Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Did you know that Erasmus+ can fund you to take part in training events that help you prepare, apply for and run Youth in Action projects? These events are managed by an organisation called SALTO.  Each year Léargas chooses a number of particularly relevant training events that people working in the Irish youth sector can be funded to attend.

To apply to go to a training event, click on the SALTO link after the listing. You will need a SALTO account to see the details. If you don’t have one, follow the on-screen instructions to set one up. Léargas will then get in touch with you to let you know if your application has been successful.

If you’ve any questions, contact Carmel Walsh on our Client Services Team.

Upcoming Training

Here are the upcoming training events for the youth sector only. Check here for TCA opportunities in other sectors.

The Real Deal PBA 
Bulgaria, 11-16 May

Aim: Real Deal offers newcomers (and slightly experienced) participants an opportunity to find partners to youth exchanges. The activity also supports the creation of initial project ideas and advises in programme planning.

Target Group: The partner building activity is open for voluntary and professional youth workers, working directly with young people, and plan to organise a youth exchange within the frame of the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 02 March
To apply: The Real Deal PBA

Dublin, Ireland, 29 April – 01 May

Aim: The contact-making seminar is a space to learn about the realities of practices and challenges, and in response develop supports to increase the participation of the LGBTI+ community in Erasmus+ through partnership building.

Target group: youth workers working directly with LGBTI+ young people.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 02 March
To apply: Queerasmus+

InnoCamp – develop your digital youth work services
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 11-15 May 2020

Aims: to contribute to the development of digital youth work in Europe by encouraging and helping youth organisations innovate their youth work services and add a digital dimension to them. InnoCamp is based on the Innobox toolkit developed by Verke and provides a structured approach and support for (re)developing operations and creating something new.

Target group: Youth workers and youth work practitioners who are:

  • at least 18 years old
  • interested in digital youth work
  • interested in (re)developing their digital youth work practice
  • experienced in youth work or familiar with the youth work context
  • motivated and able to implement at least parts of the Innobox process in their organisation upon their return

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 04 March
To apply: InnoCamp

Among Others Seminar – Non-formal Learning in Higher Education: Developing Intercultural Competence
Budapest, Hungary, 20-24 April 2020

Aims: The seminar will focus on intercultural competence, non-formal learning and international co-operation in youth work and higher education. The objective is to introduce non-formal education and international cooperation into higher education and to develop intercultural competence of future youth workers and teachers to improve the quality of youth work.

Target group: Trainers, university lecturers and students involved in the national project activities (of the “Among Others” project);Staff of higher education institutions and other providers of youth work education and training

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 08 March
To apply: Among Others Seminar

Sports as a tool for Education and Fighting Discrimination 
Spain, 11-16 May

Aim: Sport plays an important role in our societies. It can be a very powerful tool for education and fighting discrimination when working with young. This TCA will explore the different possibilities of Sport as a tool for education and inclusion.

Target group: Youth workers, youth work educators, experts on the digital dimension of youth work and competence models, as well as other stakeholders.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 14 March
To apply: Sports as a tool for education and fighting discrimination

Your Voice – Your Choice
Utøya, Norway, 3-8 May 2020

Aim: By using non-formal learning methods, this TCA will contribute to a better understanding of youth participation, the supporting role of the youth worker, and the many layers youth participation offers in the development of a sustainable democratic society.

Target group: Youth workers and young leaders over 18 years old involved in youth participation work and/or interested in the topics of human (and children’s) rights, active citizenship, community development, democracy and policy making.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications:  20 March
To apply: Your voice, your choice

Let’s go civic! Youth Exchanges for Civic Engagement
Bonn, Germany, 11-15 May

Aim: Give participants an introduction to the topics of civic education. The training will give the space to get ideas and to develop concepts on how to bring the topic into your daily work with young people and to integrate it into youth exchanges.

Target group: youth workers interested in the topic of civic education. Previous experiences in this area are not necessary. You should have experience in the organisation of youth exchanges.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 31 March
To apply: Let’s go Civic!

Confusion of Inclusion
Dublin, Ireland, 01-05 June

Aim: To equip participants with non-formal learning tools to foster inclusion within their work with young people with fewer opportunities.

Target group: Youth workers, youth leaders, youth project managers, volunteering mentors, youth coaches.  This event is for both newcomers and experienced organisations who wish to expand their knowledge on inclusion and diversity and approach it more strategically in developing international and inclusive projects.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 17 April
To apply: Confusion of Inclusion

Youth Work in Finland
Lahti, Finland, 17-21 May

Aim: Youth work in schools – a dream to come true or already advanced profession? During this study visit we will explore a phenomenon called youth work in schools by getting familiar with the best practices.

Target group: Youth workers willing to enhance their competencies in the field of youth work in schools.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 20 April
To apply: Youth Work in Finland

The Power of Non Formal Education
Georgia, 23-28 June

Aim: This training activity focuses on stimulating participants to feel and reflect about the power of non-formal education (NFE) by experimenting with different kind of non-formal educational methods.

Target group: Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, Teachers

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 20 April
To apply: The Power of Non-Formal Education

8 Senses Training Course
Bulgaria, 15-21 June

Aim: youth workers learn, practice and apply methods for inclusion, participation, creativity and sustainability in their work with youth, including NEETs and young people with fewer opportunities.

Target group: youth workers

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 24 April
To apply: 8 Senses Training Course