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Causeway concludes at end 2019

Wed, Oct 23rd, 2019

At the end of 2019, the Causeway British-Irish Exchange Youth Programme will conclude operations. Projects funded under the February, April and October 2019 deadlines will continue to receive support through Léargas to implement their activities.

The programme witnessed many successes over its 20 years of work with young people and youth workers from across the islands of Britain and Ireland.  We’d like the final words on the programme to come from the young people and youth workers themselves, as there can be no better testament to the success of Causeway:

“I still don’t agree with you, but I’ve learned to respect your opinion” (Irish Participant)

“The only thing stopping me is myself” (Irish participant 1999)

“You couldn’t believe I would make so much progress in just one year… If you’d seen me a year ago you wouldn’t have thought it was possible” (UK participant 2002)

“Life-long friendships were made, young people became more aware of themselves and others throughout the project. Throughout the workshops, cultural and social awareness and knowledge of similarities in each country were raised. Young people were also given strategies and ideas on how to live a healthier life and how to make healthier life choices. The young people became more and more empowered throughout the project which enabled them to achieve personal and group goals.”  (Irish Youth Worker 2004)

“I was amazed at how young people could change so significantly in attitude in such a short time.” (Leader North Yorkshire/Derry 2008)

“The people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned from them and from the drama part of the exchange will change the way I look at everything in life from now on. In the first four days of the exchange we all already became one big family and by the time we were ready to leave Ireland for the second part of our exchange we were all incredibly close and didn’t want to be separated for a second.” (Irish Participant 2014)

“Some of the youth had never travelled before so this was a major trip for them and they thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to travel and learn about other cultures in a fun and safe environment.”  (UK Youth Worker 2015)

“It was beautiful to see youth who would struggle socially or in a school setting flourish, become more confident, make friends and increase their personal development.” (UK Youth worker 2016)

“The project has opened the group up to a new and diverse experience […] they now have an understanding of the history of Northern Ireland. The group are now confident in working with groups from a different youth project. Individual young people emerged as leaders whilst participating in the team challenges.” (Irish Youth Worker 2017)

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