Professional Learning

Professional Learning

Beginner to advanced level members of the eTwinning network can participate in Professional Development Workshops (PDWs), eTwinning Seminars, and the Annual eTwinning Conference. PDWs bring together participants from different European countries who want to learn more about eTwinning, and develop their skills in European collaboration using ICT. Thematic seminars are held in different European countries and allow participants to network and share experiences.

Funding to support teachers’ attendance at workshops, seminars and conferences is available. See subsistence rates here.

To apply for a place at any of the events, complete the eTwinning Meetings & Training application form, submit it online, and we’ll contact you in due course. Please email if you have any queries.

Professional Development Workshops

Creative and Cultural Education – An Inclusive Approach | 04-06 May | Munich | Apply by 31 March

“If you lift your eyes, you can see no boundaries.”
(Chinese proverb)

The potential of cultural education lies in its ability to nurture and develop in students the skills and behaviours required to navigate a complex world: the ability to question, make connections, communicate, problem-solve, collaborate and innovate. Cultural
Education contributes to the emotional and social development of children and young people and to their integration into the community; it is therefore the basic condition of social participation. A society that strengthens the role of Cultural Education creates important foundations for its own future because, above all, creative learning empowers children and young people to imagine how the world could be different and gives them the confidence and motivation to make positive change happen. Cultural Education can make a direct contribution to resolving the social and cultural challenges we are facing in Europe today.

The objective of this Professional Development Workshop is to impart the power of creativity and to encourage a more dynamic approach to teaching and learning. It promotes links between disciplines, curiosity, and enthusiasm for cooperation. Attention will also be given to approaches that take a look at Cultural Education in terms of its opportunities for inclusion.

For more information, see the workshop agenda.
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Future Classroom Lab Courses 2017

The Future Classroom Lab (FCL) is an inspirational learning environment in Brussels, challenging visitors to rethink the role of pedagogy, technology and design in their classrooms. The FCL regularly hosts training workshops and strategic seminars to develop visions for the schools of the future and strategies on how to realise these.

Collaborative teaching and learning with ICT tools | 11-12 March 2017 | Apply by 01 February

Collaboration is a valuable 21st-century skill, yet teaching about or through collaboration remains rare. Participants will explore a range of tools and ideas that help them to promote collaborative and team work among students and to integrate ICT into their teaching practice in a collaborative and sustainable way. The workshop is ideal for teachers involved in eTwinning, giving ideas to set up more innovative collaboration projects.

Application deadline: 01 February 2017
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Make learning accessible: Special Educational Needs in my classroom | May/June 2017 | Apply by 17 March

In the 2013 TALIS study teachers stated that supporting students with special needs was one of their greatest needs. ICT can benefit all students, but for those with disabilities it enables them to access learning, gives them greater autonomy and unlocks potential for those with communication difficulties. Workshop will provide an introduction for teachers who would like to learn how to design lessons and activities for children with social and/or emotional behavioural difficulties.

Application deadline: 17 March 2017
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To apply, complete the eTwinning Meetings & Training application form

Collaborative schools development | 5-6 October 2017 | Apply by 01 June

Many schools struggle with developing a whole-school approach to embedding the use of technology in teaching and learning. This workshop is designed for aspiring schools leaders and advanced teachers to:

  • explore strategies for whole school development and improvement using technology;
  • to understand the main issues for mainstreaming best practice;
  • to identify a specific development focus at classroom level and school level; and
  • to implement change with peer support.

Participants will be introduced to the ‘Framework for Mainstreaming Change’ and a series of ten investigations that can be undertaken by teachers within their own schools, with a strong focus on mainstreaming the use of ICT to support whole school development.

The workshop includes two follow-up online seminars (webinars) where the progress of the schools is tracked and shared.

Application deadline: 01 June 2017
If you have queries, email us:
To apply, complete the eTwinning Meetings & Training application form

Digital citizenship for the future classroom | November 2017 | Apply by 30 September

Developing digital citizenship is important for schools and educators. This course includes two parts: the first one focuses on digital skills and the second one on eSafety. How to support the development of a wide range of digital skills that ensure young people leaving school have the skills required by the labour market and by an increasingly digitized society? At this course the participants will focus on such digital skills and tools and resources that are available to them. The course will also focus on what the increased use of ICT means for eSafety in the classroom. The participants will explore answers to this question and will learn how to manage issues such as copyright, privacy, personal safety and verification of sites, and how to get students to engage with these issues and their own personal safety proactively.

Priority is given for 5-day participants; if places are available it’s also possible to attend only one of the two parts of the course.

  • 3 days: Digital Skills
  • 2 days: Developing an eSafe classroom

Application deadline: 30 September 2017
If you have queries, email us:
To apply, complete the eTwinning Meetings & Training application form

eTwinning Annual Conference 2017

19-21 October 2017 | Malta

Are you a teacher new to eTwinning?  Would you like to learn more and perhaps find a partner school?  The eTwinning Annual Conference is a great way to meet like-minded teachers from all over Europe.

Application deadline: 01 September 2017
If you have queries, email us:
To apply, complete the eTwinning Meetings & Training application form

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