IAESTE Ireland Trainee of the Year Award 2015

Fri, Oct 9th, 2015

Ireland’s 2015 IAESTE trainees have returned from their traineeships and are getting ready to tell all about them at the IAESTE Ireland Trainee of the Year Awards 2015. The trainees give short presentations about the work they did, the country they lived in and the effect that IAESTE has had on their lives. It’s a great chance to find out about the IAESTE experience from the trainees themselves, whether you’re a student interested in applying, an employer offering a traineeship, or an academic with an interest.

The location is Wood Quay Venue in Dublin City Council Offices, Dublin 8, and the awards take place from 7.00 to 9.00 p.m. on Wednesday 4 November. If you would like to come along, just email iaeste@leargas.ie.