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How to Access Erasmus+ 2018 Application Forms

Thu, Jan 18th, 2018

How to Open Erasmus+ web forms image

Application forms for the 2018 Erasmus+ programme are out now! You can find them all in our Resources – Apply section.

See the 2018 deadlines here. Some forms are in web format, and others in pdf format.

How to open a web form:

To open web forms, you will need to have or create an EU Login account. When you have opened the form, read the web guidelines to understand the different sections. Please note that you should open the form in only one browser window or tab at a time. Opening several tabs or windows causes problems with the autosave function, and you risk losing your work.

How to open a pdf form:

To open pdf application forms, you have to:

  • install the most recent version of Adobe Reader on your computer
  • RIGHT-CLICK (that is, press the right-hand button on your mouse when clicking) and SAVE the form to your own device.

If you left-click on the form, you will see this error message and will not be able to access it:

Application form errror message

If you open the form using Adobe Acrobat rather than Adobe Reader, you will see this error message and will not be able to access it:

Solutions for other common problems are described in the Technical Guidelines. If you still have queries, please email with a description and screenshot of the problem you experience.

Key Action and Sector Codes

Remember that there are different forms for each Key Action and Sector! Make sure you use the correct form for your project. If you don’t know which form to use, please contact staff in the relevant section.

KA1: Learning Mobility of Individuals
KA101 School education staff mobility
KA102 VET learner and staff mobility
KA104 Adult education staff mobility
KA105 Youth mobility
KA109 VET mobility charter accreditation
KA110 Volunteering accreditation
KA116 VET learner and staff with VET mobility charter
KA125 European Volunteering (including EVS)

KA2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
KA201 School education partnerships
KA202 VET partnerships
KA204 Adult education partnerships
KA205 Youth partnerships
KA229 School Exchange Partnerships

KA3: Support for policy reform
KA347 Dialogue between young people and policy makers

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