Upcoming TCAs

Upcoming TCAs

TCAs open to participants from Ireland in the Adult Education, School Education and VET fields are listed on this page. TCAs in the Youth field are on our Training Opportunities page. The eligibility criteria and selection process for TCAs vary according to the event; check the individual invitations for details.

To apply to attend a TCA, click the relevant link below or get in touch with the named contact(s). Do not apply directly to the host organisation. Please note that only participants from Irish organisations may apply to Léargas!

Upcoming TCAs

Upcoming School Education TCAs

Building Partnerships for a Learner-Centred Approach
02-10 October 2019
Bratislava, Slovakia

Target Audience: The seminar is open to participants from the fields of school and higher education. The contact seminar is mainly targeted at primary and secondary school teachers, staff of higher education institutions or any other organizations providing teacher training programmes, interested in the concept of learner-centred teaching and learning.


  • exchange good practice in initial and in-service teacher training for the development of teachers’ competences necessary for schools and universities in Europe of today
  • present innovative methodologies and ways of teaching with a focus on learner-centred teaching and learning
  • plan new projects

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 12 July 2019
To apply, please fill out this form

Exploring the wonders of Science and Nature
29 Sep to 02 Oct 2019
Turku, Finland

Target Audience: This contact seminar is targeted especially at developers and representatives of primary education, pre-schools and day-care centres (the target group of the activities is children aged 3 to 8 years). We are looking for participants who are interested in the topic of the seminar and committed to developing an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership.

Aims: This contact seminar gives educators an opportunity to learn, share experiences, discuss challenges and find alternative ways to increase natural sciences teaching in kindergartens and in the first years of school. It will bring together early childhood education and care professionals from different European countries, giving them the chance to network and learn from the ideas and practices of their European colleagues. The seminar aims to produce project ideas and project proposals for Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 26 July 2019
To apply, please fill out this form

More opportunities will be announced shortly.

More opportunities will be announced shortly.

Project Incubator – The future of VET
11-13 November 2019, Helsinki, Finland 

Target Audience: open to participants within all fields of vocational education: VET Schools (teachers, principals, international coordinators); Representatives of companies, chambers, training centres; Developers of vocational education.

A project incubator is a new approach to the traditional contact seminar with a greater focus on developing both the content and format of cooperation in the new project. The event will incorporate methods of co-creation and experimentation, as well as peer review of project ideas and plans. The TCA will include themes such as  personalisation, learning environments, new role of teachers and digitalisation. The seminar will gather 70 professionals within vocational education from different European countries. This is a chance to create new partnerships and project ideas supported by National Agency staff. Participants are invited to share good practices from different countries, identify challenges and discuss possible solutions regarding the future of VET.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 07 October 2019
To apply, please fill out this form

Developing Youth Workers’ Competences in Finland
29 September-03 October 2019

Target Sectors: Youth/Vocational Education & Training

Target Audience: Teachers of youth and/or social work, Developers of educational curricula, Policy makers, Youth and Community workers, Coordinators in youth organisations and others’ with relevant links to the topic

Aims: explore the link between youth policies and the practice of youth work; identify how European and Finnish policy translates into the educational plans of vocational institutions teaching youth work as well as the practice of Finnish youth work at grass-roots level.

For more information, contact Carmel
Deadline for applications: 22 August 2019
To apply: Developing Youth Worker’s Competences in Finland

Previous opportunities:

Erasmus+ Contact Making  and Thematic Seminar in Prison Education
12-16 June, Dublin, Ireland

Enhancing Digital Competences in Education and Training
04-07 September 2019, Talinn, Estonia

S2S (School to School) Partnerships:  how to plan an excellent project for special schools
22- 26 May 2019, Miedzeszyn (near Warsaw), Poland

Creative methods for facilitating learning  II
16-18 May, Dublin, Ireland

Pre-primary education, the schooling of young people from 2 to 6 years old: the quality of teaching
13-17 May, Poitiers, France

Thematic seminar: EU Skills Agenda, Mobility and Guidance
09-11 May, Bergen, Norway

Public Libraries and their roles and work with inclusion and learning
06-08 May, Bergen, Norway

Make an Impact!
29 April – 02 May 2019, Dublin, Ireland

Inclusion and Employability: How Comprehensive Internationalisation can be a pathway for Inclusion
18 – 20 February 2019 | Spain