Training Opportunities

Training Opportunities

Did you know you can use Erasmus+ funding to take part in all sorts of training events that can help you prepare for, apply for and run Youth in Action projects?

The training is delivered through Transnational Cooperation Activities (TCAs for short!) and each year, the Léargas Youth and Adult Education team agrees a schedule of funded TCAs/training events that can be attended by those in the youth, community and voluntary sectors. These events take place here in Ireland and in other locations throughout Europe. See below for a list of upcoming events.

Registration for Youth TCAs is managed by an organisation called SALTO. To apply to go on a training event, you will need to go to their page. If you’re not already registered with SALTO, don’t worry, registration is free and it’s really quick to do.

If you’ve any questions, contact Nora Furlong on our Client Services Team.


Upcoming Training

Here are some of the upcoming training events for the youth sector only. (If you’re interested in TCAs in other sectors, click ‘TCAs’ in the Erasmus+ menu). We’ll be updating this regularly, so do check back.


Non-formal Learning in Higher Education: Developing Intercultural Competence  
16 – 21 March 2018
Istanbul, Turkey

This seminar will be held within the long-term TCA project ‘Among Others’, aimed at exploring how non-formal methods can help develop intercultural competence in higher education. The seminar is the fourth transnational event held within the Among Others Project (the first seminar took place in Konstancin, Poland in 2015, second in Birmingham, UK, in 2016, third in Prague, Czech Republic, in 2017).

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 12 March 2018
To apply:


DIG IT up! Digital Youth Work
11 – 16 April, 2018
Ferrara, Italy

The aim of this training course is to provide knowledge and skills and find creative ways on how to combine analog and outdoor activities in youth work with digital tools and apps that are used by youngsters through a hands on approach and experience.


For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 22 March 2018
To apply:


Drop – In 
22 – 27 May, 2018

This training course (TC) aims to enhance the capacity of teachers and youth workers in supporting learning process, social inclusion, empowerment and motivation of potential school drop-outs.

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 23 March 2018
To apply:


Take Part and Learn 
13 – 18 May 2018
Merelbeke, Belgium – FL

Participation is a fundamental concept when working with young people. This training course will explore diverse facets of participatio, showing its challenges and opportunities for youth work.

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 20 March 2018
To apply:

Mindset of Youth Workers in Supporting Learning Through Youth Mobilities
13 – 19 May 2018
De Glind, the Netherlands

This five-day training course provides a learning environment for youth workers to reflect on their mindset with a specific focus on being a learner and supporting learning of young people in youth work and especially in youth mobilities.

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 30 March 2018
To apply:


Embracing Diversity
21 – 26 May 2018
Bonn, Germany

This training course will give youth workers concrete methods for managing diversity and serve as a space for exploring various kinds of diversity. It aims to influence the daily practice of the participants by allowing them to learn from and be inspired by each other.

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 31 March 2018
To apply:


MENTOR plus – Improving mentorship in EVS/volunteering activities  
28 May – 02 June 2018
Malaga, Spain

This training invites active mentors that feel the need to develop their competences and improve the quality of mentorship. They will reflect on the roles, responsibilities and challenges of actors involved in mentoring and share experience.

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 08 April 2018
To apply:


Demo People III  
11 – 15 June 2018

The aim of the course is to establish a close international cooperation between organisations from programme and partner countries in the field of democracy and structured dialogue, mainly within Key Action 3.

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 22 April 2018
To apply:


SOHO – European Training Course for support people in Erasmus+ :Youth in Action Volunteering Activities
13 – 17 June 2018
Warsaw, Poland

SOHO aims to enhance the quality of Volunteering Activities through development of essential competences of support persons. It also provides up-to-date information on the new EU initiative European Solidarity Corps to support volunteering for young people.

For more information, contact Nora Furlong
Deadline for applications: 06 May 2018
To apply: