Preparing your Erasmus+ School Education KA201 Application

Preparing your Erasmus+ School Education KA201 Application

Preparing your Erasmus+ School Education KA201 Application

Tue, Mar 6th, 2018

The deadline for Erasmus+ KA2 applications is 11 a.m. on Wednesday 21 March 2018. Taking some time now to prepare and think about the process should help you towards a successful application!

Check eligibility
Before you begin, read through the list of eligible school and school authorities to make sure your organisation is allowed to take part in Erasmus+. Your organisation must be a school or a regional educational authority nominated by the Department of Education and Skills, or an organisation directly linked to school education.

Find partners and plan project activities
Under KA2, organisations can get support for international meetings, joint learning activities, staff and pupil mobilities, and development of new curricula and approaches. Our School Education flyer has details and a project example. If you need more inspiration for project ideas, read how other Irish schools used Erasmus+ in the past or have a look at the Erasmus+ Guide for School Leaders. The Erasmus+ Project Results, School Education Gateway and eTwinning platforms are also good sources of project ideas and potential partners.

Check that your project idea fits in well with the priorities and objectives of Erasmus+ by reading the School Education KA2 sections of  the Erasmus+ Programme Guide. Pay particular attention to the programme priorities, and consider how your project ties in with them.

Teachers learning 360 x 110Have a discussion within your school or organisation about the needs that can be addressed by a partnership project. These discussions will be the basis for the activities you undertake. If you are planning mobilities, get familiar with the distance calculator and travel bands for destinations.

Select a project type
Once you have a project idea in mind, decide which type of Strategic Partnership fits best.  There are two categories of Strategic Partnership in School Education:

  • KA229: Schools only can apply for partnerships for co-operation and exchange of best practice under this action.
  • KA201: Schools, local/regional authorities and other educational organisations can apply for Strategic Partnerships for innovation and creation of learning resources under this action.

So, if you are from a school or educational organisation interested in developing new curricula or approaches, KA201 is for you. If your school is considering partnering with other European schools, KA229 is for you.

Start your application
When you’re ready to fill in your application e-form, make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Then go to the School Education Resources page and download the application form for KA201, making sure to right-click and save it to your hard drive!

schoolaroundthecornerOne of the first things you’ll have to do on the e-form is state your own organisation’s PIC (Participant Identification Code), which will automatically fill in some fields with information about your organisation. PICs are required to show that an organisation has been validated as genuine and eligible to take part in Erasmus+. If your organisation does not have a PIC, get one now! Read our Quick PIC guide for schools, and be aware that if you intend to name another organisation as a partner in the application form, they must have a PIC as well.

After you’ve read through the application form, start writing your application and make sure to save it as you proceed so that you don’t lose any of  your work. People sometimes find it easier to write in MS Word or similar and then paste to the e-form, rather than writing directly into the form itself.

Finally, re-read the application thoroughly or better yet, ask someone who is unfamiliar with the project to read it and let you know if any areas of the project are unclear to them.

All of this should help you on your way to making a successful application! If you have any other queries, please contact Deirdre O’Brien in the Client Services team.