇹 7456 🇵🇱 4582 🇬🇧 4349 🇷🇴 4312 🇧🇪 3942 🇬🇷 3902 🇭🇺 2991 🇳🇱 2361 🇱🇹 2134 🇦🇹 2086 🇨🇿 2033 🇧🇬 1815 🇸🇰 1748 🇱🇻 1737 🇸🇪 1419 🇭🇷 1409 🇮🇪 1270 🇸🇮 1186 🇪🇪 1167 🇩🇰 1097 🇫🇮 1046 🇲🇰 612 🇨🇾 589 🇲🇹 246 🇱🇺 226 Other: 23718 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Not sure what to do with those amazing photos you did during your volunteering? Show them to us and win amazing prizes! europa.eu/!df87vX #Volunteering #EUSoliadrityCorps #PhotoCompetition #PhotoContest Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

New trainings have been uploaded on our website across all sector for the new year. Let 2020 be the year of your own professional growth! Go to leargas.ie to find out more, or DM me. Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

It's happening! The EU Space Week is here! Did you know that #EUSpace helps us: ✔️Fight #ClimateChange ✔️Respond to emergency calls ✔️Monitor oil spills ✔️Land planes safely ✔️Create jobs And so much more... On #EUSW2019, find out more ↓ eu.smh.re/5gA Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Great chance for #youngreporters! Apply by 5 Jan! @Leargas @SpunOut @yicletterkenny @ywigalway @ywitipp @YWI_Midlands @KerryYouth @KildareYouth @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @nycinews @ywirl @eurireland @ballinasloeEDIC @edicdonegal @EDICSligo @EDinBlanch @VSI_Ireland @FightingWordsIE twitter.com/Eurodesk/statu…

All you always wanted to know about #EUSolidarityCorps! @leargas @ywirl @ywitipp @ywigalway @YWI_Midlands @EDICSligo @ballinasloeEDIC @edicdonegal @EDinBlanch @EDPortlaoise @ClonesEdic @Crosscare1 @YMCAIreland @VSI_Ireland @SpunOut @DCYAPress @nycinews @euroguidanceIE @eudirect twitter.com/Eurodesk/statu…

#Traineeship programme at the @EMSA_LISBON! 🌊 Free from March to August 2020? 📆 Interested in marine safety? ⚓ Willing to work in sunny Lisbon? 🇵🇹 Submit your application! 👉bit.ly/2YxNXOw ⏰DDL: 19/12/2019 @EuropeanYouthEU Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

It looks like lots of fun and a great #volunteering project! If you are interested in #volunteering abroad or in Ireland and don't know where to start, contact @VSI_Ireland! @Leargas @Eurodesk @DCYAPress @nycinews @SpunOut @c_clubhouse @Foroige @YouthreachB @Ncycs @eudirect twitter.com/VSI_Ireland/st…

⏰Last call for recent #universitygraduates to apply for a #traineeship in the @ECDC_EU 😊 Application deadline 8 Dec 2019 👉bit.ly/2Yl4jtH @Eurodesk @EuropeanYouthEU Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

@camorimsantos @EuropeanYouthEU @UNYouthEnvoy @EU_Commission @GabrielMariya @ChristophidouEU @Eurodesk @eu_echo @EUinmyRegion @Europarl_EYE @auyouthenvoy_ @worldscouting Dear Catarina, #EUfunded #volunteering programme #EuropeanSolidarityCorps offers free accommodation, board, travel and pocket money, free training and insurance coverage. It also supports other expenses if young people come from disadvantaged backgrounds. europa.eu/youth/solidari…

Help us to spread the word about our #poetry competition! We accept submissions in any language and video submissions in ISL and BSL. Open to 8 to 18 year olds in Ireland and Northern Ireland! mothertonguesfestival.com/poetry-competi… #languagesconnect @DeafEdIreland @Leargas_Eli @stmarysdorsetst Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

A free online course for people interested in the European Solidarity Corps to learn about the programme opportunities in a flexible way. A perfect opportunity for learning in between work or travels, enrol now (no application required)! trainings.salto-youth.net/8443 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

A competition for those aged 8 to 18 who compose prose, rhyme their lines or converse in verse. :-) twitter.com/MotherTonguesI… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

An #inclusiveEurope is the theme of #LeargasForum - @Eurodesk supports #inclusion of all #youngpeople in #Eufunded programmes and #opportunities. Talk to us to find out more!

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These 3⃣topics should be taught more at school, according to @EurobarometerEU on Youth: Critical thinking, media & democracy 🧐 #Climatechange, environment & eco-friendly behaviours 🍃 Entrepreneurship & financial competences 💶 Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

It's not too late! Apply to attend Yo!Fest in Strasbourg next year: buff.ly/2OD8aPt Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

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@EurodeskIreland will be #LeargasForum2019 tomorrow - come to #AskLeargas section to chat with us! #Eufunded #opportunities for #youngpeople in #Europe! @DCYAPress @nycinews @eurireland @ywirl @Foroige @YMCAIreland @EDICSligo @ballinasloeEDIC @edicdonegal @EDinBlanch @VSI_Ireland twitter.com/Leargas_Aine/s…

#ErasmusPlus #YouthExchanges enable young people to meet, collaborate & work together on projects over a period of between 5 & 21 days. If you enjoy: ☑️making new friends, ☑️learning about European culture & ☑️gaining new experiences, then it's for YOU! 👉 ec.europa.eu/programmes/era… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Congratulations Tirana 🇦🇱 European Youth Capital 2022 🥳 The city's programme will focus on: 👉 The needs of all its young people 👉Championing non-formal education 👉 Connecting youth to European values More ⮕ youthforum.org/congratulation… twitter.com/Youth_Forum/st… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

Congratulations for the adoption of the Council Conclusions on #youthworkers education and training! @eurodesk fully shares the need to make those recommendations a reality in Europe for the benefits of young people and for European societies in general! #youthInformation twitter.com/EU2019FI/statu… Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

😱More than 1⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ amazing entries last month! 🏆 The WINNERS of the #DiscoverEU 📸 & 🎥 competition are out! Congrats to all the participants 👏 Don't forget ➡️ November is the LAST MONTH to join the #Competition! #EUandME Retweeted by Eurodesk Ireland

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