A conversation with Gosia Grzyb of SmartSimple on her transformative IAESTE journey

A conversation with Gosia Grzyb of SmartSimple on her transformative IAESTE journey

A conversation with Gosia Grzyb of SmartSimple on her transformative IAESTE journey

Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Gosia Grzyb

Malgorzata Grzyb came to Ireland in 2015 as an IAESTE trainee with software company SmartSimple, and eventually went on to become a full time employee working in UI/UX implementation! Malgorzata – known to most as Gosia – has stayed very involved with IAESTE, both by being a member of the IAESTE Dublin Local Committee and by making connections with IAESTE Global. As a result the worldwide IAESTE student Exchange Platform is now managed by SmartSimple.

IAESTE National Secretary Neha Choudhary spoke to Gosia about her first-hand experience of the transformative power of IAESTE.  Moving from trainee to employee and Local Committee member truly demonstrates the transformative power of IAESTE. Neha (who had a transformative journey of her own!) also notes that “Gosia’s Irish twang in her accent is lovely and something to watch out for!”.

Share with us something about your initial journey with IAESTE Ireland and how you feel now, five years later?

I had just finished my third semester of Computer Engineering when I first saw the IAESTE offer from SmartSimple for a recent graduate. One little confidence boost made me apply for the position as I clearly didn’t fit all the criteria. To be quite honest I was terrified when I first arrived in Ireland! But IAESTE Ireland made a great impression on me with how caring and organised they were. The Local Committee members were there to answer all our questions, deal with bureaucracy and make sure we were enjoying our stay to the fullest. As a trainee I got to design a system for various clients, I was able to sit in on all the on- and off-site meetings which helped me build up confidence as well as soft skills like communication and teamwork. Those are skills that are extremely valued nowadays, even more than technical knowledge. After five years here I still see the same passion in IAESTE Ireland members and I’m proud to say I’ve made some great friends over here.

How did it feel going from being a trainee to a full time employee, and now being a service provider for IAESTE Global and a volunteer for IAESTE Ireland LC? That is some transformative journey! Well done!

Thank you very much! I never expected this traineeship to turn into a full time job. If I remember correctly, I didn’t even want to go on a traineeship in the first place! I was still a newbie in IAESTE Gliwice at my university and was extremely excited to meet all the trainees visiting Poland in the summer. My friend from the Local Committee found that SmartSimple offer for me and helped me apply and now, five years later, here I am. IAESTE is a huge part of my life and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help IAESTE Ireland grow.

How did your IAESTE experience help in shaping your personal life and career?

Looking back I can’t count all the different things I had the opportunity to do throughout the years. Being an IAESTE member helped me develop all different kinds of soft skills that I wouldn’t necessarily acquire during my Computer Engineering studies.

Did your IAESTE experience help you become a global citizen?

Oh, definitely! Once you catch the travel bug, there’s no way back! IAESTE not only provides you with the opportunity to grow as a person and to become part of a huge international family, but also to travel all around the globe, attending workshop and conferences or even simply meeting fellow IAESTE members.

What’s your best memory of IAESTE Ireland?

I think the one that is dearest to me is a reunion I had with IAESTE Ireland staff at one of the conferences after my traineeship had finished and I was back studying in Poland. They kidnapped me from my Polish crew, and made sure that everyone knew I was part of IAESTE Ireland team for the day! It truly made me feel like I was part of IAESTE Ireland family even before I decided to move countries and eventually join IAESTE Ireland as a member.

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