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European Day of Languages 2015 Competition winner

Thu, Dec 3rd, 2015

We are pleased to announce the winner of the European Day of Languages 2015 “Day in the Life..” competition: congratulations to Lucan Community College, Co. Dublin!

To celebrate European Day of Languages on 26 September, Léargas asked pupils (with the help of their teachers) to choose a person from a historical period related to the language they are learning. They then wrote a diary entry in that language.

We were delighted to receive close to 700 entries, from 5th class primary pupils (writing in German!) to 6th year secondary students. Students wrote in Irish, German, French, Spanish and Italian, about historical figures ranging from ancient Roman emperors to Josephine Baker. The standard was exceptionally high, but the winning entry stood out because of the care and attention paid to all aspects of the diary. Students imagined days in the life of holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental, and presented them in a hand-made book. The winning individual entry told of a harrowing day at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

The prize was for one language and one history teacher from the winning school to take a small group of their pupils to a European capital city—where the language the pupils are learning is spoken—and visit a museum (or alternative) of their choice. The prize will be presented to Lucan Community College shortly.