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VET organisations, apply for the Mobility Charter 2018-2020

Sun, May 7th, 2017

If your organisation has a proven track record in organising VET mobility for learners and staff, it may be eligible for the VET Mobility Charter. The charter allows organisations to strategically plan their mobilities and to apply in a simplified manner for Erasmus+ VET Key Action 1 funding.

To find out more, take a careful look at the documents below and particularly note the eligibility criteria.

VET Mobility Charter Call
VET Mobility Quality Commitment

To apply, use the KA109 Mobility Charter Application eForm (you must right-click the link and save the form to your own device!).

VET KA109 Mobility Charter, Application eForm
VET KA109 Mobility Charter, Application “How to

The deadline for applications is 11.00 am Irish time on Wednesday 17 May.

Current holders of the charter include City of Dublin ETB – Coláiste Dhulaigh. Ulrike McMahon of Coláiste Dhulaigh described the benefits as: “An appreciation of all the hard work that has gone into mobility projects over the years. It helps strengthen the relationship with partners, and shows commitment. Partners are secure in the knowledge that cooperation is planned in the next academic year and for the full phase of Erasmus+.

The charter allows for forward planning. It helps to build on experiences and to increase cooperation over a number of years. Joint projects can be worked on continuously, and involve students actively from the start of the academic year. It makes the programme more realistic for the students and helps in preparation for time abroad.

Not only does it show your commitment to partners, but it also asks for their long term commitment.  You can get more staff cooperation and involvement in future projects because of the longer term outlook.

Completing the VET KA1 application form in February was much easier, because it only required a summary of the project and the partners involved. The charter still allows for making changes if necessary – it’s not set in stone! You may have new partners or lose previous partners, but the application is flexible.”