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Celebrate European Youth Week 2021

Wed, Apr 7th, 2021

European Youth Week 2021

European Youth Week is back for 2021! This year’s theme is Our Future in Our Hands, and it’s all about engaging, connecting and empowering young people across Ireland and Europe. It’s also a time to look at the opportunities on offer for young people in the new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps programmes, and to connect with some of the key themes of the new programmes.

To help youth organisations around Ireland celebrate European Youth Week, we will offer a grant of €300 to host your own online event that connects with the themes below – or another issue you feel is of particular relevance and importance.  

Get thinking now and we will have full application details shortly!

Active Participation in Society

How can young people be actively involved in shaping our European society, whether at local, regional, national, transnational or European level? How can digital tools help?

Inclusion and Diversity 

How can we all contribute to creating an inclusive society? How do Erasmus+ and the European Solidarity Corps include young people with fewer opportunities or with special needs? 

Climate Change, Environmental Protection and Sustainability

What can young people can do to contribute to the EU Green Deal? Which are the environmental elements of the new Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps? What are the opportunities to take part in projects promoting environmental protection, fighting climate change or promoting sustainable living? 

Health and Recovery

How does the Covid-19 pandemic affect the current living conditions, prospects and, eventually, the mental health of young people? How can young people contribute to recovery from the pandemic? What role can Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps play in this?

To find out more download the European Youth Week 2021 Call.

To apply for a grant for your organisation complete the European Youth Week 2021 Application Form.

Contact Pia or Audrey with any questions.