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Youth In Action (YIA): How to...

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European Voluntary Service
How to apply for EVS
Download the Application Form There is no eForm available for EVS at present, so you can download the application form as a Word document from the EVS Resources page. 
Print the form When you're sure you've filled in all the required information on the form, print it.
Sign the printed form Ensure the printed form is signed by the legal signatory for your organisation.
Send the printed form and any annexes to Leargas You may include any annexes, for example documents from partners, a budget breakdown and any other information you may wish to include such as template certificates, activity programme, etc.

Note, if your organisation is not a public body and the amount of funding you're seeking is greater than €25,000, you'll also need to include a set of official accounts.

Send all the required information plus the original printed application form to Léargas by the required deadline. The address is:

Youth in Action Programme
189 Parnell St
Dublin 1

Note: the envelope must be post-marked on or before the deadline date. Envelopes post-marked after the deadline will be ineligible and cannot be considered for funding.