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Grundtvig Learning Partnerships - how to make an application
What the Coordinator and partners must do to ensure the partnerships application form is submitted on time.
Download the Application Form Applications must be made on the application eForm, available to download from the Resources page of this section. Guidelines on using the eForm are available on the same page, both as a PDF and as a Word document.

Note that you must have Adobe Reader 8.1 or higher installed on your computer to open this file. If you don't have a copy, you can download one (for free) from the Adobe website.

Submit the eForm online The Coordinator completes the eForm (in conjunction with the partners), saves it, submits it online and receives the submission confirmation containing the submission ID.

Coordinators: you should aim to submit the final version approx one week before the deadline to allow your partners time to respect the paper submission deadline of  21 February 2013.

Important! - once you have submitted the form online you cannot modify it!

Email eForm and submission ID to all partners The Coordinator emails the eForm with the submission confirmation (and submission ID) to all the partners.
Sign the printed form All partners--including the coordinator--must print the application form and complete by hand Section M SIGNATURE (and stamp if available).

Note: ensure that the form is signed by the legal signatory of each partner organisation - original signatures are required.

Post the signed application form to the relevant NA By the deadline, all partners--including the coordinator--must post the completed and signed Application Form and the Submission confirmation to the postal address of the respective National Agency of each partner organisation; for example the Irish coordinator/partner sends it to the Irish NA (Léargas), the Spanish partner to the Spanish NA etc.

If you are the Coordinator you should send one original and two copies of the completed application form to Léargas.

If you are a Project Partner, you need send only one original.

Check... So in total your application will comprise the following if you are a Coordinator:
  • an online submission
  • one signed original hard copy and two copies sent by post
  • one email version sent to
And if you are a Project Partner:
  • one original signed hard copy, sent by post
  • one email version sent to

Please post the hard copies by Express/Registered Post no later than 21 February 2013 to the following address:

Grundtvig Partnership Applications 2013
Education Service
Fitzwilliam Court
Leeson Close
Dublin 2

Acknowledgement of receipt Once the deadline has passed, all hard copies received by post will be acknowledged and a reference code will be issued to each applicant.
What happens next If your application is eligible, it will be assessed by an independent grants committee. You will be informed whether or not your application has been successful.
Payment The grant is paid in two parts:
  • 80% within 45 days of Léargas receiving a signed contract
  • the remaining 20% when you submit a completed Final Report Form to Léargas
You can download the Final Report form from the Resources page.