Strategy Statement

Strategy Statement

Our Vision

Our vision is for:

An Ireland that is inclusive, where all can participate in lifelong learning to reach their potential and where the transformational value of international experience is recognised and enjoyed.

Our Values

Our Léargas Code of Conduct gives us an agreed set of ethical principles that are woven into our way of working together as an organisation.  Education, continuous personal and professional development, and lifelong learning are vital for human growth.  We bring the following values to life in our approach to our work:

Respect and Integrity

Honouring diversity is central to all that we do and we believe that our respect for others and the common ground we share brings integrity to our work and deepens the sense of inclusion and solidarity.

Encouragement and Support

We believe that encouragement, underpinned by practical support, is vital to maximising learning from international experiences.

Accountability and Transparency

We endeavour to be open and honest in support of individuals and organisations.  Transparency and accountability are particularly important to our programme management activities.

Positivity and Vitality

The programmes that we manage are transformative.  We are purposeful in our intention to bring positive and vital energy to empower transformation.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to promote, encourage and fund intercultural, collaborative projects between Ireland and other countries. This enables the development of solid working partnerships that foster an international awareness and appreciation in social, cultural and educational domains.

  • We promote the value of international collaboration and exchange in education, training, adult education and youth work.
  • We make international cooperation and learning accessible to a wide range of people and organisations.
  • We contribute to the implementation of policy and practice in education, training, adult education and youth work.

Our Strategic Priorities

This Strategic Statement was composed over the period June to December 2017.  The process was informed by background research and consultation with people involved in and interested in our work.

We consulted with our funders, the European Commission, the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.  We consulted with our external stakeholders and colleagues representing organisations across school education, vocational education and training, adult education, lifelong learning and youth sectors.  We consulted internally with our Léargas team and Board.  We appreciate all contributions to the development of this Strategic Statement and value all feedback received.

We received the following pointers to inform our work over the next three years:

  • Position and promote Léargas so as to maximise our presence as the national agency for international programmes, collaboration and exchange.
  • Look beyond 2020 and consider the full range of international programme opportunities that will benefit Ireland.
  • Generate greater connectivity and collegiality with other like-minded organisations so as to progress our work under shared themes, such as solidarity, mobility, digital advancement, language enrichment, CPD, youth, skills development and employability.
  • Proactively prepare for the challenges and opportunities that Brexit will bring.
  • Connect our work clearly and usefully to policy implementation and formation.
  • Attune to advancements in digital technologies and social media and use these effectively to promote programmes, international collaboration and lifelong learning possibilities.
  • Collect track and share robust data to showcase the impact of our work and the positive difference that we make in transforming lives through lifelong learning.

We have reflected on the above pointers and the background research that has informed this Strategic Statement.  As a result we have chosen four strategic priorities to contain and guide our work over the next three years.  These four priorities are:

Strategic Priority One Programmes and their Power
Strategic Priority Two: Relationships and their Influence
Strategic Priority Three: People and their Stories
Strategic Priority Four Our Organisation and Competence


See the Léargas Strategy Statement 2018-2020 for more details.