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Help Shape the Future of Erasmus+

Thu, Oct 5th, 2017

What is the Erasmus+ Generation Declaration?

It’s your chance to contribute to the future of Erasmus+. The European Commission collect proposals from the ‘Erasmus+ Generation’ (the people who have taken part in the programme!) to help shape its future. The proposals will later be condensed into a ‘Declaration’,  which will be presented to European decision-makers in Brussels on 30 November. The Erasmus+ Generation Declaration will serve as the basis for building a stronger, more inclusive and better-tailored Erasmus+ for future generations of Europeans.

Who can take part?

Anyone who has taken part as a participant or beneficiary of Erasmus+ or its predecessor programmes.This means: young people, students, adult learners, teachers, trainers, volunteers and youth workers, as well as organisations like schools, training institutions, businesses, youth organisations and sports clubs!

How can I take part?

Go to the dedicated website to join the discussions. There are six topics:

  • Societal challenges (How can Erasmus+ better help tackle societal challenges?)
  • Skills gap (How can Erasmus+ help people acquire relevant skills and competences for a fast-evolving society?)
  • Civic engagement (How can Erasmus+ better support and promote civic engagement and common EU values?)
  • Inclusion (How can Erasmus+ be more inclusive to all social groups?)
  • Accessibility (How can access and participation be widened and simplified?)
  • The global dimension of Erasmus+ (How can cooperation with the wider world be extended and improved?)

Discussions will be moderated by discussion leaders appointed by their National Agencies. All discussion leaders are former Erasmus+ participants who are passionate about the programme. Discussions will be open until 15 October 2017.