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How to

eTwinning How to

  • Join the eTwinning community by pre-registering to get a log-in and password through
  • Confirm your registration
  • Log in to the eTwinning ‘Desktop’ to browse projects
  • When you’re ready to start your own project, use ‘Twinfinder’ or the Partner Finding Forum to find schools you can collaborate with

  • Register your project’s details on the eTwinning Desktop
  • Search the Desktop for Learning Events and Resources relevant to your project
  • Use the eTwinning Twinspace to establish a project plan with your partner
  • Add teachers and students to your project through ‘Manage Members’ in Twinspace
  • Manage and share blogs, galleries, wikis and other project activities through Twinspace
  • Sign up to our eTwinning newsletter and check our news page regularly for details of Professional Development Workshops and Meetings
  • Check the School Education Gateway and Teacher Academy regularly for courses and resources relevant to you

  • Share your project website or the public link to your Twinspace with colleagues, students and other schools
  • Apply for a quality label or eTwinning Award for your project or your school
  • Consider attending the annual eTwinning Conference
  • If you’re enthusiastic about eTwinning, why not become an eTwinning Ambassador?

There almost 3,000 schools that are eligible for the new #eTwinning School Label! Go to your eTwinning Live home page to see if your school is one of them and apply: #eTwSchool Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Don´t be afraid of introducing #robotics in your classroom. In this toolkit written by @utullia you will discover how to do it even if you start from zero. Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Wow! So many individuals, schools and organisations supporting #SaferInternetDay in over 130 countries world wide! How about you? #SID2018 Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Are you interested in Design Thinking in classroom and #eTwinning? Then do not miss the new Online Seminar to discover how it works! Join us at eTwinning Live: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Visit to @MercBmt today to see how Elaine Sweeney's TY students have been using the #eTwinning platform. Thank you very much to all the students & school staff for a fantastic welcome! It was great to see a lot of TY students using the #TwinSpace!

Twitter Media

This is what we’ve been up to today! Great team of #eTwinning ambassadors!…

@tavneenans Great idea! This could be a very good topic for an eTwinning project with another school in Europe. :)

The eTwinning Group Creative Classroom @eTwCreativeClas started planning its activities for the Cultural Heritage Year! Stay tuned! @EuropeanYouthEU Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

@French_OLSS Brilliant! Can’t wait to see more of your activities in this project!

The European Year of Cultural Heritage begins now!… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

#eTwinning Ireland is at the Ashling Hotel today promoting the programme to the participants in the @Leargas Project Management Day!

While 90% of future jobs require digital literacy, 44% of Europeans lack basic digital skills. Against this backdrop, we propose recommendations: 📌 On key competences for #LifelongLearning 📌 On inclusive education 📌 A Digital Education Action Plan →!VD39dd Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

A new Digital Education Action Plan has just been launched: it will help people & schools in Europe to better adapt to life & work in the #digital age. Read the Press Release: #EUDigitalEducation #DigitalSkills Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Over 2600 schools have passed the Stage 1 for #eTwinning School label! Should your school be one of them? Have a look at the criteria and how you can appeal until the 19 January here: #eTwSchool Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

We've received an e-mail from a school in Paris looking for an Irish school for an #eTwinning project and an exchange. Their students are 8-13 y.o. If you are interested, please e-mail Please feel free to share this post.

Want to know more about linking school projects and classroom activities to the European Year of #CulturalHeritage? Check out the latest from #EdGateway! #EuropeForCulture… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Are you interested in #eSafey and #DigitalSkills? Then join our Learning Event, starting next week! Sign up here until 23 January: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Is your school eligible for #eTwinning School label, but you have not received an email to apply yet? You can now appeal until 19 January! Read more: #eTwSchool Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Snapshot of what I’ve been working on . Geo located augmented reality . It might be only a house but it’s not really there . I’ve created it . Plan is to use #eTwinning to record content then use program it to produce AR for classroom . Languages and stem together ! #EdChatIE Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

The Citizenship publication is a collection of useful resources & teaching materials, with creative approaches to teaching and promoting active #citizenship & raising intercultural awareness.… Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

We've just added a new seminar for French-speaking teachers in post-primary schools! All beginner eTwinners are invited to apply! Further details and application form on our website.

