Upcoming TCAs

Upcoming TCAs

TCAs open to participants from Ireland in the Adult Education, School Education and VET fields are listed on this page. TCAs in the Youth field are on our Training Opportunities page. The eligibility criteria and selection process for TCAs vary according to the event; check the individual invitations for details.

To apply to attend a TCA, click the relevant link below or get in touch with the named contact(s). Do not apply directly to the host organisation. Please note that only participants from Irish organisations may apply to Léargas!

Upcoming TCAs

Upcoming School Education TCAs


Innovative use of ICT in pre-primary and primary education 

01 – 04 October 2018
Bergen, Norway

Profile of participants: The seminar is open to participants within the fields of school education. The seminar is mainly targeted at teachers, leaders and others working with children in pre-primary and lower primary school (age 1-9), who are interested in learning more about innovative use of ICT among the youngest children in education.

Themes and goals of the event:

  • Presentation of the Norwegian education system with focus on the youngest children in education.
  • Inspire and give new ideas to enhance the work with ICT in kindergartens and schools.
  • Discussion of the situation of ICT education in the participating countries.
  • Study-visits to kindergartens and primary schools working actively with ICT in education.
  • Visit to “Bergen Science Centre”, a learning centre for technology and natural science.

Expected results:

  • Discussions and focus on ICT in kindergartens and primary schools
  • Networking and sharing experience
  • Inspiration for the future work and European projects on the topic

For more information, contact tca@leargas.ie
Deadline for applications: 05 September 2018
To apply: http://www.surveymonkey.com/r/leargas_application



Upcoming Cross-sectoral TCAs


Cross-sectoral approaches to literacy for young migrants and their families    

22 – 24 October 2018
Liége, Belgium

Themes and goals of the event: Show and exchange methods, tools and good practices on the literacy of migrant pupils in schools and their family members. Methods and tools developed in the adult education and higher education fields are especially targeted.

Expected results:  Participants are expected to network and find themes and partners for new E+ projects on literacy.


For more information, contact tca@leargas.ie
Deadline for applications: 05 September 2018
To apply: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/leargas_application


Responding to the Future Skills Needs – The Power of Anticipation  

03 – 05 December 2018
Helsinki, Finland

Léargas will support participants from the VET Sector. Experts involved in anticipation and/or currently developing their own anticipation system, representatives of education and training or working life who actively use anticipation data. It is necessary that the participants professional profile is related to the anticipation work in education and skills development.Pre-selection of the participants is to be made by NAs. The final selection of participants will be confirmed by the organizing NA.

Themes and goals of the event:

Following topics will be addressed:

  • How anticipation contributes to the better matching of skills?
  • How to ensure effective use of anticipation data in decision making and development of education and training?
  • What are the new horizons of anticipation?

Expected results:  In the seminar participants are invited to share good practices from their countries, identify challenges and discuss possible solutions regarding the themes of the seminar.

For more information, contact tca@leargas.ie
Deadline for applications: 30 September 2018
To apply: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/leargas_application


Fostering critical thinking and media literacy – Strengthening European democracy through adult education 

10 – 12 December 2018
Berlin, Germany

Profile of participants: Adult Education practitioners interested in developing Erasmus+ projects on the theme.

Themes and goals of the event: There is an ongoing success and growth of radical or populist political movements all over Europe, often fuelled by untrustworthy news sources on the internet. This requires innovative pedagogical concepts and approaches that address adults’ critical thinking skills in terms of information received through media, politicians and further opinion makers. It poses an additional challenge to reach out to an audience particularly vulnerable to misinformation or fake news. Erasmus+ Strategic partnerships offer the opportunity to share, develop or transfer innovative practice to tackle these problems and to strengthen democracy. The contact seminar aims to bring together participants with similar project ideas on this topic in order to develop KA2 project proposals. The NA will provide a forum for an exchange of ideas via EPALE (Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe) prior to the contact seminar.

Expected results: Participants will find motivated partners with similar project ideas and will jointly draft good quality KA2 project proposals for the next Erasmus+ selection round.

For more information, contact tca@leargas.ie
Deadline for applications: 05 September 2018
To apply: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/leargas_application


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08-10 November, 2017 | Cyprus

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Evidence-based Policy in Education and Training; Seminar on Research and Methodology (VET)
25-27 October | Poland

Teaching European Values as a key against radicalisation in school
19-22 October | Germany

Contact Seminar on Outreach, Guidance and Motivation Strategies (Adult Ed.)
17-19 October | Dublin

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