How to

How to

eTwinning How to

  • Join the eTwinning community by pre-registering to get a log-in and password through
  • Confirm your registration
  • Log in to the eTwinning ‘Desktop’ to browse projects
  • When you’re ready to start your own project, use ‘Twinfinder’ or the Partner Finding Forum to find schools you can collaborate with

  • Register your project’s details on the eTwinning Desktop
  • Search the Desktop for Learning Events and Resources relevant to your project
  • Use the eTwinning Twinspace to establish a project plan with your partner
  • Add teachers and students to your project through ‘Manage Members’ in Twinspace
  • Manage and share blogs, galleries, wikis and other project activities through Twinspace
  • Sign up to our eTwinning newsletter and check our news page regularly for details of Professional Development Workshops and Meetings
  • Check the School Education Gateway and Teacher Academy regularly for courses and resources relevant to you

  • Share your project website or the public link to your Twinspace with colleagues, students and other schools
  • Apply for a quality label or eTwinning Award for your project or your school
  • Consider attending the annual eTwinning Conference
  • If you’re enthusiastic about eTwinning, why not become an eTwinning Ambassador?

Great idea!…

One of the first projects from the bilateral seminar with Estonia ready to go @verybyronic @Leargas_etwinn @Leargas #etwinning Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

We’re all ready for project planning today at our bilateral seminar with Estonia! #eTwinning @Leargas @eTwinningEurope

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A beautiful morning for our bilateral seminar with Estonia #etwinning @Leargas_etwinn @Leargas Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

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#eTwinning project #StampStories by Collège Condorcet (France), Wilhelmsgymnasium (Germany), St Colman’s College (Ireland) and IES Felipe II (Spain). Proud of our students' work #EYCH2018 @EBD_EW @eTwinning_DE @iesfelipe2 @Leargas_etwinn @educaINTEF @eTwinningEurope @EdChatEU Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Best of luck @FinMullins!… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Our #eTwinning ambassadors are key to delivering great seminars! We’re looking forward to tomorrow when Maria from Estonia and Finbar @FinMullins from Ireland are going to facilitate several workshops at our bilateral seminar with Estonia!

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Bilateral seminar with Estonia (19-21 April) in Dún Laoghaire #eTwinning @Leargas

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Fully integrated into #ErasmusPlus, @eu_schoolnet's @eTwinningEurope platform encourages #digital practice for staff in education, as an online community for schools across Europe with 567986 teachers registered! #EducateToCreate #EUDigitalEducation Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Do you have what it takes to win the #SaferInternet4EU Awards for best practices on #OnlineSafety topics launched on #SaferInternetDay? Apply by 15/05 and, who knows, we might see you in Brussels for #SaferInternetForum in November!… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Always great to work with @mlal_ul ! Delighted to show them how to use eTwinning and link it with JC MFL specification . A great bunch of dedicated staff and trainee language teachers !! #mflire #mfltwitterati @JCforTeachers @jctMFL @Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Increasing opportunities for virtual as well as physical exchange is so important & is part of new foreign languages strategy #languagesconnect @Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland


Well done #StampStories team!…

When it comes to #culture Europe is outstanding 😀🎭🏛️The European Year of #CulturalHeritage is the perfect occasion to enjoy & explore our museums, art, cultural routes, traditions & creativity ➡️… #EuropeForCulture Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

My personal congratulation to all 1211 schools awarded today with the eTwinning School Label. A great achievement by all #eTwschool Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

#etiam Join this Twitter chat tomorrow!…

The 5th #etwinedu twitter chat by Inclusive Education group will be held Wednesday, 18 April at 19.00CET, with the topic of #CulturalHeritage , do join us @eTwinningEurope @eTwinningHR @eTwINEDU @Leargas_etwinn @eTwinningUK :) #etwion #etwiam Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Our #eTwinning ambassador @CiarraiKM is doing an eTwinning workshop in Bruree this Wednesday. Why not join it if you are in the area?…

The course descriptions and enrolment dates for this year's online summer courses for primary teachers from @PDST_TechinEd are now available at the following link: #ICTonlinecourses Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

📣 eTwinners! The fourth #eTwForCulture riddle is waiting for you to be decoded! Join the Online Quest at #eTwinning Live: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

New #eTwinning learning event on #migration and refugee integration starting on 16 April. Sign up now: #globaledchat Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

We are also delighted to receive this award. Well done to all at Iur Lady of Fatima Special School😀… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Don't miss this online seminar today at 6pm CET!…

"#eTwinning has been a great success for creating a community of more than half a million teachers. It has a bright future; but, we can be more ambitious to make it something that everybody will know”, said Rodrigo Ballester from @EU_Commission. Read more: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

