The NUI Cert in European Youth Mobility Project Management…and Beyond!

The NUI Cert in European Youth Mobility Project Management…and Beyond!

The NUI Cert in European Youth Mobility Project Management…and Beyond!

Tue, Aug 28th, 2018

Portrait of Rachel KellyLéargas and Maynooth University are delighted to offer the Certificate in European Youth Mobility Project Management (NUI Cert) again in 2018-2019. This will be the third year of the Cert, which enables those who work with young people to increase their own intercultural competence and better provide intercultural opportunities for their young people. 

Rachel Kelly works in Finglas Youth Resource Centre and has over 10 years’ experience in youth and community work. She completed the NUI Cert in 2017-2018, and explains here how the learning has influenced her work.

“I had my first adventure into the world of Erasmus+ in October 2015, when I took part in a European Voluntary Service (EVS) training course. I had some knowledge of EVS at the time, and thought it would be a great initiative to include in the work I was already doing with young people in Finglas. Over the next few months, I continued to build my knowledge about Erasmus+ by attending Léargas’ national events and workshops. We made our first application as the coordinating organisation to support young people from Finglas to take part in EVS in early 2016, and have been working to develop this culture of youth volunteering abroad in Finglas ever since.

The following September I saw the NUI Certificate in European Youth Mobility Project Management Programme being advertised. The outline, aims and objectives of this programme attracted me, as I felt that it would support the next steps in building my knowledge, skills and competence to a higher standard in the context of European Youth Work.  I also felt that the themes being addressed during the modules–project management, policy and practice, leadership and personal effectiveness–would support my professional development as a youth worker.

A young person from Finglas Youth Resource Centre on EVS

The course worked from an experiential learning model that challenged me to think critically and broaden my perspective in working with young people in a European context. After completing the course I felt much more confident to use Erasmus+ in my work and also to support others in their journey. The development of a European development plan for my organisation during the course allowed me to have a clear plan of action for the future, and also apply my learning within my organisation. During a study visit to Finland we learned about and experienced how youth work is delivered there, which brought with it questions and reflections on our own approaches here in Ireland. This experience reminded me of why I chose youth work as a profession in the first place. It also brought me back to the basics of thinking within my practice.


Since completing the course I have progressed into the role of project leader in my organisation. I feel that the course content, particularly around leadership and project management, supported me to apply for and gain this position. I have also been selected as one of the two participants from Ireland to participate in the SALTO Training of Trainers programme for 2018/2019. My interest in this training comes from my wish to contribute to the improvement and quality of Erasmus+ projects. I will bring my motivation, experience and professional youth work background to this training, as well as an openness to learn and develop. The programme will start in September and I am excited and nervous about what this journey will entail and where it will take me next! My experience to date in any European training, seminars or courses has been very positive and beneficial to my professional development so I am confident that my journey on the Training of Trainers course will be similar.

My advice to anyone interested in applying for the NUI Certificate in European Youth Mobility Project Management this September is to go for it. You won’t look back! It will be an amazing experience and will take your professional development to a new level – as well as providing amazing new opportunities for the young people you work with.”

Applications for this year’s NUI Certificate in European Youth Mobility Project Management are now being accepted. Visit SALTO for more information and to apply.

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