Upcoming TCAs

Upcoming TCAs

TCAs open to participants from Ireland in the Adult Education, School Education and VET fields are listed on this page. TCAs in the Youth field are on our Training Opportunities page. The eligibility criteria and selection process for TCAs vary according to the event; check the individual invitations for details.

To apply to attend a TCA, click the relevant link below or get in touch with the named contact(s). Do not apply directly to the host organisation. Please note that only participants from Irish organisations may apply to Léargas!

Upcoming TCAs


Upcoming School Education TCAs

Inclusion and Employability
How Comprehensive Internationalisation can be a pathway for Inclusion
18 – 20 February, Spain

Profile of participants: Representatives from VET sector, also representatives from NA involved into Erasmus+ inclusion projects, and representatives from NGO.
Themes and goals of the event:  Inclusion, employability and internationalization.

Goals: understanding the added value of internationalization for socio-educational work in contexts of social inclusion. Fostering a space for the exchange of knowledge, experiences and keys for intervention with internationalization in socio-educational work. Designing the project bases for the Erasmus+ 2019 call proposals.

Expected results:
The participants will have the opportunity to think about the meaning of inclusion, the internationalization as a tool for the improvement of social inclusion and the employability of people at risk of social inclusion. You can read more about this training course and see the agenda here.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 27 January 2019
To apply: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/leargas_application

Previous opportunities:

VET Staff Connected: Enhancing  VET Provision through European Staff Mobility
26 – 28 November 2018 |
Dublin, Ireland

Fostering critical thinking and media literacy – strengthening European democracy through adult education
10-12 December 2018 | Berlin, Germany

Impact+ Seminar for Adult Education
19 -20 September 2018 | Birmingham, United Kingdom

Cross-sectoral approaches to literacy for young migrants and their families
22 – 24 October 2018 | Liége, Belgium

Long-term Study Mobility (School Exchange Partnerships
24 – 27 October 2018 | Tenerife, Spain

Innovative use of ICT in pre-primary and primary education
01 – 04 October 2018 | Bergen, Norway

Personalised Intervention and Counselling to Integrate Children with Special Educational Needs
21 – 25 May 2018 | Brasov, Romania

Creative Methods for Facilitating Learning
17 – 19 May 2018 | Dublin, Ireland

VET Connected GET Connected
23 – 25 April | Malahide Co. Dublin 

Making the Classroom more Inclusive for Children with Additional Needs
21 – 23 March | Bordeaux, France

Training Seminar on Impact and Dissemination for Strategic Partnerships (Schools, VET and Adult Ed)
21 – 23 March | Bordeaux, France

Impact+ for VET KA2 Beneficiaries 
20 – 21 December | Birmingham, UK

Impact+ for Adult Education KA2 Beneficiaries 
14 – 15 December | Birmingham, UK

Social Entrepreneurship, Youth and Vocational Education Forum: Towards Collaborative Practice
27 – 30 March 2018 | Liverpool, UK

Consortium for Newcomers – KA101 Strategic Partnerships Plus- Innovation in Education
28 November – 01 December | Norway

Erasmus+ for equity and inclusion
23-24 November | Italy

Consortium for Newcomers – KA101 Strategic Partnerships Plus- Innovation in Education
28 November – 01 December | Norway

Strategic Partnerships Plus- Innovation in Education
21-25  November | Bucharest, Romania

Erasmus+ Contact Seminar Vocational Educational Training and Adult Education
08-10 November, 2017 | Cyprus

Inclusion Within KA2 (VET, SE & AE)
07-10 November | Warsaw  Poland

Evidence-based Policy in Education and Training; Seminar on Research and Methodology (VET)
25-27 October | Poland

Teaching European Values as a key against radicalisation in school
19-22 October | Germany

Contact Seminar on Outreach, Guidance and Motivation Strategies (Adult Ed.)
17-19 October | Dublin

Strategic Partnerships on Work Based Learning in VET
16-19 October | Belgium 

Digitisation and new learning environments – Good practices for school leaders
18-20 September | Oulu, Finland

The Development of Evidence Based Practice in Guidance Services in Schools
7-8 September |  Dublin