Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Beginner to advanced level members of the eTwinning network can participate in Professional Development Workshops (PDWs), eTwinning Seminars, and the Annual eTwinning Conference. PDWs bring together participants from different European countries who want to learn more about eTwinning, and develop their skills in European collaboration using ICT. Thematic seminars are held in different European countries and allow participants to network and share experiences.

Funding to support teachers’ attendance at workshops, seminars and conferences is available.

To apply for a place at any of the events, complete the eTwinning Meetings & Training application form, submit it online, and we’ll contact you in due course. Please email if you have any queries.

Developing an eSafe Classroom

22-23 November, The Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, Belgium

The Future Classroom Lab (FCL) is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels, challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms. The course will also focus on what the increased use of ICT means for eSafety in the classroom. The participants will explore answers to this question and will learn how to manage issues such as copyright, privacy, personal safety and verification of sites, and how to get students to engage with these issues and their own personal safety proactively. On Tuesday 20 November, the participants will join the Safer Internet Forum, an annual multi-stakeholder gathering on latest trends, risks and solutions related to child online safety.

Target audience: primary and post-primary teachers of all subjects
Working language: English
Apply by 29 October 2018 using the eTwinning and Meetings & Training application form

Active Learning in my School and Classroom

1-2 December 2018, The Future Classroom Lab in Brussels, Belgium

The Future Classroom is a space for active learning. It integrates the optimal use of the learning space, technology and pedagogy to build 21st century skills for the learners. In this two-day workshop we will explore how the Future Classroom learning zones together with a Future Classroom pedagogy and technologies affect students. All the participants will learn about the concepts of Future Classroom and active learning, and in addition, the participants can join one of the two strands according to their interest.

Strand 1 for the participants interested in the whole-school approach and who consider designing or adapting learning spaces at school (e.g. school leaders and coordinators):

  • The design of a Future Classroom and in-between-spaces
  • Developing partnerships and networks
  • Distributed leadership and students as digital leaders
  • Developing CPD for teachers/colleagues in your school

Strand 2 for the participants who want to adapt the principles of active learning into their teaching practice:

  • Pedagogies and technologies for the Future Classroom including examples of learning activities
  • The design of learning activities to promote active learning
  • Preparing a learning snack for the peers

Target audience: primary and post-primary teachers of all subjects
Working language: English
Apply by 29 October 2018 using the eTwinning and Meetings & Training application form.

eTwinning Webinar Recordings

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