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About Comenius School Partnerships

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Who can take partPrimary and post-primary schools.

Who can applyApplications are made by the school; the teacher who is coordinating the project in the school may fill in the details, but the application form must be signed by the legal representative, i.e. the principal of the school.
Possible activities
  • Project meetings between the institutions involved in the partnership
  • Exchanges of staff involved in project activities (e.g. teacher exchanges and study visits)
  • Exchanges of experience and good practice with the partner school abroad
  • Fieldwork, project research
  • Drafting, publishing and disseminating documentation related to the co-operation activities
  • Producing technical objects, drawings, arts objects
  • Performances (e.g. theatre plays, musicals)
  • Organisation of exhibitions, production and dissemination of information material
  • Linguistic preparation of teachers and pupils to ensure they possess at least the basics of the language of the partner institution
  • Co-operation with other projects in related subject areas (e.g. via Comenius Networks), including mobility to network events if relevant
  • Self-evaluation activities
  • Dissemination of project experience and outcomes


DurationComenius partnerships last for two years.
National priorities


  1.  A maximum of one Comenius School Partnership application per school will be accepted. If a school submits more than one application, the National Agency will ask the applicant to choose one application only. The remaining application(s) will not be considered. Should the applicant fail to do this by the date specified by the National Agency, all applications submitted by the applicant school will be considered ineligible.
  2. An institution may only have only one valid Comenius School Partnership agreement at a time. In the case where an institution with an ongoing Comenius School Partnership agreement submits another application, this application will be regarded as ineligible. This will hold for all cases except if the new application is submitted in the second or final year of the current project.


Programme priorities
The Comenius Programme priorities are outlined in Chapter 1 of LLP Call - Strategic Priorities, which you can download from the Resources page.