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eTwinning is a free online platform linking a community of more than 500,000 teachers across Europe. It supports primary and post primary schools to find partners and work on joint projects in any curricular area, using Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

On the dedicated website www.etwinning.net you can create a profile, search for partners, browse ongoing and completed projects, and develop your own project ideas. Once you have found a partner and agreed a project plan, you can register your project and access a specially created ‘Twinspace’. This is a private and secure online workspace that you and your partner(s) administer; students can be invited to participate as members. eTwinning can be used in tandem with the School Education Gateway, which presents European school education policy, news, expert articles, national initiatives and best practices. It also offers collaborative spaces, online and on-site courses and resources for teachers.

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eTwinning is funded by the European Union and administered in participating countries by a National Support Service (NSS). Léargas is the National Support Service for eTwinning in Ireland.


  • It’s simple to register
  • Projects can be as long or short as you and your partner(s) agree
  • The eTwinning database means it’s easy to connect and build relationships with schools across Europe
  • You and your students can develop digital literacy and ICT skills in a secure environment
  • Kits and resources are available to help you run your projects
  • Teachers have access to funded eTwinning professional development workshops and seminars around Europe and online
  • Students can learn about European cultures and languages by directly linking with their peers
  • There is recognition for your projects and school through eTwinning Awards (National Quality Label, European Quality Label, Annual eTwinning Prize)
  • eTwinning is an easy first step to European engagement; after forming partnerships through eTwinning, many schools have gone on to do Erasmus+ school education projects together.


Direct funding for projects is not available. However funding is available for participating teachers to attend eTwinning professional development workshops and seminars around Europe. Check our News page regularly for details of these opportunities.



Gráinne Walsh presenting the #CulturalHeritage Toolkit for teachers at the #eTwinning Online Conference now! Great activities "designed with eTwinning in mind" included! Details on europa.eu/cultural-herit… #eTwinningIRL #EuropeForCulture #EYCH2018

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Twitter Media

Follow @CodeWeekEU for further details on how to do coding activities irrespective of the subject you teach! Great presentation by Tommaso at the #eTwinning Online Conference today! #eTwinningIRL

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Inspirational #eTwinning projects being presented at the #CulturalHeritage Online Conference this morning! Check out the programme for the day here: files.eun.org/etwinning/eTwi… and join the conference on live.etwinning.net/events/event/5… #eTwinningIRL #edchatie

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We are online and have joined the #eTwinning Online Conference! Join us here live.etwinning.net/events/event/5… for a day of inspiration and great ideas on the topic of #CulturalHeritage. #eTwinningIRL

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Crucial as teachers to be educated in this. Technology is moving fast...it’s our responsibility to keep up! Why not do it from Brussels?! On a funded trip for CPD that you genuinely need! Click to apply! twitter.com/leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

@Leargas_etwinn @news2dayRTE Using the eTwinning platform consistently throughout our project to communicate,make decisions and collate all our information to go towards the final report of our project @Culture4K Such a fantastic asset. @EUErasmusPlus @Leargas_etwinn #eTwForCulture #ErasmusPlus Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Well worth a look, been there a few times, an incredible training facility for teachers twitter.com/Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

The countdown is on! Really looking forward to connecting to sharing best practice with other teachers throughout Europe! Looking forward to facilitating at the event too! #eTwinningIRL #mflire #mfltwitterati #eTconf18 twitter.com/eirpateraki/st… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Fantastic opportunity to experience #fcl make sure to apply #eTwinningIRL #mflire twitter.com/leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in #esafety the @FCLabdk is a seriously great experience! twitter.com/Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

This is not to be missed tomorrow! #eTwinningIRL twitter.com/EUErasmusPlus/…

Calling all teachers interested in #eTwinning! The Future Classroom Lab is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels. We've extended the deadline so that you can be a part of it! Find out more and register your interest by 29 October: leargas.ie/programmes/etw…

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This is what we love seeing! Good job @staidanscslib! #eTwinningIRL twitter.com/staidanscslib/…

Tickets are almost gone for #LeargasForum! We have a great day planned have a look here! 🔜 leargasforum2018.eventbrite.ie Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Teachers from other countries are sharing their ways of life with students in Kildare. Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Join the #eTwinning Online Conference on Saturday 20 October from 10:00 CEST! For the first time ever we are hosting a full day online conference where you can listen to inspirational talks, meet with #eTwinners and participate in games: bit.ly/2yMhIP2 #eTwForCulture Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Well done @gnugent82 Excellent. Best of luck with the project. twitter.com/Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

This is a really good article about schools working with children who identify as transgender #edchatie independent.ie/irish-news/edu… independent.ie/irish-news/edu… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Some experience with special needs education, but eager to develop further? You can still join the Teacher Academy online course that helps you reflect on your practices with 4 practical case studies, useful techniques & resources. bit.ly/SEN-MOOC_tweun #inclusiveclassroom Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Check out a wonderful video done by @news2dayRTE in Gráinne Nugent's school about her #ErasmusPlus project. Gráinne @gnugent82 , one of our #eTwinning ambassadors, will be using eTwinning in her Erasmus+ project in the next 2 years. rte.ie/news/player/ne… #eTwinningIRL

A busy two days at the European Parliament for #EPAmbassadorSchools seminar. @EPinIreland Met some inspirational teachers & future partners. @Leargas @Leargas_etwinn @eTwinningEurope @KerryETB Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

