National Quality Label – Apply today! 

If you think that your eTwinning project deserves an extra mark of success, then you can apply for the National Quality Label through your eTwinning Desktop. This appears under the section Labels.

If your project meets the following five requirements then you can apply for a Quality Label:

  • The project must have common goals and a shared plan
  • It must be finished, or in its last stages
  • The applying teacher must have made a significant contribution to the project
  • A certain degree of collaboration must be evident
  • Project results must be visible.

You can find out more here.

Teachers participating in the eTwinning programme are being invited to apply for the eTwinning National Quality Label by 29 September 2017.

The main requirements and criteria can be found here.

The Quality Label goes to projects that are innovative, well integrated into the school curriculum, and demonstrate excellent communication between partner schools. Winning projects should also make excellent use of technology, and be able to show their impact and documentation.

To apply, log in to your eTwinning Desktop and

  • Organise your project TwinSpace; please make sure that all the project resources are uploaded and well organised on your project TwinSpace;
  • Go to the ‘Projects’ tab and click on the ‘Apply for Quality Label’ link. Fill in all the details and submit your application; please remember to list all external links as well as your TwinSpace.

If you have more than one project that you think deserves the Label, please fill out an application for each.

Good Luck!


European Quality Label

The European Quality Label is a second mark of success. It will be awarded by the Central Support Service to schools in a project which:

  • has been proposed for the European Quality Label by at least one National Support Service, after a screening process
  • has at least two partners that have already received the National Quality Label.

The European Quality Label is awarded only once a year and is featured on the eTwinning Portal.

If you win a European Quality Label then you’re eligible to take part in the European eTwinning Prizes competition.