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YiA - Upcoming Training across Europe, March-April

Here's a short breakdown of Youth in Action training activities for Youth Exchanges and Youth Democracy projects over the coming months. We've also included two based on thematic priorities: Youth Entrepreneurship and Risk Management.

Youth Exchanges
Tbilisi Takeoff
Contact making seminar 26-31 March 2012 | Tbilisi, Georgia
Are you involved in youth work? Did you hear about Eastern Partnership Youth Window? Are you ready to open this "window" for your organisation? If the answers are YES, then the Contact Making Seminar "Tbilisi Takeoff' is for YOU!!!
Deadline to apply online is 26 February

European Rural Youth - Make New Contacts!
Contact making seminar10-15 April 2012 | Youth Centre Marttinen, Virrat, Finland
The Contact Making Seminar "European Rural Youth" aims to bring together youth workers from rural areas and explore the possibilities of international cooperation in small scale places in Europe.
Deadline to apply online is 7 March

Youth Democracy
Let's Participate! Training course on Youth Democracy Projects
Training course 23-26 April 2012 | Königswinter, Germany
This training course provides you with an opportunity to learn about Youth Democracy Projects within the YOUTH IN ACTION Programme, explore the youth participation practice in Europe and find international partners for your Youth Democracy Project!
Deadline to apply online is 27 February

Finding Demo
Training course, 17-22 April 2012 | Turku, Finland
Finding Demo is a training course on democracy, active participation & exploring full potential of youth in action youth democracy projects. It aims to present Youth Democracy Projects in an accessible way to mobilise communities and their young people.
Deadline to apply online is 13 March 

Thematic Training
GET INSPIRED! A Seminar on Youth Entrepreneurial Learning
Seminar 19-24 April 2012 | Konstancin-Jeziorna nearby Warsaw, Poland
A seminar for representatives of non-formal & formal education and business, engaged in creating and carrying out entrepreneurial learning.
Deadline to apply online is 25 February

Risk 'n' Roll TC!
Training course 5-9 June 2012 | Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Risk'n'Roll is the result of previous experiences in the topic of risk management. It aims to increase the quality of international projects in the YiA through development of participants' competence in risk assessment and management.
Deadline to apply online is 13 April

Trisha Dalton
Position: Project Officer
Phone: +353 1 887 1218

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