G- PAC: Green partnerships for cooperation

Training Course

15-18 February 2022 | ONLINE, Romania

‘G-PAC: Green Partnerships for Cooperation’ is a training course organised by the Romanian National Agency, ANPCDEFP.  It explores how to write a successful application for Erasmus+ funding. It also combines elements of a classic contact-making seminar.  In the sessions you’ll engage with peers on green education in Europe and how to approach this priority in Erasmus+ Partnerships for Cooperation.  So if you are planning a KA2 partnership project, don’t miss this exciting training course.


Participant Profiles

Participants should represent an organization active in one of the following fields:

  • youth,
  • school education,
  • vocational education and training,
  • adult education,
  • higher education.

Find Out More

If you have further queries in relation to this training please do not hesitate to contact Carmel.