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Congratulations to BT Young Scientist winners Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan

Fri, Jan 15th, 2016

Congratulations to the students and staff of Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan, overall winners of BT Young Scientists & Technologists of the Year 2016.  The school’s science teachers were part of an Erasmus+ Key Action 1 School Education project, the “Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE)” project. Here we received correspondence from Chris Garvey, from the Loreto Balbriggan Science Department, about the impact of the project on the school.

“Following on from our Key Action 1 Learning Mobility experiences under Erasmus+ in 2015, I would like to share with you the recent good news from our school. Students from Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan, won the BT Young Scientist and Technology competition and indeed claimed eight top prizes overall, including Best School.

The training opportunities undertaken by myself and my colleagues in the school’s Science Department as part of the Erasmus+ “Inquiry-Based Science Education” project are a good example of how we always try to incorporate innovative practices and methodologies across the science curriculum and strive to enhance the teaching and learning happening in our classroom and labs. Our involvement with Erasmus+ allowed us to explore Inquiry-Based Science Education as a means of bolstering student interest and learning in the sciences.


Participation by a number of science teachers in the various training courses in Europe last summer has invigorated the Department, and was a fun and friendly way to develop professionally. All those who attended were delighted they did so. We would like to think that our newly acquired skills will help us continue the development of the sciences in our school and encourage more students to engage in scientific inquiry.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for your support and guidance at every stage of the project. We look forward hopefully to participating in another project at some stage in the future.

Kind regards,
Chris Garvey”

Pictured above: Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan, award winners Emily Tierney, Khadija Gull, Diana Bura, Maria Louise Fufezan, Maria Wyzykowska and Renuka Chintapalli with Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan.
Pictured right:  Young Scientists of the Year Diana Bura and Maria Louise Fufezan with their teacher and Erasmus+ participant, Niamh McNally.

Watch the students celebrate their success in school here.