@gnugent82 and @languagesdude are presenting about #eTwinning at the #ictedu conference in LIT Thurles, don’t miss their session!…

So delighted with our award. Well done to all involved @sportdaviscol @Davismallow Three Irish schools have been awarded the #eTwinningSchool label. Congratulations to Davis College in Mallow, Co. Cork. @Leargas_etwinn @eTwinningEurope @dublin_anne @DpDonal @EuTopiaplus Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Well done @AmyCofRos we need more teachers like you and your colleagues that are running with this initiative… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Three Irish schools have been awarded the #eTwinningSchool label. Congratulations to Davis College in Mallow, Co. Cork, Gaelscoil de hÍde in Roscommon and Our Lady of Fatima Special School in Wexford! Well done @Sullyincork, @AmyCofRos and @glendamckeown!

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1st years @CoachfordColl learning about l'école en France linking to #strand3 @jctMFL thanks to letters from their French penpals @Leargas_etwinn Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Well done @FrenchInCC!…

At a time when the importance of #teachers is becoming increasingly apparent, what are the main challenges in the teaching profession related to supply and demand? Read more insights from the Eurydice report at #EdGateway: #eTwinning Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

@SighleH Mandelbrot would be very proud of you! 😉

Calling all eTwinning Language Enthusiasts! Léargas is currently accepting entries for the European Language Label Awards 2018, and we're looking for creative and innovative language projects to apply! Get your entry in by 30 April 2018… … … …

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For those still reeling from yesterday's change in Padlet's charging policy, check out these free alternatives to replicate some of the functionality: Linoit, Blendspace, Google Slides in Grid view and Google Drawing, DotStorming, Google Keep, Flipgrid and Wakelet Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Our #eTwinning ambassador @languagesdude will be speaking about eTwinning at @ICTedu. Make sure you join his session!…

Looking for top alternatives to Padlet, which now costs a whopping $99 a year? Read this @tcea blog entry -… #tcea Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Fantastic opportunity for teachers and school leaders from the schools that have received the eTwinning School label or who intend to work towards it ! Make sure you apply ! @JCforTeachers #edchatie . Make sure to head to to apply Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Great article @seanictmayo!…

🇪🇸 Spanish speaking eTwinners! You can now sign up for an #eTwinning Leaning Event " Patrimonio Europeo a través de eTwinning" to learn more about European #heritage! Sign up today at eTwinning Live: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Calling all eTwinning Language Enthusiasts! We are currently accepting entries for the European Language Label Awards 2018, and we're looking for creative and innovative language projects to apply! Get your entry in by 30 April 2018… … …

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Léargas is a not-for-profit organisation that operates under the aegis of the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Léargas manages European, national and international exchange and cooperation programmes in education, training and youth and community work and has been managing such programmes for over 30 years. Léargas currently has 40 staff based in our Dublin office. Our staff come from Ireland, Poland, France, Croatia, Denmark and Spain and have wide-ranging experience in education, training, community, youth and development work; and in IT and finance. The National Centre for Guidance in Education operates under the aegis of Léargas.
LéargasFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 8:15am
Youth workers! Want to learn more about how to use digital tools in a meaningful way? This training course might be for you!
LéargasFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 7:45am
Join us for this #Technology4Inclusion Inspiration Day! This is a great opportunity to gain insights into the practice of digital youth work as a tool for inclusion. The event aims to provide a networking space for youth workers and youth leaders and a will present case studies that demonstrate how Erasmus+ can support projects in this area. 💻😁📱
LéargasFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 4:05am
Demo People III. 11 - 15 June, Georgia. The aim of the course is to establish a close international cooperation between organisations from programme and partner countries in the field of democracy and structured dialogue, mainly within Key Action 3. The deadline for applications is 22 April, for more information and to apply follow this link
LéargasFriday, April 20th, 2018 at 3:25am
Are you a teacher or principal working with pupils aged 10-14 years? Passionate about inclusive education? Meet like-minded peers from other EU countries and develop School Exchange Partnerships at this upcoming contact seminar (apply by 30 April):
LéargasThursday, April 19th, 2018 at 10:12pm
🌞DEADLINE 22 April! 🌞
Are you working with a group of LGBT+ young people? Would you like to meet other LGBT+ youth groups to network and learn? Queerasmus+ is a contact making seminar where we invite representatives from queer youth groups to:
🏳️‍🌈 Learn from and get inspired by each other’s activities
🏳️‍🌈 Find new reliable partners for future cooperation
🏳️‍🌈 Come up with creative ideas for international cooperation
🏳️‍🌈 Get familiar with Erasmus+ and the funding possibilities it offers
The seminar will be based on non-formal learning activities such as games, team building activities, interactive presentations, workshops and group tasks.
Where: Oslo; Norway 27 - 31 May
Read more here 🤩