How do you deal with #stress? Join the Online Seminar tomorrow 18 October at 17:00 CEST with the expert Helena Strucelj and #eTwinning Featured Group Moderator @mscro1 to learn more! Sign up here: bit.ly/2yk3IMX Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

What does it look like in you classroom? 15 Examples of Student-Centered Teaching bit.ly/2hxATXH #edchat Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Check out this #eTwinning MOOC! #eTwinningIRL twitter.com/eu_schoolnet/s…

Teachers, do you use #Twitter? Check out this guide and remember to follow us for the latest news in #eTwinning from #Ireland! We use the hashtag #eTwinningIRL, feel free to use it, too! twitter.com/joedale/status…

Looking forward to the Léargas Forum on 1st November 2018. Have you registered? Join us to meet our #eTwinning National Quality Label winners and find out more about all the programmes managed by @Leargas! See you there! #eTwinningIRL #edchatie twitter.com/Leargas/status…

Teachers, interested in #selfcare? Check out this conference organised by our colleagues in EPALE! twitter.com/Leargas/status…

📅 Save the date! We will be hosting a special #CulturalHeritage Online Seminar on Saturday 20 October! Join us for expert talks, project presentations, games and more! All info here: live.etwinning.net/events/event/5… #eTwForCulture Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

A Spanish teacher has contacted us looking for a teacher in Ireland to work on a pen-pal #eTwinning project. Her students are 14-15 y.o. Interested? DM us for details. #eTwinningIRL

Are you a teacher based in Ireland? Today is the last day to apply for the "Developing an eSafe Classroom" course in Brussels. Details on leargas.ie/programmes/etw… #eTwinningIRL

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Would you like to share and present your #CulturalHeritage project idea to your fellow #eTwinning teachers? Submit now your idea before tomorrow and take part in the eTwinning Weeks! Find the submit from the events section: live.etwinning.net/campaigns/2018… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Dear eTwinners, here's a new professional development opportunity for you: "The Language Exchange: Building Good Practice in Pupil and Teacher European Language Exchange projects"! Apply for this #TCA and contact my colleague @Leargas_Eli for details! #eTwinningIRL #edchatie

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@FinMullins twitter.com/eTwinningEurop…

Well done everyone! Enjoy your project! twitter.com/oarcera/status…

Free Technology for Teachers: How to Use Automatic Captioning in Google Slides freetech4teachers.com/2018/10/how-to… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Great to meet up with our old and new eTwinning ambassadors twitter.com/Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Very productive and informative morning with fellow Etwinning ambassadors discussing the amazing potential and opportunities for schools through eTwinning #globalcitizenship @Leargas_etwinn twitter.com/CiarraiKM/stat… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Great opportunity to meet new ambassadors, and to discuss new ways of support eTwinning teachers. twitter.com/Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Delighted to hear that! Keep us updated and use the #eTwinningIRL hashtag! twitter.com/stmichaels_ns/…

I'm very excited to be doing this and to learn from the experience in the room today! twitter.com/Leargas_etwinn… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

@pittner_manuel I use technology to connect with other teachers (in projects), and students, through #eTwinning and #SkypeClassroom. I use the digital book we have for the fifth grade classroom, i create #Sway presentations for my students, evaluate through forms and quizes. #EdChatEu #EdChatRO Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Brilliant! #eTwinningIRL twitter.com/oarcera/status…

Looking forward to seeing our teachers’ #eTwinning projects as a result of their participation in this seminar organised by @canope_92! #eTwinningIRL twitter.com/etwinningbefr/…

A big thank you to our #eTwinning Ambassadors who attended today’s meeting! #eTwinningIRL

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Léargas is a not-for-profit organisation that operates under the aegis of the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Léargas manages European, national and international exchange and cooperation programmes in education, training and youth and community work and has been managing such programmes for over 30 years. Léargas currently has 40 staff based in our Dublin office. Our staff come from Ireland, Poland, France, Croatia, Denmark and Spain and have wide-ranging experience in education, training, community, youth and development work; and in IT and finance. The National Centre for Guidance in Education operates under the aegis of Léargas.
LéargasFriday, October 19th, 2018 at 3:55am
Key to Inclusion: European Solidarity Corps 02 - 07 December, Slovenia. This activity is for representatives of organisations interested in inclusion projects in the frame of European Solidarity Corps, regardless of whether they already have partners or would like to find them at the event and develop their project idea together. Apply by 07 November. http://bit.ly/2EuhKBi
LéargasFriday, October 19th, 2018 at 12:01am
Join #YouthWork Ireland & #Eurodesk Ireland at the International Symposium on Youth Information in Europe and Ireland on 07 November! Hear from @KZapponeTD @nycinews @SpunOut @MUAppSocSc @Eurodesk @ERYICAYI and more on the day! To register visit: http://www.youthworkireland.ie/events
LéargasThursday, October 18th, 2018 at 9:50pm
European Vocational Skills Week is back after a successful campaign last year and we are delighted to announce a photo competition where vocational education and training (VET) learners in Ireland can share their VET stories. 📸#DiscoverYourTalent http://bit.ly/2OIwjFi
LéargasThursday, October 18th, 2018 at 9:14pm
Due to popular demand we have added a small allocation of extra tickets for #LeargasForum
🔜 http://leargasforum2018.eventbrite.ie
LéargasThursday, October 18th, 2018 at 8:47pm
📢Tickets are almost gone for #LeargasForum
🔜 http://leargasforum2018.eventbrite.ie 🔜