Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Beginner to advanced level members of the eTwinning network can participate in Professional Development Workshops (PDWs), eTwinning Seminars, and the Annual eTwinning Conference. PDWs bring together participants from different European countries who want to learn more about eTwinning, and develop their skills in European collaboration using ICT. Thematic seminars are held in different European countries and allow participants to network and share experiences.

Funding to support teachers’ attendance at workshops, seminars and conferences is available.

To apply for a place at any of the events, complete the application form, submit it online, and we’ll contact you in due course. Please email if you have any queries.

Due to COVID-19 preventative measures, some events have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. Please see the news item on our homepage for more information. 


Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

The Mediating Role of eTwinning in the School Community

21-23 April 2021 – Online

Irrespective of their location, all schools are part of their local communities and constitute learning organisations that act in a specific context and within specific conditions. In addition, many schools are located in rural areas, where their remote location and small population may pose challenges both for their students and their teachers. Part of these challenges may be tackled with and through eTwinning by opening the window to the wider European community. In this event, we will explore a variety of topics such as multi-level classes, parental involvement, media literacy, universal learning design and their impact on the social-emotional learning and wellbeing both of students and teachers.


Target audience: Teachers from remote areas and rural schools
Working language: English

Deadline: Apply by 07 April 2021 using this form 

For more information: contact John


Critical Digital Literacy and Disinformation

26-28 May 2021 – Online

Developing critical digital literacy supports individuals in understanding the structures and conventions of digital media, as well as in comprehending the content and the purpose of any narrative. It also encourages users to deploy digital tools appropriately and effectively to solve practical problems, either at an individual or community level, by making informed judgements and choices based on critical, aesthetic, and ethical perspectives. Critical digital literacy is associated with issues of reputation, identity and membership/belonging in diverse digital contexts, while at the same moment assists individuals in critically examining the information they receive and make informed judgments about its credibility and reliability, as well as making them aware of their own online safety. Given this context, eTwinning may function as a safe international and collaborative environment in which students and teachers may develop their competences for navigating effectively both in the online and offline world of information, where disinformation is frequently considered a challenge.


Target audience: Teachers from Supergroups (Media Literacy) ( and eTwinning at home (
Working language: English

Deadline: Apply by 12 May 2021 using this form 

For more information: contact John

eTwinning Thematic Conference, 2019, Aviva Stadium Dublin

The eTwinning Thematic Conference organised and hosted by NSS Ireland took place from 09 – 11th May in the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. The Conference was a three day event dedicated to promoting and strengthening eTwinning schools as cohesive learning organisations. It consisted of Keynote Speeches, 24 Workshops, Plenary Sessions and Networking Activities. 230 delegates from 30+ countries across the eTwinning community attended. The programme was very well received and the event has proved to be a great success.

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