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Supporting your PEACE projects – What EPALE can offer you

Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

Supporting your PEACE projects - What EPALE can offer you

Supporting your PEACE projects – What EPALE can offer you

EPALE Ireland and EPALE UK invite those involved in PEACE projects to a cross-border seminar ‘Supporting your PEACE projects – What EPALE can offer you’, on 20 April in The Four Seasons Hotel, Monaghan.

Guest speaker on the day is Therese Hogg of Blu Zebra.  Therese has extensive knowledge of managing and delivering PEACE projects, as well as working with councils to devise their PEACE plans. Therese will speak not just about best practice but also the importance of sharing our learning.

The seminar will be an interactive event and we hope it will lead to ongoing collaboration between EPALE and PEACE IV managers and project leads. The event will commence with a sit-down lunch at 12:00 midday followed by the opening of the seminar at 13:00.

This event is a collaboration between EPALE UK and EPALE Ireland. The event will introduce participants to the EPALE website which was set up by the EU to share good practice in adult learning across Europe and help build transnational relations. Key themes on the site are social inclusion and cultural education which fit well with PEACE objectives. We believe the site will be an excellent means of disseminating examples of good practice developed under PEACE IV. The site also offers collaborative tools which can be used to help manage information sharing in partnership projects.

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