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Call for Irish eTwinning Ambassadors Network 2019-2020

Fri, Jul 19th, 2019

We are currently recruiting for the Irish eTwinning Ambassadors Network 2019-2020

eTwinning Ambassadors are experienced, enthusiastic teachers who share their passion for eTwinning with the wider teaching community. They share their experience with other schools, offer training to teachers, and support those new to eTwinning both online and in person.

eTwinning Ambassadors must be

·         currently involved in eTwinning projects and have a good working knowledge of the platform

·         willing to promote eTwinning in their school and catchment area

·         prepared to provide training for teachers

·         passionate about professional and curriculum development

·         promoters of eTwinning nationally and internationally

If this sounds like you here’s how you can apply:

·         Fill out our online application form here

·         Tell us about your professional and eTwinning experience and how you can contribute to the eTwinning network

·         Be sure to follow the steps above before the 30 August deadline!

Léargas makes a call for eTwinning Ambassadors each year and selects the most suitable teachers based on their professional and eTwinning experience, as well as on how they can contribute to the eTwinning network. Professional development and upskilling opportunities are available as part of the role.


Best of luck!