Don't miss the latest Online Seminar about building a multidimensional #LearningEnvironment tomorrow at 6pm CET at #eTwinning Live! Find all the details here: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

There’s no better recommendation for an #eTwinning course than that of an eTwinning ambassador who’s attended a similar one!…

Collaborative Teaching and Learning with ICT Tools Course in Brussels, 29-30 January 2018! Apply by 12th Jan on…

Have you had a look at the #eTwSchool yet? A new label has been announced to recognize the #eTwinning work done at school levels. Find out more and apply! Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

What do the teachers think of #eTwinning? Over 90% of teachers reported that the top skills most impacted by eTwinning are their ability to teach cross-curricular skills and project-based teaching skills. Read more from the executive summary: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Are you a teacher of French? Would you like to know more about #eTwinning? Check this link:

Great citizens are world-wise. Hurray to the #eTwinners of Europe! But what about other forms of citizenship education? And how to explicitly integrate it in your project? How are students evaluated? This Eurydice report tells it all: #EdGateway Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage! Cultural Heritage is more than monuments: it’s about our shared stories and experiences, our food, our books, our traditions. #EuropeForCulture Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Happy New Year, eTwinners! The #eTwinning team wishes you all the best for 2018! Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Twitter Media

Are you interested in designing and improving online training? Then join the webinar by #colab_eu on 18 January at 4 pm CET. We will cover the key aspects of creating and running a course, and licensing issues of educational materials. More details: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Nollaig Shona - Happy Christmas - Hyvää Joulua to our penpals in Finland! @Leargas @Leargas_etwinn @jcsplibraries @Mirapolia Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Thanks to all our #etwinning friends from around Europe for their beautiful cards & baubles @Leargas_etwinn Happy Christmas everyone! Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

12 years of #eTwinning! Are you curious what the teachers think of eTwinning? Read the executive summary of the new report about the impacts on schools, teachers and students all over Europe and beyond: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

Have you heard about the #eTwSchool Label yet? A new label has been announced to recognize the work done at school levels. Find out more here: Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland

#teachers are you interested in including Mathematics and Coding in your teaching methods? Sign up now for the course for the FREE course taking place on 19 January in our #fcl_eu in Brussels! #DISCODE_eu Retweeted by eTwinning Ireland


Léargas is a not-for-profit organisation that operates under the aegis of the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. Léargas manages European, national and international exchange and cooperation programmes in education, training and youth and community work and has been managing such programmes for over 30 years. Léargas currently has 40 staff based in our Dublin office. Our staff come from Ireland, Poland, France, Croatia, Denmark and Spain and have wide-ranging experience in education, training, community, youth and development work; and in IT and finance. The National Centre for Guidance in Education operates under the aegis of Léargas.
LéargasTuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 8:05pm
MINDSET OF YOUTH WORKERS in supporting learning through youth mobilities. 13 - 19 May, De Glind the Netherlands. This five-day training course provides a learning environment for youth workers to reflect on their mindset with a specific focus on being a learner and supporting young people in youth work. The deadline for applications is 30 March 2018. For more information and to apply click here
LéargasTuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 11:00am
Quality Matters II. 05 - 08 June, Poland. This training course focuses on a cross sectoral approach to mobility projects within Erasmus+. The deadline for applications is 28 Feb 2018. For more information and to apply follow this link.
LéargasTuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 5:52am
As part of Erasmus+ Structured Dialogue, National Youth Council of Ireland Young Voices want to hear from young people about what is important to them as they look at the future of Europe. Fill out this short survey and feed directly into the development of the new EU Youth Strategy:
Léargas shared their photo.Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 4:59am
Are you in the West of Ireland and interested in getting involved in Erasmus+?! Don't miss our upcoming Discovery Day, 08 February in Galway 😉
Léargas shared Yobi's post.Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018 at 4:54am
Check out these wonderful photos from our Graphic Harvesting Trainer Skills Workshop in November!