Education and Technology Conference: Amplifying Voices

Deadline: 25 May 2022

Join us as we traverse down innovative and exploratory subjects showcasing the voice of people with disabilities in design and delivery

About this event

What to Expect

This is the 3rd annual Education and Technology Conference! In this online session presented by EPALE Ireland, Rehab Group and National Learning Network, you can choose to attend some or all of the 3 lightning talk session throughout the day. Our contributors will take us through a journey of innovative and exploratory subjects that showcase the voice of people with disabilities in design and delivery of educational experiences. You will encounter new ideas, interesting frameworks, and food for thought to support reflective practices in amplifying voices in education.

Who is it for?

  • trainers
  • educators
  • teachers
  • learners
  • any professional or prospective professional in the Adult Education or Further Education and Training (FET) field

Who is Delivering?

Dr. Esther Murphy, Keynote Speaker

Digi-ID Principal Investigator, Trinity College Dublin


Meet the Team

Manika-Nia Dixon

EPALE Ireland Coordinator (01) 8871247

Lucia Iacovone

EPALE Administrative Officer (01) 8871227

Emma Grainger

MANAGER (01) 8871209